Split ends of hair – treatment. Why ends of hair split? Oils, a mask for hair from split ends, the device for excision of split ends of hair

Split ends of hair – treatment. Why ends of hair split? Oils, a mask for hair from split ends, the device for excision of split ends of hair

Owners of ringlets below brachiums regularly face their dryness and damage. Because of the constant section and an oblamyvaniye of hair it is difficult to grow long locks which will look healthy. To solve this problem it is regularly important to be engaged in its treatment and prophylaxis and to systematically visit hairdressing salon.

Why ends of hair split?

Even beautiful and brilliant ringlets – structures from devitalized horn cells. Than they longer also are more senior, that are more subject to mechanical wear therefore mild splitting of the extremities of locks belongs to the normal phenomena. Pathology is considered when stratifying is strongly expressed and results in fragility and dimness. In such cases of the reason of split ends of hair can be as follows:

  • daily hot laying;
  • frequent coloring or chemical wave;
  • use of low-quality cosmetics;
  • wrong, rasping combing, especially when ringlets still wet;
  • washing by the hard chlorinated water;
  • infrequent podstriganiye;
  • vitamin deficiency, liquids and minerals in an organism;
  • hormonal disturbances;
  • constant wearing of an identical hairstyle;
  • use of a metal hairbrush or accessories;
  • chronic illnesses of internals;
  • addictions;
  • treatment by some drugs;
  • susceptibility to weather influences (frost, sun and wind);
  • genetic features.

Ends of hair split – what to do?

Already spoiled locks it is impossible to be restored by anything because they represent dead hinges without abilities to neogenesis. The only option how to get rid of split ends of hair and to give them acceptable appearance, consists in cutting of the damaged sites. In the future to grow healthy and integral ringlets, competent and integrated preventive approach will be required. Split ends of hair – treatment:

  • correction of the menu;
  • additional intake of vitamins, dietary supplements and minerals;
  • regular hairstyles;
  • protection of locks against ultraviolet and low temperatures headdresses;
  • change of cosmetics and accessories;
  • therapy of systemic pathologies;
  • normalization of hormonal balance;
  • refusal of harmful addictions.

If the problem is very expressed and prevents to grow a magnificent braid, for treatment it is necessary to visit the trichologist. The professional will find the reason of intensive stratifying of the extremities and will pick up an adequate way of its elimination. It is possible and to accelerate independently the solution of a task, having provided to locks correct leaving and an active delivery by means of use of organic cosmetics.

Split ends of hair – treatment in house conditions

Split ends of hair – treatment. Why ends of hair split? Oils, a mask for hair from split ends, the device for excision of split ends of hair

Therapy of the described pathology can be carried out by natural or professional products and apparatus techniques. How to treat split ends of hair:

  1. It is regular to apply national prescriptions on the basis of natural ingredients. Vegetable fats which are vitamin-rich are especially effective.
  2. To apply special masks and nutritious Serums on ringlets, to nourish with useful substances head skin.
  3. To periodically cut off the damaged sites of locks of the house or in beauty shop.

Hair oil from split ends

Vegetable fats contain valuable vitamins and acids which promote improvement of a condition of roots and treatment of follicles, maintain local immunity of a false skin of the head. Such agents from split ends of hair serve as prophylaxis of splitting of hinges in the future, but don't lead to their neogenesis. It is in addition possible to grease with the described products (to leave for 1-1,5 hours) places of stratification to give to ringlets healthier look. It is possible to stick together with their help temporarily split ends of hair – treatment is performed by means of the following oils:

  • coconut;
  • almond;
  • castor;
  • argon;
  • burdock;
  • shi;
  • sesame;
  • olive.

Mask for hair against split ends

Help to make locks more elastic and dense house prescriptions on the basis of the most useful natural ingredients. If there is no time for mixing of different products, it is possible to get ready agents from producers of professional cosmetics. It is important to give preference to organic goods without the maintenance of a silicon, sodium sulfates and parabens.

Mask for hair from split ends


  • yolks of eggs – 1-3 pieces (according to length of ringlets);
  • honey – 5-7 g;
  • vegetable fat (it is better – almond or argon) – 10-15 ml.

Production and drawing:

  1. To shake up yolks with slightly the warmed-up honey.
  2. To add oil, it is good to admix.
  3. To rub structure in a head false skin.
  4. To grease with the rest of an agent locks, to massage the extremities.
  5. To put on a hat from polyethylene.
  6. In 45-75 minutes to wash out ringlets.

The recommended ready options of masks for treatment of hair:

  • L’Occitane Masque Réparateur;
  • Indola Repair;
  • Keune Intensive Hair Repair;
  • L’Oréal Fiberceutic;
  • Kallos Omega 6.

Serum for split ends of hair

The products from the specified problem are turned out by most the cosmetic companies. A little the following brands of special Serums will help to sanitate split ends of hair:

  • Estel (Otium, Curex);
  • Fructis;
  • Concept;
  • Dove;
  • Gliss Kur;
  • Pantene;
  • Deoproce;
  • Teotema;
  • Fara;
  • Kérastase;
  • La’dor;
  • Secret Key.

The device for excision of split ends of hair

Split ends of hair – treatment. Why ends of hair split? Oils, a mask for hair from split ends, the device for excision of split ends of hair

It is often difficult for women to find time and spare cash for regular visit experienced the hairdresser, a professional podstriganiye and treatment of ringlets each 2-2,5 months. The special electric hairbrush for excision of split ends of hair serves as a good alternative to a visit of salon. It is possible to acquire any of the devices which are available on sale:

  • Rozia;
  • Split-Ender;
  • Fasїz and others.

By means of such device the splitting and fractured ends of hair – treatment radical, but effective are cut off. The hairbrush cuts ringlets at the minimum length (3-5,5 mm), without affecting healthy sites of locks. It provides a comfortable and fast otrashchivaniye of a healthy and long braid. In parallel with the device it is important to carry out an intensive care of head skin, to strengthen roots and follicles.

Excision of split ends the machine in salon

The presented action sometimes is called polishing or a grinding. The short of treatment consists in processing of all shock of ringlets the machine for a hairstyle with a special attachment. It forms separate locks and gives them on edges so that only the extremities which are beaten out from lump were cut off. Only 2-9 mm are as a result sheared, and the hairstyle looks much more accurately. Polishing of split ends of hair assumes preliminary straightening of ringlets the iron. Otherwise there is a risk of excision of too large volume of locks.