The best hair extension

In general, there are several main types of building and I would give preference capsular or Japanese, but there is one BUT. There are hair to which will suit tape more, and there are such hair on which capsular will keep perfectly and safely! Let's consider highlights and we will choose with you the best building for you!

The best hair extension

 Tape - it represents fastening of "donor" hair on a special lock, they are also called by "hair on a tape". There are Hairtalk volosik, and are a little more expensive - microtapes (which also we have in shop)

 1). Safety: yes! Such building is considered safe (in more detail about it it is possible to esteem in the separate section). Absolutely precisely I will offer such building to any girl on some important event. For example, you need to increase hair literally on несолько days or at most a month, of course - tapes only in let! For such short period to your hair there will be nothing 100% during removal. I will be able to increase them to you in 30 minutes as well it is possible to remove minutes for 15-20 provided that salon good and masters in him skilled.-)! Also, tapes or microtapes I would recommend those whom hair reburnt, that is brond, especially if you dye hair not paint, and constantly you clarify hair "powder" under the name "supr" (she allows to reach effect "a super blonda, removes "yellowness", but also the volosik suffer (if not to use conditioning agent for blondy - masks, oils, etc.)

2) Term socks: to 1.5 - 2 months, and then correction or removal.

3). To paint: it is possible only the top (where there is no building), differently because of contents in some paints the maslyanislykh of components, "tapes" can slip. To dye hair with tape I don't advise

4). Hairstyles: high tails aren't present, the rest - yes! It is possible to wind! With microtapes - to make high tails a little easier, but nevertheless it is a little inconvenient...

5). Leaving: strictly the shampoo fat-free or for an oily hair. A mask - it is possible, but it is strict on tips or from the middle of hair to tips!

 - Won't approach "tape" if you want to do always high tails - with tape it really difficult! And even if once you will make it in front of the mirror, the high tail that "tapes" at roots weren't noticeable will be more difficult "to get the hang" to make other times.

   It is possible to buy hair on tapes in online shop and surely you look at quality of hair, it is better to take the Slav, in prostanorodiya luxury Slavic hair.

- Capsular is the most widespread building among all types of fastening  of locks, with a huge number of pluses and small - minuses. 

   Perhaps for you capsular - the best hair extension!

   I will explain why!

The best hair extension

1). Term socks: You can go with such type of "fastening" of locks more than 3 months! And some of my clients go also for 4-5 months but only then go for hair extension correction. Of course, it is allowed but provided that you will look after the hair to comb them in time and not to allow koltun. If you do building for the first time, then I advise so not to risk and do correction of times in 3-4 months.

2). Hairstyles: You can do any hair, high tails and many other things. Because kapsulka very small. And if you ask the master, he will be able to make micro-kapsulki at least on each side! That their thickness will be 2-3 mm. Of course, tape building doesn't possess such opportunity and luxury. It is possible to wind!

3). To paint: It is possible to dye hair as at roots, and all with increased! If you "etch" the color of supry, I don't recommend to apply a supra on an extension hair! It is possible to spoil structure of hair and then to throw out them!

4) Leaving: watch the section Hair extension leaving! 

Minuses: be attentive when you choose this type of fastening of locks. Not to spoil the hair, give process of removal of hair or correction to the professional and the master in hair extension with wide experience, otherwise "consequences from building" will be deplorable! "Safety" depends on removal of locks!

   Personally I choose this building when I precisely know that I want to carry it long, in a month I won't remove, I will look after olosika and I have a good master who carefully will remove them!

The best hair extension

Japanese is quite rare species of building, but in him a huge number of pluses!

1). Safety - Yes! because fastening of locks goes without use of glue or a keratin, look in the special section in more detail.

2). Term socks - 2-3 months. Longer, than tape, but not longer, than capsular.

3). Hairstyles - any, but it is necessary to adapt to high tails - sometimes ringlets a little more considerably, than just capsular!

4). It is possible to paint also as capsular.

5). Leaving - also, as capsular!

   There is still avrikansky - it we especially won't be rassmarivat, it is sewing of hair on a tress on a small braid which is braided at you on the head. Frankly speaking, more than 2 weeks such "fastening" doesn't maintain, the braid untwines and hair are removed. It will approach number on "one exit".