Castor oil for growth of hair: properties, advantage, features of application, responses

At each person the growth rate, density of a head of hear is genetically put. Unfortunately, any means can't cardinally influence process of improvement of quality of ringlets. However there are several medicines by means of which it is real, in house conditions, to strengthen work of hair follicles. Further, we will tell you about cosmetics on the basis of castor oil, about features of its use for hair as it interferes with their loss, fragility.

Principle of action

Castor oil is applied in different branches — medicine, cookery and cosmetology. We will tell you in more detail how to use castor oil, than this medicine is useful. However at first we suggest to understand what the product as it is made whether it is possible to add to it additional ingredients as he acts is.

As receive

Castor oil — a product, the poisonous, but officinal absolutely safe plant called a castor-bean tree ordinary. Cosmetic castor oil is extracted in two ways:

Experts claim that castor oil of a cold extraction is much more useful, than what is got in the hot way.

Types of cosmetic

Castor oil for growth of hair: properties, advantage, features of application, responses Proceeding from by what way castor oil was extracted to strengthen a head of hear, allocate three main types of a product:

  • more hotly;

  • cold;

  • black (it turns out when castor oil seeds at first are fried, and later are boiled down — black color of castor oil so turns out).

Structure and useful properties

Castor oil for hair and eyelashes — the pale yellow liquid having specific, but pleasant aroma. Taste at this remedy for hair, to put it mildly, bitter.

Among other oils, has the highest density, viscosity. Therefore practically never dries completely, doesn't form a film. Besides, oil isn't dissolved in alcohol, chloroform, vinegar, isn't oxidized. Freezes only under a condition if on the street temperature is lower than 16 degrees. And at a frost turns into the white weight externally similar to paste.

It is necessary to store castor oil as well as an olive analog — less than two years. Surely means has to be in the closed bottle, in the place where it is cool, dark. If the container with castor oil was opened, it needs to be stored in the refrigerator.

Are a part of this product:

  1. The acids promoting growth of a head of hear:

  1. Ricin (quite toxic substance). Sometimes castor oil is called ritsinovy drying oil.

If to speak about useful properties of castor oil, then here it is enumerable several highlights:

  • it softens, nourishes head skin therefore castor oil for dry locks is used;

  • reduces peeling, excess dryness of skin — to cure dandruff or seborrhea there is no best means;

  • bleaches head skin from freckles, pigmentary spots;

  • with the help it cosmetic is perfectly leveled tone of skin.

Castor oil in many respects surpasses burdock drying oil in the structure.

What problems are capable to be fixed

Castor oil for growth of hair: properties, advantage, features of application, responsesThe advantage of castor oil is incredibly high. If regularly to use it in house conditions, then:

  • exchange processes will accelerate;

  • blood circulation under head skin will amplify;

  • inflammatory process from head skin will disappear;

  • hair follicles will actively eat.

Many are interested whether castor oil helps locks from dandruff and from their loss, than means in principle is useful. Without a doubt, yes. It needs to be rubbed in roots of locks, also to study them all length of locks.

Pay attention, suits all types of ringlets, however, castor drying oil for fat ringlets has to mix up surely with additional ingredients that medical masks turned out.


It is impossible to apply castor oil for strengthening of a head of hear if you have contraindications:

  • diarrhea;

  • digestive tract diseases;

  • fat type of skin;

  • allergy to castor oil.

Photo before and after

Castor oil for growth of hair: properties, advantage, features of application, responses

Castor oil for growth of hair: properties, advantage, features of application, responses

Features of application

A fine half of mankind can apply castor oil to density of locks. Also it helps from split ends, loss of locks, eyelashes with eyebrows. We will share with you some features how to treat a head of hear castor drying oil to women:

  1. Castor oil for tips of locks is applied thus — medicine is warmed by means of a water bath (one tablespoon will be required literally), then it moistens a hairbrush which needs to comb evenly ringlets on all length. Then it is necessary to wash away castor oil from ringlets, by means of shampoo, to rinse ringlets with grass broth. After the procedure hair from castor oil will shine, it is easy to comb hair.

  2. If you want to grow curls, then mix on a castor oil teaspoon with a lavender. The turned-out medicine needs to be rubbed in roots of hair fingertips the simple massage movements incontinuous time.

  3. It is allowed to apply castor oil on hair, sprinkling them spray. It is necessary to mix on a teaspoon of the castor drying oil promoting growth of eyelashes and ringlets, rosemary and mineral water.

  4. That locks didn't split, each woman of fashion can prepare serum from castor oil. It is better to use as well peach oil which is a source of vitamins and useful substances (each product on one tablespoon). Such serum is applied on hair in several minutes before washing of the head.

  5. If locks grow well, but they fat, is admissible to rub castor oil in them, is only not plentiful, otherwise they will be greased.

The men suffering from an alopetion or seborrhea can in the same way as women to apply on mask hair from castor oil. But most often it is used by a strong half of mankind, for the sake of a soft, beautiful beard. Only it is necessary to know precisely the recipe how to use castor oil in that case:

  1. At first wash up a beard habitual shampoo.

  2. Then pour castor oil in the glass capacity (about two tablespoons of substance), warm in the microwave (temperature of oil has to be less than 40 degrees).

  3. Grease a bristle with castor oil, but it shouldn't be too much, otherwise the beard will be fat.

Remember how many to hold castor oil on a bristle — there will be quite enough one hour, already then the effect of castor oil will be visible. But many hold drying oil longer — 1,5–2 hours. After the procedure wash away castor oil from a beard water of room temperature.

Rules of use

Castor oil for growth of hair: properties, advantage, features of application, responses Now we will submit you the detailed instruction for use of castor oil. It is necessary to adhere to it surely, to feel all advantage which castor oil gives:

  • before application it needs to be heated by means of a water bath or any other way;

  • you apply castor oil on hair twice a week within one month, then take a break for 30 days then you can repeat procedures;

  • after drawing means, it is better to wrap up ringlets food wrap, to warm a little the hair dryer that drying oil was better absorbed;

  • after her each mask it is necessary to wash away surely though it is rather labor-intensive process.

How to wash away 

It is necessary to wash away castor oil from curls, soaping the head shampoo twice, to wash out ringlets under warm water. Then it is desirable to rinse curls with grass broth — so from them all fat will flow down.

Methods of application

Treatment of hair castor oil, usually takes place by drawing masks on them. We will submit some recipes of masks for hair with castor oil to you further:

  1. Mask with castor oil: cook mix with pepper for hair (each product on a teaspoon), rub it directly in skin, hair bulbs will so be stimulated, blood circulation will amplify. Castor oil and pepper tincture together can provoke a burn therefore it is necessary to observe precautionary measures before drawing such mask.

  2. At a hair loss it is necessary to cook such medicine: it is necessary to mix burdock and castor oil for ringlets (on one teaspoon), to rub it in roots.

  3. For fat curls castor oil in pure form — bad option. In this case it needs to be mixed with vodka or other alcohol-containing substance (on one tablespoon of castor oil a vodka teaspoon). Except vodka, lemon juice, and instead of it cognac is added. The same impact is made by calendula tincture for hair. If you have no individual tolerance of medicine, then do yourself a mask of castor oil and tincture of a calendula. But for achievement of the most positive effect cook a mask with vodka.

  4. For a dyed hair it is better to do the glyceric moistening masks. It is recommended to add to it egg for gloss of ringlets, glycerin and burdock oil (on a teaspoon). The mask from castor oil and egg is very effective if the woman has overdried ringlets the hair dryer or the iron. However at first surely find out whether you can add above-mentioned ingredients — consult with the dermatologist or the trichologist.

  5. From a gray hair it is better to do a mask of a tablespoon of honey and a yolk for strengthening of natural color of locks. Instead of honey add coconut water (a tablespoon, as much drying oils). It is better to do such gentle mask of castor oil for the night.

  6. Mask for hair with kefir and castor oil (each ingredient on a tablespoon) — excellent thin, fragile ringlet drug. Kefir and castor oil together as much as possible saturate locks with nutrients, give them gloss which is inherent in a head of hear after lamination.

Effectively also use of drying oil together with shampoo. For this purpose add oil to shampoo or balm (in one tablespoon of shampoo one teaspoon of castor oil is diluted). Wash with it the head such medicine if you have dry curls. To owners of ringlets of fat type such option how to apply castor oil with shampoo, it is impossible to use, the situation will only be aggravated.

Effect of application

As castor oil influences hair, you will see at once after the first application. On the Internet in this occasion the set of positive reviews how to smear hair with castor drying oil that in only one month to make the head of hear beautiful, healthy, shining is published. Besides, if desired look at different photos before drawing above-mentioned masks.

Attention! It is necessary to use castor masks regularly, but with breaks. Then you shouldn't spend big money, buying expensive cosmetic medicines.

Castor masks — a unique product which mixes up both with banal kefir, and with pepper tincture for hair. Only it is recommended to use a product of a cold extraction that is useful for hair follicles.

Before each application surely read the instruction that precisely the nobility whether you can smear hair with castor oil from each specific producer. Sometimes from castor drying oil hair drop out. Therefore surely specify at the expert, whether you should use this available means exactly.