Cold color of hair - a tendency of year (photo)

Certainly, not only the hairstyle, but also hair color define your style and mood. The hair color isn't less important, than clothes, decorative cosmetics and fashionable accessories. Now the tendency to cold color of hair is more and more distinctly observed. In 2014 stylists put a rate on "cold" coloring. Fashion houses in the recent displays accurately adhere to this direction.

What is cold color of hair?

Cold color of hair is those colors which give the muffled shade without special gloss. It is possible to tell that gloss is practically absent. Any colors can belong to cold scale: from chestnut-colored to a blond. However their not catchiness gives them cold notes.

Cold fair-haired hair color

This hair color is the most demanded among cold shades. It is possible to achieve such effect having mixed two paints at once: gray and silvery. The last will give cold slightly audible gloss. An ardent fan of cold color of hair is the Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston. The star not only doesn't change the hairstyle for many years, but also remains is faithful to the hair color. Once having correctly picked up a shade, Jen hasn't wanted to leave it more. Really, cold fair-haired does the well-known style of a star.

Cold color of hair - a tendency of year (photo)

Jennifer Aniston prefers cold ashy-fair-haired shades

Cold color of hair - a tendency of year (photo)

is ideal for blue-eyed girls

Cold chestnut-colored hair color

This color meets also in natural option. Very many girls can brag of chestnut-colored ringlets from the birth. The cold chestnut-colored hair color has ability to absorb light therefore at a certain lighting hair can look more darkly, than is actually. If you were lucky to be born with such fashionable hair color, then stylists recommend to use the special balms helping to enhance cold silvery gloss. Amanda Seyfried chose cold chestnut-colored hair color more than once. Thanks to light skin, the cold color favourably decorates the actress.

Cold color of hair - a tendency of year (photo)

Amanda Seyfried looks perfectly with chestnut-colored hair

Cold color of hair - a tendency of year (photo)

Kim Kardashyan never avoids novelties in coloring of hair

Cold color of hair - a tendency of year (photo)

perfectly suit girls with light skin

Cold brown hair color

It is necessary to work at such color. Cold brown shades to achieve much more difficult, than previous two. In the nature such color doesn't meet. Usually dark hair have very warm notes. However the skilled hairdresser will make everything that your dark ringlets looked stylish and beautifully. For obtaining cold brown color two bases mix up: brown and ashy. Such mix does hair color muffled and with silvery otliva. Angelina Jolie always paints hair in such a way.

Cold color of hair - a tendency of year (photo)

brown color looks very interestingly without natural "warm" gloss

Cold color of hair - a tendency of year (photo)

brown in combination with ashy shades creates a delightful tandem

Cold blond

Fair-haired girls even more often choose cold color blond. It is quite explainable what cold blond doesn't give effect of yellowness which sometimes turns out after coloring of hair light paints. Women of fashion with blue or gray eyes and light skin safely choose this novelty of a season.

Cold color of hair - a tendency of year (photo)

help to avoid yellowness on light hair

Cold color of hair - a tendency of year (photo)


Cold ashy hair color

The ashy hair color usually isn't used separately as after coloring you gain effect of a gray hair, and it for hardly anyone is necessary. As a rule, ashy shades are combined with other flowers, for example, ashy blond, ashy-fair-haired, etc. Sienna Miller, the recognized icon of style, very often gives preference to a cold light color of hair. Uma Thurman also joins her - the actress is always faithful to cold shades.

Cold color of hair - a tendency of year (photo)

Sienna Miller chooses light ashy-fair-haired shades

Who suits cold color of hair?

The cold color of hair suits girls with light skin more. If you treat a tsvetotip Summer or Winter, then safely paint hair in cold shades. Briefly about a tsvetotipa.

Tsvetotip Leto is characterized by light olive skin with the translucent veins. Birthmarks on a face of usually ashy or gray color. Even the flush on a face has cold pink tone. Devushke-Leto it is never impossible to choose warm hair color.

Tsvetotip Zima also differs in light, "transparent" skin. Eyebrows, eyelashes - dark by nature. If the girl winter a little sunbathes, then her skin will get a saturated olive shade. Read in more detail about definition of a tsvetotip in article "Colouring of hair: technologies and selection of color". 

As for color of eyes, here it isn't really basic, however more effectively and harmoniously cold color of hair will look with gray, blue, blue and green eyes.