Pepelno fair-haired hair color: how to achieve how to paint

Ashy color sets a mode and style today. There is it in different variations: dark, light and so-so ashy. To receive any of the pleasant shades not so just in house conditions so it is better to ask for the help the professional. If the girl has dark strands, then she needs to be ready to carrying out lighting and not once. And here fair-haired beauties need to perform only the procedure of toning to receive a fashionable shade.

How to receive darkly pepelno fair-haired

Darkly smoky shade on hair looks just perfectly. In the present season this color is the real trend. In the nature it is almost impossible to find purely ashy tone therefore it is possible to create a hairstyle only by means of color. But at the same time it is worth understanding that not each lady suits darkly smoky fair-haired color.

Pepelno fair-haired hair color: how to achieve how to paint

As it was already marked earlier, it is difficult to receive darkly ashy fair-haired color of the house.

But if you after all decided to realize this procedure of the house, then it is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. This option of painting negatively affects a status hair therefore they break and split. To avoid this problem, it is necessary to execute nutritious masks and compresses a month before alleged coloration. It positively will affect health of a head of hear.
  2. Before the procedure hair shall be clarified, not very well, dark they or light.
  3. It is worth selecting dye of darkly smoky fair-haired color with the seller from shop.
  4. That unnecessary color did not turn out, it is necessary to process dye a separate strand in the beginning. If the received result suited you, then it is possible to use a product for painting of all hair. That on light strands the dark ashy fair-haired color laid down naturally, it should be added a double portion of oxide of hydrogen of 3%. Thanks to it it is possible to clarify strands in addition.
  5. If painting happens on dark hair, then one decolouration not to manage here. In the beginning it is worth executing a remover, and then lighting. At the end it is possible to apply dye of ashy color.
  6. If after painting on hair the green low tide was formed, then it means that in color of insufficiently violet coloring component. It is possible to acquire shampoo with a violet modulation, 2 times a week will apply it. Then the dark smoky fair-haired color will look more indicatively. And the light-chestnut ashy hair color will look here is how on a photo, explicitly it is described in contents of this article.

On video — how to achieve pepelno fair-haired hair color:

For painting of a head of hear in darkly fair-haired color with an ashy shade it is necessary to buy beauty and all necessary materials. Processing by clarifier shall be carried on dirty hair, then their structure will not be strongly damaged. In the beginning to apply 2/3 parts on all length of hair, avoiding roots.

To wait 30 minutes, and then to apply color on roots. In 20 minutes dye can be deleted. If the result of lighting to be pleasant to you, then it is possible to pass to painting. If is not present, then to repeat lighting every other day. To apply the divorced dye on strands, adhering to the instruction. After deleting to process a head of hear the coloring shampoo suitable under tone of color.

Fair-haired light pepelno

Light ashy fair-haired color looks on hair very effectively. And it is possible to receive a magnificent appearance if to combine it with a melirovka. Today coloration of which use of 3 shades is characteristic directly is very demanded. If the girl has light strands, then it is possible to receive light brown ashy color by means of the tinting colors as a part of which there is no ammonia. Pepelno fair-haired hair color: how to achieve how to paint

If the girl has color of a head of hear red, then it is necessary to decolour a hair in the beginning, using a zero shade. And to make such procedure not once. When dark natural color, and it is necessary to swell out light brown smoky, most likely after painting your head of hear will receive a red shade after dye is washed away. For this purpose it is necessary to pay special attention to the procedure of lighting, and only then mono to put toning. As the light-fair-haired hair color with highlighting looks, it is possible on a photo in this article.

If a shade of strands beige or light brown then to carry out their coloration it is not mandatory for obtaining ashy tone. It is necessary to apply the tinting balms and shampoos. Thanks to them hair will receive necessary color, and improbable brightness.

Selecting light brown smoky color, it is possible to pay attention to such brands of color:

  1. Essensity Schwarzkopf Professional. This product is in great demand for the reason that at its composition there are only natural components. It is permanent dye by means of which it is possible to receive magnificent shades. In a formula there is no ammonia, and the gray hair is painted over for 90%. Strands acquire silkiness and brightness. Shortcomings of color is a speed of a remover. It is worth acquiring color the ashy blonde or ashy-fair-haired. Pepelno fair-haired hair color: how to achieve how to paint
  2. Excellance from L’Oreal Paris. It is resistant cream-color when which using it is possible to paint over gray-haired strands for 100%. The product is resistant so received a shade the girl will long enjoy. Shades – fair-haired ashy and very light brown ashy. Pepelno fair-haired hair color: how to achieve how to paint
  3. Casting cream of glosses from L'Oréal Paris. Dye guarantees receiving picturesque shades which remain on a head of hear for a long time. It is necessary to select such shades as svtetlo-light brown nacreous, very light brown smoky and light brown smoky. Pepelno fair-haired hair color: how to achieve how to paint

So-so pepelno fair-haired color

So-so fair-haired ashy color is the universal. It is applied by those girls who incline to a blond and to dark color. It is actively used for masking of a gray hair, color completely paints over it, and hair will iron most naturally.

Sredene fair-haired ashy color from the point of view of its creation rather difficult. Not always it is possible to dye a hair without damage to their health. Pepelno fair-haired hair color: how to achieve how to paint

In case of execution of the procedure it is necessary to adhere to some recommendations:

  1. The head of hear should be decoloured even if a natural shade light. It will allow to remove effect of yellowness.
  2. If the head of hear is colored in dark color, then in the beginning it is necessary to wash away color special compositions, and then to carry out decolouration.
  3. Before applies composition on strands, it is necessary to process a small strand in the beginning to be convinced of positiveness result.
  4. If strands were in advance colored by henna, then plotting of dye will lead to formation of ugly spots.
  5. That ashy color kept as long as possible, it is necessary to use shaded balms when washing hair.

On video fair-haired hair color light pepelno:

Color choice

To be sure completely of positively result, it is necessary to pick up correctly color and to be sure of her firmness.


When using this product it is possible to receive a beautiful ashy shade, at the same time not to do much harm to hair. In a palette there is a large number of ashy shades, both light, and dark and also average-ashy. On a photo — hair-dye Garnier:

Pepelno fair-haired hair color: how to achieve how to paint

In composition there is a minimum of harmful components, and there are natural components thanks to which it is possible to look after safely hair in the ode of painting. There is Bezammiachnaya production. And here is how the effect of color Garnier for hair color milk chocolate looks, it is possible to look in contents of this article at a photo and video.


This color proved as the qualitative and sparing production, as explains popularity of dye among women. The composition of a product contains powerful colorants by means of which it is possible will receive beautiful and saturated ashy shades.

Pepelno fair-haired hair color: how to achieve how to paint

Such effect at the expense of available as a part of natural oils is reached. Each girl can acquire such shades of ashy color as nacreous fair-haired and frosty bezh, nacreous cream. And here what is represented by hair-dye of L'Oréal of coffee with milk, in details and explicitly is described in this article.


Dye belongs to the category of professional. Production is popular in many beauty shops, it has a wide color box, and a set of nutritious components and vitamins. For obtaining necessary color mono to mix several shades.

Pepelno fair-haired hair color: how to achieve how to paint

In a palette there are about 150 flowers among which it is possible to find effective average-fair-haired ashy. Color lays down exactly thanks to what the economical expenditure is reached. And here is how the hair color of Mokko from Estelle looks, explicitly it is described in this article.

Mountain ash

This color belongs to the category of budgetary. In a palette there are different shades of ashy color. Thanks to creamy consistence color rushes very easily and quickly, at the same time does not spread. It is possible to apply it in house conditions. The composition is enriched with the useful components therefore the nutritious effect is reached. In a palette there are such shades as pearl-silvery, light brown with an ashy modulation. Pepelno fair-haired hair color: how to achieve how to paint

Ashy color allows to create an unusual and magnificent image. This shade is not in the nature so painting of hair will become the only way of its receiving. Before starting painting, it is necessary to prepare a head of hear as for it it is the very severe stress.