Ashy hair color: chestnut-colored, brown

The ashy hair color popular now can be received only by coloring. And to make him from the first it turns out not at each expert. However, using certain rules, it is possible to achieve successful result even of the house.

Ashy hair color: chestnut-colored, brown

Ashy color gives to the woman unusual originality

To whom does suit?

Beautiful and elegant ashy hair in fashion there are already a lot of years. Allocating the owner with aristocraticness, they suit not all women. At some they give to skin of an earthy and unhealthy shade, allocating usually not evident shortcomings. Try to obtain an ideal combination such shade for women with a summer tsvetotip of the person – white-skinned, blue-eyed or gray-eyed.

Ashy hair color: chestnut-colored, brown

Shades of ashy color

Beginning coloring, it is worth choosing shades of the palette including 4 main options and several additional. Selection of suitable color will allow a hairstyle to correspond better to all image and to be combined with appearance.

Ashy hair color: chestnut-colored, brown

A set of ashy tones consists from:

  1. ashy-fair-haired;

  2. light-ashy;

  3. dark ashy from which allocate the chestnut-ashy option standing separately.

Ashy-fair-haired hair color

The best option will be if color is received by the white-skinned and blue-eyed woman. However, deciding to give an ashy shade to a fair hair, it is recommended to watch an integument on a face. Color is capable to distinguish on it all spots and spots, doing them is more noticeable. He is suitable and for elimination of a gray hair, hiding the become colourless locks it is better than others. Especially as coloring in it will make pepelno fair-haired hair color more natural.

Ashy hair color: chestnut-colored, brown

Dark ashy

Zhenshchin whom there is darkly ashy hair color is a little. Hairdressers advise carrying out the tests before painting consisting in putting on of dark blue clothes it is the best of all for suitable such hairstyle. If the woman doesn't accept such style, also the shade won't approach.

Ashy hair color: chestnut-colored, brown


The shade better turns out at brown-haired women who shouldn't prepare locks in addition. Also color, unlike other ashy, meets in the natural form. Creation of an unusual image with his help is admissible for the white-skinned women having:

  • gray,
  • blue,
  • green eyes.

Pepelno brown color is considered popular, and for his receiving there are many types of paint.

Ashy hair color: chestnut-colored, brown

Light-ashy or ashy blond

Such option will suit the women having mouse gray of hair, blue eyes and light skin. A successful way and for coloring of a gray hair. Doesn't suit brunettes and brown-haired women whose type will seem painful in comparison with natural.

Ashy hair color: chestnut-colored, brown

How to dye a hair in house conditions?

The main condition to start painting – initially light ringlets. In other cases they demand preliminary clarification. Then it is necessary to use paint.

 It is possible to receive ashy shades of hair, having bought lilac tonic. Having applied it on a hairstyle, maintain days then wash away. Color is regularly updated – through 6–8 processes of washing of hair. The appearing dark roots evenly clarify, applying the reliable and checked clarifier on a quarter of hour.

How to receive good color?

The mistake in the course of coloring is capable to give not expected shade, and to receive yellow or greenish ringlets. Repeated coloring with use of special balms with a violet or ashy shade will help to fix a problem. It is recommended to do it in salon.

Ashy hair color: chestnut-colored, brown

Estelle's paint

There are many paints allowing to receive ashy tone. But the list of the universal brands suitable to any hair is limited. Among them there is production of such known brands as L'Oreal and Revlon and also domestic-owned firm of Estelle. For example, Estel Essex 8.1 ashy-fair-haired or Estel Celebrity 7/1.

Care of hair before coloring

Having decided to change color to ashy, it is necessary to know that simple painting isn't enough. It is necessary to look after ringlets as appropriate. Before coloring they are laminated, protecting from negative impact of chemical, after the procedure – for the best preservation of paint on hair. Other condition – periodic leaving in the form of skin food special masks, house and store.

Suitable make-up

To new hairstyle there has to correspond also the make-up. The choice of cold shades – shadows of gray or blue color, pink lipstick, translucent blush and light foundation is recommended.

Ashy hair color: chestnut-colored, brown

The make-up for ashy hair color has to be the most correct

Warm colors force the owner of hair to look more senior. It is allowed to choose for lips a bright red shade – the truth, it gives to an image of vulgarity.