Folk remedies from baldness at women: treatment of baldness at women in house conditions

Folk remedies from baldness at women are the most effective methods in fight against this problem. Most of people think that this problem meets only at men, but the woman consists in the field of risk too to get a bald head.

Baldness at women or as it is called still an alopetion, has several forms of manifestation: cicatricial, traumatic, focal, genetic and diffusion. And it is quite possible to cure any of forms of female baldness in house conditions. Here it is only necessary to know as well as than to treat him.

The main assistants in treatment of an alopetion can appear:

  • burdock root;
  • nettle, both leaves and roots;
  • onions;
  • flower honey;
  • home-made eggs;
  • various natural oils;
  • birch kidneys and also many others.

Folk remedies from an alopetion at women have various character. To cure this problem apply both tinctures, and oils, and conditioners, and cream, and many other things. We will consider the most popular recipes which are applied at an alopetion to women in house conditions. But It should be noted, don't apply these recipes if there is an allergy at least to one of components, and consult concerning treatment of baldness folk remedies with the attending physician better.

If you don't know about existence of allergic reactions, then for a start try to test the chosen recipe on the small site of skin. You shouldn't apply folk remedy without this check to avoid adverse results.

We will consider the first folk remedy which is considered more widespread and simple in preparation. It requires onions, clove and vodka. We will take a half-liter jar or other capacity, we will fill it with an onions peel and we will add 20 grams of clove, it is possible to take seasoning from clove, and we will fill all this capacity with vodka. It is necessary to allow to infuse at least several weeks, and then to use as a compress. The procedure is performed so: we apply a little mix on the surface of hair, then we wrap up with a towel and we hold no more than 30-40 minutes. Later everything needs to be washed away cool water. Repeat no more than 1 time a week.

Mask for strengthening of hair

Onions are very useful also in other means, as conditioner. It has the excellent properties promoting growth of hair. It is necessary to squeeze out a little juice from green onions and to dilute it with water, to allow to infuse and moisten a little with this mix hair at roots. It will be good biostimulation to growth of hair.

Also baldness medicines with addition of honey enjoy wide popularity. Application them should be limited only to people with diabetes. Means consists of such components as honey, the ground garlic and juice of an aloe (which age no more 3rd years). It is necessary to mix these ingredients in equal quantity, will be enough and on 1 tablespoon. This means at first is applied on roots, and then and on all length. It is recommended to be on hair to it no more than 20 minutes, then it is necessary to wash away neutral shampoo on the basis of herbs and to rinse with nettle decoction. Two times a week for a month are desirable to repeat all actions.

Very effectively female baldness the following means treats. It is necessary to take on 1 teaspoon of flower honey, not pasteurized olive oil and onions juice, to add 1 crude yolk and to shake up until smooth. Rub the received mix in head skin and distribute on all length of hair. Keep it no more than 40 minutes, then wash away flowing water. This means needs to be applied for two weeks daily.

Treatment of baldness at women can be carried out also by natural conditioners. One of the most plain conditioners is lemon juice. It needs to be added to conditioner or to the conditioner and to use after each use of shampoo. His neighbor in simplicity is the beaten-up egg white which should be put as a mask, and in 10 minutes the mask needs to be washed away carefully.

In order that hair became stronger, more beautiful and were pleasant as silk to the touch, it is possible to cook very plain conditioner. This means requires a big spoon of young birch kidneys and water. Mix needs to be cooked on average fire within half an hour, then to filter and it is possible to apply. The desirable result won't keep itself waiting.

Folk remedies from baldness at women: treatment of baldness at women in house conditions

Natural conditioner of hair

Are very useful at an alopetion and flax seeds with a camomile and buds of a birch. Following dosage: 1 parts of seeds, 4 parts of flowers of a camomile and 1 part of buds of a birch. It is necessary to take two tablespoons of the crushed mix on a floor liters of water and to boil within 20-30 minutes. Then it is necessary to cool and filter. It is necessary to rinse with the received means hair, then to rub broth in head skin, to be rolled up by a film for 10-20 minutes. Upon termination of time to dry up hair in the natural way, without washing out them. It is desirable, to perform these operations 2-3 times a week.

Broth from a root of a burdock and a nettle – the best natural conditioner in summertime, it nourishes and fills with vital energy hair and head skin. It is possible to apply it after each washing of the head.

Burdock oil – the real wizard for our hair. Many women, for certain, know about its advantage. It is often used for strengthening of hair and at small children. We will consider some of simple, but very existing recipes which part burdock oil is.

For a start we will consider a cooking method of this oil in house conditions. The most popular, and in turn very simple, the following recipe is.

We will take 20 grams crushed (better grated on a small grater) a root of a burdock (burdock), we will fill in its 200 ml with not refined olive oil. Gray about an hour at a temperature no more than 500 S. Zatem it needs to be insisted in the dark cool place within 8 days. Further mix is wrung out and filtered. It is possible to use as as a part of other recipes, and independently.

The easiest way from baldness at women and its prevention, is rubbing in of this oil in head skin and on hair for half an hour-hour before washing of the head. After use of oil it is desirable to use only natural shampoo on the basis of officinal herbs. 2 times a week are recommended to repeat the procedure, then the result won't keep itself waiting.

Castor oil also is the excellent assistant in fight against an alopetion.

Folk remedies from baldness at women: treatment of baldness at women in house conditions

Thick and strong hair oils

It is better to buy oil in drugstore, and means can be cooked independently. We will consider some recipes.

It is necessary to take 2 tablespoons of castor oil, 1 is fresher (better house) egg, 1 teaspoon of glycerin and a teaspoon of vinegar (it is possible apple). Mix all components, and then shake up and rub in hair. Then to wrap up hair in a towel and to try to take the head over steam for the best effect. Wash up the head, using shampoo on the basis of officinal herbs. After this procedure the result won't keep itself waiting. Hair will take a healthy, dense and brilliant form. It is recommended to apply such mask no more than 1 time a week for 2 months.

There is one more very interesting way for lazy. Warm up a little castor oil on a water bath, then rub in head skin by means of a toothbrush, wrap up the head in a towel for 5 hours and you lay down to have a rest. Try to do nothing during this period, to be quiet and to focus only on itself. Then it is necessary to wash up well the head with shampoo. This way helps not only to fight against an alopetion at women, but also helps to prevent its emergence.