American highlighting

The revolutionary technology which has come to us from the USA – the American highlighting – is created especially for owners of dark and chestnut-colored hair. Effective in appearance and simple performed by coloring with delight it has been met by domestic women of fashion who have right there rushed off in beauty shops behind a modern counter.

Today we will consider types and features of the American highlighting and we will try to execute it in house conditions.

American highlighting

Features of coloring of hair in American

The American highlighting is an umbrella term of those the technician of coloring which differ on the applied color shades and methods of putting paint, but meet in one – ability to give rise to delightful patches of light on locks. Unlike classical technology where 1-2 shades participate, in the American option on hair play color patches of light, the hairstyle gets the volume and shine, and the image becomes bright and rich. The quantity of the used shades is unlimited and the their more, the hair color is more beautiful.


Distinguish 3 types of the American highlighting:

  • the Californian;
  • red;
  • Crazy Colors or "mad" colors.

The Californian

Technology of the Californian highlighting reminds appearance one more modern coloring – a blondirovaniye. It recreates effect of the locks which have burned out in the sun painted by method of a gradient extension: hair, dark at roots, gradually brighten by the ends. Locks are painted without participation of a foil and a film and adjoin to other part of hair. It becomes intentionally that color has turned out uniform, with smooth ottenochny transitions.

The Californian equipment, unlike other types of the American coloring, can be recreated on a fair hair.

American highlighting


The American technology of highlighting initially carried the name "red" as for her creation chose shades of exclusively red and orange palette. Today this rule is safely forgotten and are included in a palette of shades brown, red, chestnut tone. Colors at the same time are simply obliged to be juicy and bright.

During creation of red highlighting, locks are painted according to the classical scheme, but lightened with a different interval of time. Then are tinted in one color. Thanks to different endurance of dye, ringlets get various shades and the sparkling patches of light.

American highlighting


Crazy Colors – a type of the American highlighting for theatrical, excentric persons, whose counter – the center of attention. For creation of "mad" highlighting separate locks are clarified in the habitual way, and then painted in bright tone: red, pink, violet, green. As a rule, locks only around the person are painted.

American highlighting

Technology of creation of highlighting in American

At the embodiment of this equipment in life usually select 3-4 related shades which serially apply on hair. In work the multi-colored foil that it was easier for master to distinguish the painted locks is used.

Coloring is made as follows:

  • The first stage — causing primary color on hair of occipital section and closing with their foil.
  • By means of a horizontal hair parting separate the lowermost lock on a temple, apply on it the main tone and turn in a foil. Do the same also on other temple.
  • Consistently separate locks on a temple one for another and cover them with the prepared dyes, alternating to the main shade. It is necessary to close them a foil of different flowers.
  • Apply all dyes one time and again repeat their sequence, having a foil a little at an angle and moving in the direction of the top.
  • Having reached the top, move to opposite temporal area and repeat the done steps.
  • Having finished side zones, paint locks on one part of a parietal zone, applying all shades, since the basic. It is necessary to move from the face to the top. Do similar operations also on the second half of a parietal zone.
  • Having sustained the put time, consistently remove a foil, since the most dark color and washing away dye from locks.
  • Washout all painting structure, apply on hair means for fixing and protection of color.

American highlighting

As you can see, it is quite simple to create the American highlighting in house conditions. It is a little efforts and the effective, flickering patches of light image is ready!