Burdock root from a hair loss: a route of administration in house conditions, the review of prescriptions

Daily our hair are exposed to sets of negative factors of external and internal influence. The avitaminosis, a stress, constant laying by the hair dryer and the iron, painting, the scorching sun is not a complete list of those difficulties which they should meet. It is natural that at some point stocks and possibilities of an organism on maintenance of healthy functioning of follicles run low, and the person faces such problem as a plentiful hair loss.

Burdock root from a hair loss: a route of administration in house conditions, the review of prescriptions

Usually this problem overtakes everyone sooner or later. The benefit, is thousands of methods how to struggle with a hair loss and the subsequent baldness. One of the most effective and natural are prescriptions on the basis of a burdock root. It long ago a reliable tool which salvaged not one shock. Such action of a root is explained by its structure:

  • essential and fat oils;
  • inulin;
  • protein;
  • bitter tastes;
  • vitamins;
  • tannins;
  • fatty acids;
  • protein.

Therefore the root is applied not only to prevention of a baldness, but also to treatment of a set of various diseases. Its regular use as the main component of masks and conditioners does ringlets strong, resilient, brilliant, napityvat them, stops even the progressing hair loss.

Indications and contraindications to use

Respectively, use of a root of a burdock is expedient not only to the people suffering from abaissement and a baldness in different degree, but also that who is in risk group (at an avitaminosis, a bad delivery, the raised loads on an organism) and also for prophylaxis of various problems with hair.

Contraindications to use of a root of a burdock concern only an individual intolerance its organism. It is essential to reduce concentration of the main ingredient experts advise women during pregnancy and feeding by a breast.

Features of use in house conditions

To reach the maximum effect, it is necessary to follow several simple rules:

1. if for treatment of a plentiful hair loss or a baldness burdock root oil is used, then before drawing on a skin it should be warmed up on a water bath or in the microwave to body temperature;

2. an important condition of activization of metabolic processes in the time spent of masks and admixtures for the head is warming. Membranula and a warm towel will become the catalyst of effect of active agents;

3. the burdock against a hair loss will enhance the properties if to add other ingredients of a natural parentage to it.

Burdock root from a hair loss: a route of administration in house conditions, the review of prescriptions

Generally judging by responses, for hair select burdock oil. It has fine properties, besides, is on sale in a vial with a special cap for drawing on hair which is so convenient for using in house conditions. The crushed root is on sale in each drugstore at the affordable price.

  • Massage of the head.

It is a fine way to strengthen hair by means of a burdock root, to stop their abaissement. A little warmed oil is applied by fingers to a skin the massage movements. Arms have to walk gradually several times by all pilar part of the head. Massage, as a rule, continues 10-15 minutes, repeat it 2 times a week.

  • Broth for a gargle of hair.

It is suitable both for treatment, and for abaissement prophylaxis. It is possible to prepare it so: 1 tablespoon of a root of a burdock is made in liter of boiled water and insisted 1 hour. The head which is washed up by shampoo rinse with this infusion every time after washing. There is a set of options of preparation of such broths with addition of other medicative herbs, such as Calendulae, neetle, root of an acorus or camomile. They need to be selected depending on type and requirements of hair.

  • Masks, ointments, infusions.

In prescriptions for preparation of these agents use both a dry root of a burdock, and burdock oil.

Burdock root from a hair loss: a route of administration in house conditions, the review of prescriptions

1. Ointment for activization of body height of new hairs.

That to prepare it, it is necessary to fill in 3 tablespoons of the dried-up roots of a burdock with a glass of boiled water, to close densely, to allow to infuse days. After this period to put broth on fire and to uvarit to a half. Then to filter and admix with melted pork fat in an identical proportion. When the received broth cools down, the remained water from it should be merged, and to rub ointment in the centers of a baldness of times - two in a week in 2 hours prior to washing of the head.

2. For a delivery and strengthening of hair bulbs.

3 tablespoons of a root of a burdock to fill in 300 ml of water, to put on the minimum fire for 15 minutes. After cooling broth to filter and add to it 5 tablespoons of sea-buckthorn oil, it is good to shake up mass. It is necessary to put an admixture, rubbing it in roots of hair, every time for an hour before washing of the head.

3. A burdock against a hair loss.

The following infusion will perfectly cope with a problem. To admix 2 parts of dry raw materials of a marigold, a burdock and on one – a root of an acorus and cones of hop. Then 6 tablespoons of the turned-out admixture fill in 300 ml of boiled water, cork and wrap up. After 2 hours of insisting broth is filtered. Apply the massage movements to head skin, previously having moistened fingers in infusion.

4. Burdock mask.

The simple prescription which by efficiency isn't inferior to others. It is easy to prepare a mask in house conditions. For this purpose for an hour before washing of the head burdock oil is warmed to body temperature, well passed on the head by a massage hairbrush for intensifying of a circulation and apply it immediately on roots of hair. The effect of a mask will be better if to wrap up the head with Membranula and to warm from above a towel.

Burdock root from a hair loss: a route of administration in house conditions, the review of prescriptions

5. The prescription of a nutritious mask against a baldness.

That to prepare it, it is necessary to admix 3 tablespoons of oil of a root of a burdock, 2 tsps of honey, 2 yolks and a teaspoon of cognac. Everything properly to mix, apply on wet hair and in a zone of roots for 20-25 minutes, to warm, wash away after time.

6. Rinsing.

It is simple to prepare it: to fill in a cortex of a white willow and the crushed root of a burdock with boiled water of 1 l, to boil thoroughly on the minimum fire about 15 minutes, to filter. After achievement by broth of the necessary temperature they can rinse hair after washing. The same broth can be made, applying dry leaves of a neetle, hop and a yarrow. On every time we prepare fresh broth. Responses claim that its regular use of the house will resuscitate hair, will make them soft and obedient.

7. A burdock root for body height of hair.

To fill in 3 tablespoons of a dry root with 2 glasses of boiled water, to boil thoroughly, cool a little. To rub one larger bulb on a fine grater, to wring out juice and to admix it in a peer proportion with vodka, to add them to burdock broth. To apply the received admixture to head skin, to warm Membranula and a towel, to leave for 15 minutes, to prepare broth of herbs for rinsing. This prescription can be used not more often than two times a week.

Use of a burdock for treatment of hair – long since a widespread way of fight against a baldness, plentiful abaissement and other problems of the house. The burdock not only will keep the number of hair, but also will make them strong, resistant to many negative factors of influence. It is possible to use a burdock for an oily hair and for locks of dry type.