Whether it is possible to restore a gray and dyed hair

Whether it is possible to restore a gray and dyed hair
Women at any age want to look attractively and seductively. Therefore use different cosmetic methods for extension of youth. Some of them promise to restore a gray hair. But whether it and why the head of hear loses the color is possible?

The gray hair appears for several reasons:

  • natural degenerative changes of an organism. The derma and follicles stop developing in enough a pigment a melanin over time. Therefore locks lose the native shade, and women have a question how to restore natural hair color;
  • severe stresses. All mi heard stories that the person in a night became covered by gray-haired hairs after the endured nervous shock.
Whether it is possible to restore a gray and dyed hair

The hair color depends on a pigment of a melanin which it is synthesized less every year

The spastic stricture of blood vessels, disturbance of an innervation of a derma leads to acute starvation of follicles, the termination of development of a pigment.

Therefore the head of hear loses a shade and there is a problem how to restore the natural hair color after a stress;

  • illnesses in endocrine system. The thyroid gland, a pituitary body, adrenals influence a condition of an integument, density, durability and quantity of a pigment in hair. At illnesses a delivery of follicles is broken and the shade changes. After convalescence it is necessary to restore color in an operational regimen and with maximum efficiency;
  • intake of pharmacological drugs. Some drugs influence a delivery of hair bulbs, a circulation in a derma. Therefore therapy provokes a premature gray hair and other problems of trikhologichesky character;
  • genetic predisposition. At some people the early and plentiful gray hair is programmed till the birth. If your parents began to lose natural hair color early, after 25 years, then the probability is high that you also will face this phenomenon. Therefore it is worth studying methods of restoration of beauty and health of indumentum of the head.
Whether it is possible to restore a gray and dyed hair

Generally it is promoted by genetic predisposition and also factors which accompany people in everyday life

We salvage vegetation by means of national prescriptions

Thanks to natural, available agents absolutely really to return a shade to locks. But it should be taken into account that restoration of a gray hair – process long. Therefore stock up with patience and confidence. How to restore former hair color? For this purpose use prescriptions:

  • admix home-made cottage cheese of average fat content with black ground pepper. Evenly distribute components on an integument and locks, leave for an hour. For the best effect wrap the head a warm towel. Later wash away usual shampoo. Experts promise improbable effect. The full monthly course will return a natural shade, will present softness and silkiness to locks. The agent for restoration of hair color is suitable for treatment and prophylaxis of a cosmetic problem. Contraindications: derma hypersensibility, allergy to spices;
Whether it is possible to restore a gray and dyed hair

Restoration of hair color from a gray hair is possible by means of natural stains

  • massage of the head. Do by means of arms, special devices or a usual wooden crest. Put a little essential oil of a geranium, cinnamon and comb slowly locks of 15 minutes. Plant extract will safely return the color for hair after a staining. If you didn't like a new shade, then it doesn't matter. The monthly course of daily procedures not only will restore locks, but also will remove paint from hairs;
  • wrappings and masks with sesame oil. The agent for restoration of color of a gray hair fills a derma with vitamins, strengthens locks. Warm up a little oil on a water bath, by means of a wooden crest distribute on a head of hear and a derma. Wrap up the head with a warm towel, leave an agent for restoration of hair color for 1 hour. Wash out locks usual shampoo. For a victory over a gray hair 1 time for 7 days, within 2 months suffices;
  • sage broth. Spice will help to overcome a gray hair. It is real to them to level hair color after highlighting. Make 4 tablespoons of a sage, admix with Glycerinum and vitamins A, E. Vtirayte in head skin once a week.
Whether it is possible to restore a gray and dyed hair

By means of lemon and coconut oil it is possible to disguise and remove a yellow shade perfectly

We solve a problem quickly

The modern cosmetology will help to resolve an issue how to restore the natural color.

The wide range of professional tools solves a problem quickly and qualitatively:

  • paints. The safe, bezammiachny painting pigments will level a shade for one session, Nutrients of an agent will fill locks with moisture, will make soft and obedient. But, prepare that each two weeks it will be necessary to visit the hairdresser and to tint roots;
  • shampoos with effect of tonic. After the first use a shade of a head of hear to be restored;
  • conditioners with the painting pigment. Not only care, feed, moisten hair, but also restore a shade, level color after unsuccessful painting;
  • cream. The dense structure gets into hair pores, restores a pigment, does locks smooth and well-groomed at any age;
  • sprays. With their help it is possible to salvage hair color after highlighting or an unsuccessful staining, to overcome a gray hair. Is ideal for thin hairs, doesn't make heavier them.

The correct diet for beautiful color

Whether it is possible by means of healthy nutrition to guarantee restoration of color of a gray hair? Yes, if know what substances need to be included in the daily menu:

  • iodine. Substance binds a pigment in a hair, prevents its clarification. For replenishment of an iodine include seafood, fish, sunflower seeds;
  • Zincum. He is responsible for youth and health of a skin, a hair, fingernails. At a disadvantage any dermatologic problems begin. The hair color after a staining or a premature gray hair can be overcome with its help. Include vitamin supplements, products with bran in the menu, raisin, dried apricots;
  • vitamins A and E. Tokoferol and Retinolum are responsible for neogenesis of a derma, process of cell fission in a hair follicle. By means of masks with vitamins, suralimentation carrots, dairy products, nuts, olive oil it is possible to improve hair color after highlighting or to stop a gray hair.