Folk remedies from a baldness at women: prescriptions

The problem of a hair loss disturbed beauties still of Ancient Egypt what the remained papyruses with prescriptions from a baldness at women confirm. Still inhabitants of the planet unsuccessfully struggle with a secret of conservation of a dense head of hear, but the panacea isn't given in arms yet. Periodically announced breaks in science on treatment of an alopecia, the invention of unique drugs in practice appears only an ordinary divorce of the desperate ladies. Scientists don't give up hope to find a solution, and the fair sex fights against a misfortune not only by means of doctors, but also own forces, using for treatment folk remedies at a baldness at women.

Reasons of an alopecia and temporary hair loss

Folk remedies from a baldness at women: prescriptions

If vegetation on the head becomes less, it not always means pathology. The head of hear can become infrequent for a set of the reasons.

The temporary hair loss occurs because of:

  • Hormonal reorganization after pregnancy and labors.
  • Or shearing depriving of diseases of a thyroid gland, an oncology.
  • Anorexias.
  • Drug intake.
  • Menopauses.
  • Bad delivery.
  • Absence or wrong leaving.
  • Injuries.

Folk remedies from a baldness at women: prescriptions In each of these cases it is only worth getting rid of the main reason as hair will cease to leave the head.

Besides, it will be required:

  • To refuse rigid diets.
  • To adjust good nutrition, having included in it products, useful to hair.
  • To be protected from UV rays.
  • To wear headdresses.
  • Not to be fond of hairdresser's procedures.
  • It is regular to do the looking after masks and wrappings.
  • To cease to do a hard hair: braids, tails.

Other business if changes received irreversible character. In these cases it is possible to speak about an alopecia.

It doesn't respond to treatment, at the initial stages there are chances to slow down its rate, and even to stop. Of course, the hairstyle won't be former, but growth of a bald head will stop. Everything will depend on a disease stage at which the patient will see a doctor. The earlier, the there are more chances to salvage the vegetation remains.

House prescriptions for treatment of an alopecia

Folk remedies from a baldness at women: prescriptions For fight against a baldness there is a set of methods of therapy today. Though treatment doesn't give lasting effect, and the result should be set by constantly supporting courses, to achieve improvement of a condition of a head of hear quite perhaps. Treatment consists in stimulation a follicle and strengthening of structure of hair.

Well cope with this task:

  • Burdock root.
  • Neetle.
  • Henna.
  • Aloe.
  • Hop.
  • St. John's Wort.
  • Onions.

It is only the incomplete list of plants on the basis of which it is possible to prepare remedies at a baldness for women.

In house treatment of an alopecia not to do without honey, lemon juice, seeds and oil of mustard and also essential oils of a cedar, cinnamon, rosemary, a sage.

Aloe. Plant juice perfectly works against a baldness: improves blood circulation of head skin, stimulates development of a keratin – a squirrel, responsible for the fortress and health of hair. To squeeze out juice from a leaf, to apply to a skin and on all length of hair.

Folk remedies from a baldness at women: prescriptions Fenugreek. Seeds of a plant serve as excellent raw materials for nutritious masks. They strengthen roots from within, promote a thickening of hair, doing them healthier and strong. Wet seeds for the night, triturate in a meal in the morning. Apply to head skin and on all length of hair. In half an hour wash away soft shampoo. The same procedure will help at abaissement because of a dandruff. The fenugreek abirritates an itch: desire to scratch the head disappears, hair cease to be injured.

Mustard oil and henna. Oil of mustard is considered very effective remedy for prevention of abaissement and stimulation of body height of new hair. Henna strengthens hair and prevents a dandruff. Bridge 125 ml of oil and 30 g of henna, boil several minutes. Then filter and apply the turned-out admixture to a skin. The mask is recommended to be done daily until abaissement doesn't stop.

Lemon juice and peanut butter.

Admixture of two substances – a popular Ayurvedic agent against a hair loss. In lemon juice there is a lot of vitamin C which reduces in the natural way a dandruff.

The procedure is considered especially useful to restoration of a head of hear. Admix 3 tablespoons of juice and 2 – peanut butter. Mass them all head skin, then take half an hour-hour and wash away soft shampoo and cool water.

Folk remedies from a baldness at women: prescriptions Coconut oil and gooseberry. Oil deservedly is considered extremely useful to hair: promotes their body height and strengthening. A gooseberry – a source of vitamin C, antioxidants. Helps hair to become magnificent and soft and also prevents formation of split ends. Lower the cut berries in oil, you cook until they darken. Apply an admixture to a skin and hair the massing movements, wash away next day.

Correctly to choose a way of treatment and an effective agent from a baldness for women, it is necessary to find out the pathology reasons: to make tests, to undergo inspection. Perhaps, everything isn't so terrible, and it is only a temporary phenomenon. But it is necessary to make sure of it surely, having consulted at the doctor.