Roasting of hair fire: responses, a photo before and after. Burning of hair fire in house conditions: responses

There are innovative methods on care of hair more and more. It both lamination, and hairstyle hot scissors, and keratin straightening of ringlets. New technology is and piroforez – roasting of hair fire. Reviews of the procedure of happy clients convince to try this unforgettable method. In its basis – processing of hair an open flame.

Piroforez – roasting of hair

Roasting of hair fire is a new method of improvement of a head of hear. This procedure is called piroforez (or Fire Cut). It was used for change of a hairstyle and improvement of structure of ringlets for a long time. Roasting of hair was intended to eliminate the splitting extremities and a brittle, dry hair.

Roasting of hair fire: responses, a photo before and after. Burning of hair fire in house conditions: responses

Piroforez gained recognition in our country and approval by doctors, candidates of science of Russia. For those girls who are afraid of fire it is better to refuse such technique. Actually piroforez it isn't so terrible as it seems at first sight. The head of hear is previously processed special agents. Therefore warming of locks will eliminate only problem hairs.

The medical procedure is roasting of hair fire. Otzyvykliyentok, influenced this technology, sound positively. After the procedure their hair became fresh, healthy, for a long time kept an elastance and volume.

Feature of the procedure

Piroforez consists in processing of hair a flame. The effect of the procedure consists of impact on ringlets of superfine cosmetics and naked flame. But immediate contact to a flame doesn't happen. The hair undergoes processing by warming that allows to level its relief.

Among hairdressers courses on training in a piroforez are regularly conducted. Therefore before the procedure it is necessary to study the certificate which will confirm qualification of the expert. In the original document there is a signature of the stylist Olga Kurbanova who developed and patented this technology in Russia.

Roasting of hair fire is safe in arms of the experienced technologist. Responses, a photo before and after the procedure confirm that locks after a piroforez look much better. In order that roasting took place successfully, necessary demands are kept:

  • piroforez carry out on wet ringlets not to allow ignition;
  • previously apply the agents which are picked up in an individual order on hair;
  • the flame helps to deliver useful components in a hair.

Indications to carrying out a piroforez

Roasting of hair is intended for restoration of a hinge of a hair. The procedure will be relevant for fight against such problems:

  • fragility;
  • the splitting extremities;
  • dry hair.

The technology of roasting is suitable for men and women. It can be used at any type of hair. Even if ringlets are painted, blondirovana or were exposed to a chemical wave – piroforez will help to sanitate locks, will return them gloss and beauty.

Roasting of hair fire: responses, a photo before and after. Burning of hair fire in house conditions: responses

Besides, burning of hair fire accelerates natural body height of a head of hear. Responses of clients of iparikmakher warn that it is necessary to carry out the procedure not more often than 1 time in 2–3 months.

Difference of a piroforez from hot scissors

At first sight can seem that piroforez doesn't differ from a hairstyle in hot scissors. They really have common features. Both methods will help to get rid of the splitting extremities. They are suitable for all types of hair.

However hot scissors solder a hair only on the end. Piroforez helps to level all structure. It solders a hair on all length, enlarging its volume by 25%.

Roasting of hair is carried out by fire on average and long ringlets. Otzyvykliyentok meet that the gained effect of a piroforez lasts much more longly, than from hot scissors. The procedure is expensive, but after it it is possible to forget for half a year about problem sites of ringlets.

Roasting of hair fire: before and after. Customer reviews

The effect of technology is that the flame acts as the conductor. Fire "seals" active agents, trace substances, vitamins in porous structure of the injured hair. For this reason pretreatment of locks qualitative agents is so important. After the procedure the streaming, silky hair will be pleasing to the eye and heart.

Roasting of hair fire: responses, a photo before and after. Burning of hair fire in house conditions: responses

What effect will bring burning of hair fire? Before and after the procedure hair look absolutely variously. Dry, dim ringlets turn into healthy, resilient locks. Lifeless before piroforezy, they completely restore the structure after roasting.

Locks aren't electrified, remarkably comb hair. They can be stacked, twisted. After the procedure ringlets for a long time will keep a fresh, well-groomed look. The integrated structure of hair will provide natural gloss and an elastance.

In most cases clients are happy with the gained effect. Hair after a piroforez look silky, beautiful. There is gloss which could be reached only by means of lamination earlier.

Pluses and minuses of a piroforez

Burning of hair (customer reviews and masters confirm it) has the positive and negative sides. Before giving in to temptation and to try an innovative method on itself, surely it is necessary to study pluses and minuses of a piroforez.

Roasting of hair fire: responses, a photo before and after. Burning of hair fire in house conditions: responses

Positive sides of the procedure:

  • the splitting extremities disappear;
  • the volume and growth of hair is enlarged;
  • there is natural gloss;
  • hair receive necessary trace substances and vitamins.

Negative sides of the procedure:

  • the splitting extremities can appear again (only regular ukhodovy procedures will help to get rid completely of them);
  • high cost of a piroforez;
  • for the best result the procedure needs to be repeated;
  • the effect depends on professionalism of the master.

Technology short

Roasting of hair fire (before and after the procedure) is followed by processing of locks special, nutritious agents. All process lasts about 45 minutes and 4 stages are included.

Roasting of hair fire: responses, a photo before and after. Burning of hair fire in house conditions: responses

  1. Washing of hair, massaging of head skin for intensifying of a circulation. There is a purification from surplus of hypodermic fat, the died-off keratin flakes.
  2. The master, considering specific features of ringlets, selects a complex of the nutritious cocktails moistening and protective masks.
  3. Processing by fire provides warming of locks. At the same time there is a hair hinge curve (its relief is leveled) and penetration deep into amino acids and vitamins.
  4. Washing of the head with contrast rinsing. In completion of the procedure the master applies a nutritious agent which will help to strengthen locks on hair.

How there is a processing fire?

You shouldn't be afraid of process of roasting. It is the painless and safe procedure. It is possible to feel a specific smell or to hear mild crackling of hair. Ringlets during the procedure aren't set fire. They are only heated by means of an open flame.

How there is a roasting of hair fire? Otzyvydevushek, tried piroforez, compare feeling after the procedure to euphoria. There is a surprising ease, slackness. And disobedient, dim locks will turn into the resilient, brilliant wave full of vital force.

Roasting of hair fire: responses, a photo before and after. Burning of hair fire in house conditions: responses

During the procedure the master reels up a cotton plug on metal forceps which each hairdresser has. Dips it into alcohol and sets fire. The accurate movements the master carries out by a flame on all length of locks. At this moment dry sites of ringlets burn down.

Piroforez in house conditions

Whether it is possible to repeat the procedure of roasting independently? What it is necessary to take security measures that there was no ignition of hair? On the Internet there is a set of video records on which it is possible to see how there takes place roasting of hair. Otzyvymasterov warn what piroforez should be done only in beauty shops. There all security measures are observed and necessary conditions for holding a procedure are created.

If the client insists on roasting in house conditions, it is necessary to invite the experienced expert. The master surely has to have a certificate confirming his ability competently to perform the procedure. The ukhodovykh of agents will depend on professionalism of the hairdresser and quality the gained effect.

Alternative methods of roasting of hair

It isn't necessary to do the procedure independently. Health of hair – not a reason for experiments. And ignition of hair can lead not only to loss of a head of hear, but also head skin combustions.

If the price of a piroforez frightens off – it is possible to use the simplified option of disposal of the splitting extremities. For a start it is necessary to process vegetable oil the damaged sites. It is necessary for this purpose to prevent ignition of a head of hear. To divide hair into small locks. To take away a ringlet far away from the bulk of hair and to process a flame of a match or the lighter.

Fire in house usloviyakhmozhno to make roasting of hair easier way. For this purpose the iron will be required – each its part should be wrapped a foil.

  1. To expose the maximum temperature.
  2. To apply nutritious structure or oil on ringlets.
  3. To process each lock the iron.

Burning of hair fire: responses

Most of clients delighted with the procedure. They assure that after it there pass headaches, migraines. Influence by fire helps to get rid of the saved-up negative, the aura is cleaned, ease in all body appears.

Piroforez helps to get rid of dry hair in the most hard-to-reach spots. By means of scissors or independent roasting of such effect not to reach. After the first procedure ringlets strike with the softness. If to carry out it regularly (quarterly), then it is possible to forget about a problem of fragility and dryness of a head of hear completely.

Roasting of hair fire: responses, a photo before and after. Burning of hair fire in house conditions: responses

Negative responses assure that there is no medical effect in a piroforeza. It is only temporary, visual improvement of a condition of hair. That not to restore porous structure roasting, and it is better to spend finance for qualitative shampoos and masks.

Dissatisfied clients tell that I made drier ringlets piroforez. In a week after the procedure hair lie dim, lifeless locks again. They become straw, they constantly should be processed expensive skins, gels.

The positive and negative effect after a piroforez depends on specific features. Consultation of the expert will help to tap problem sites of hair and a way of their decision. Piroforez helps to protect ringlets from negative impact of the environment, will prevent their aging. It doesn't cause an allergy and doesn't give side effects.