Folk remedies from dandruff and an itch of the head

The itch of skin and dandruff, with which all got used to fight by the advertized methods, is not the reason, and the investigation at all. Seborrhea is the reason of this unpleasant phenomenon. The fungus which is peacefully living on the surface of the head which can be made out only under a microscope suddenly begins to breed violently and repeatedly strengthens the speed of peeling of the died-off skin scales. Dandruff is so formed. In addition peeling is followed by an itch. There comes the moment of search of drastic remedies for suppression of a seboreyny fungus.

By the way. The phenomenon of seborrhea is also inherent in too oily hair, as well as overdried. And, in both cases the disease only aggravates the existing problem. Grease ringlets zhirnet even quicker, and the radical area becomes covered by a yellow-gray soft cortical layer of the horny scales. Dry skin at a lack of fat gives a loose, dirty-white crust which sprinkles clothes and all around. The itch is present at both cases.

Folk remedies from dandruff and an itch of the head

Folk remedies from dandruff and an itch of the head

Destruction of fat seborrhea

Washed up the head in the morning, and already next day (in any case next day – by the evening) hair fat and with a cortical raid on skin again. Familiarly? Fat seborrhea – quite widespread problem. Why hair quickly become fat, and on them dandruff is formed, and the head begins to itch? Whether it is possible to correct it?

Why there is fat seborrhea

Sebaceous glands of head skin excrete fat, it is a lot of fat. Hair zhirnet from roots and become untidy, "dirty". And the fungus in these conditions actively works for peeling of cells of skin, corking grease passes even more.
Why the excess of this fat at one is distinguished and, on the contrary, the shortcoming (dry hair) at others is observed.

The development reasons can be sebaceous glands of excess amount of fat a little:

  • excessive amount of hormones (at early age);
  • hormonal violations (at any age);
  • malfunctions in work of nervous system (including a stress and the latent stress);
  • diseases or problems with a GIT;
  • presence at an organism of any infection;
  • unbalanced food (shortage of vitamins, diet);
  • continuous influence of external aggressive factors (Wednesday, weather conditions).
Folk remedies from dandruff and an itch of the head

Fat seborrhea of a hairy part of the head

These are the global reasons. We are capable "to help" developing of fat seborrhea also own daily actions:

  • use of the hair dryer (heated air provokes formation of scales of dandruff);
    incorrectly picked up shampoos and means;
  • frequent combing (massage, stimulation of sebaceous glands);
  • washing of the head too strongly heated water (as well as hot air, increases office of scales).

How to struggle with fat seborrhea in house conditions

The first step – clarification

It is necessary to begin with selection of the correct cosmetics. The careful combined leaving is necessary. If an oily hair plus dandruff, means have to be the corresponding range.

That to pick up shampoo, it is necessary to analyse head fat content type:

  1. At roots fat, on all hair of normal fat content.
  2. On all hair and at roots – fat.
  3. At roots fat, on all hair – dry.

After that shampoo and ukhodovy means is bought and tested during two weeks. That which gives as a result the minimum fat content for the maximum time is suitable.

By the way. Persons interested to get rid of a problem shouldn't be limited only to washing even if suitable shampoo. It is good to use except it additional curative balms and creams.

Care of oily skin of the head

Step of the second – rinsing

Well removes fat dandruff and removes the naggers of the inflamed skin rinsing after washing by broth of herbs (rosemary, a nettle, a sage, green tea, coltsfoot, a plantain, a burdock, an acorus, hop, a horsetail), lemon juice, vinegar grape or apple.

For the rinsing broth the tablespoon of a dry grass or mix on liter of usual tap water undertakes. Everything is boiled, infuses a third of hour, is filtered through a gauze.

Natural conditioner is used in the clarification final, washing away then a pure small amount or leaving to dry without washing away.

Step the third – regular masks

Before washing of the head with fat seborrhea it is recommended "degrease" slightly skin, having put a half-hour mask from a grain crumb, egg white, mustard, juice of an aloe or fermented milk products of low fat content (sour cream, fermented baked milk, kefir, curdled milk, natural yogurt).

The preliminary degreasing masks are cooked as well as medical. On one procedure every time fresh structure becomes.

  1. The rye crumb is presoaked by kefir in quantity sufficient for drawing. Proportions – 50 ml of kefir on 50 g of a crumb.
  2. White mixes up with 40 milliliters of juice of an aloe or a lemon.
  3. Add a little water and sugar or honey that "gruel" turned out to dry mustard. On 40 g of powder 20 ml of water and 20 g of sugar or 15 g of honey there are enough (honey is heavier than some sugar).
Folk remedies from dandruff and an itch of the head

Before washing of the head with fat seborrhea it is recommended "degrease" slightly skin a mask

Step the fourth – food and vitamins

Modify a food allowance. You are sure that you eat not enough fast food and the food rich with "bad" carbohydrates? Put emphasis in a diet on vegetables and fruit. Drink vitamins: zinc, iron, copper, vitamins of group B, A, E.

Natural oils at fat seborrhea

Very good means regulating a salootdeleniye, disinfecting skin and reducing an orogoveniye of epidermis is correctly picked up oil. For different problems with hair various oils are used. Them in the nature great variety. And what is necessary for you in your concrete case – choose.

Oils for treatment of hair at fat seborrhea

  1. Rosemary. From what seborrhea really disappears completely in a short space of time, so it from rosemary oil. It is the first stimulator of restoration of epidermis, besides tones up and revitalizes. With it to get rid of an itch and dandruff the look at hair always well-groomed turns out much quicker and at the same time.
  2. Tea tree. Degreasing by a tea tree – this way is known long ago. Oil of this plant – the real natural regulator of fat content. It is possible to meet him and in many cosmetics intended to save you from dandruff. Because the tea tree removes dandruff, stops obstruction of a bulb of a hair and normalizes skin regeneration.
  3. Jojoba. It is supermoistening. Oil is very popular because of the increased content of fatty acids necessary for hair. Provides with deep food as gets deep into skin, under the top layers. It is used for fat type of seborrhea to soften and reanimate a bulb of the hair injured by a fungus.
Folk remedies from dandruff and an itch of the head

Jojoba oil is a super moisturizing oil

How to apply oils

It is several ways. It is possible to apply some one, and it is possible to adopt everything and to alternate regularly.

Way first – masks

The natural basis of a mask is selected under type and requirements (problem) of hair now. Medical (radio) oil, depending on a problem is added to a basis (base, not essential oil from sesame, an olive, a sunflower, another). A ratio – on each 10 ml basic – 2-3 drops medical. To hold the oil applied on all length of hair on average 40 minutes. Then thoroughly to wash out and rinse herbs or water with addition of the same oil.

Way second – "oil" conditioner

There is no time for foty-minute masks? Then in capacity with softened (it is desirable rain) water part three-five drops of oil in two liters of warm water. It is necessary to dissolve it previously in a spoon of milk or liquid honey. This water also rinses hair.

Way third – "oil" combing

Pick up two-three options from the available oils most of which effectively affect your problem. It is possible to be limited to one, but it is more productive to combine a little. – it is regular to use the main thing. As for process, two drops of mix or one oil place on a brush and use for four-minute combing.

Folk remedies from dandruff and an itch of the head

Will get rid of fat seborrhea it is possible by means of oil combing

Slozhnosostavny masks for complex treatment of fat seborrhea

Structure No. 1

The mustard powder and liquid honey or sugar dissolved in a small amount of water. Mixes up in equal shares, it is applied on a quarter of hour.

Depending on length and density of hair the different number of structure can be necessary, on average all undertakes on 40 g (ml).

Structure No. 2

Onion (the gruel with juice grated), honey and qualitative cognac. Connect in equal parts. Keep a third of hour in the warm. The quantity is defined individually, as as a part of No. 1.

Structure No. 3

To wet fresh kernels of a filbert in unboiled water for the night, then to pound up to the kasheobrazny weight with a part of this water. Vmassirovat in skin for half an hour.

Folk remedies from dandruff and an itch of the head

The mask with a filbert helps at treatment of fat seborrhea

Structure No. 4

Gruel from a burdock root, several drops of burdock oil, a spoon of juice of onions and as much cognac undertakes. Everything mixes up and applied on a hair and head skin. It is necessary to hold a mask half an hour.

Structure No. 5

Here use juice from stalks, leaves and flowers is fresher than a nasturtium (or the crushed gruel with juice) to mix in equal shares with apple cider vinegar. Apply on a hair and head skin and to leave for 25 min.

Council. All masks are applied at first on a radical zone, then distributed on all length of hair. The head is warmed by a towel or a scarf under which the food streych-film is reeled up. Duration of procedures of half an hour to an hour. Frequency – not less than two times a week. A course – a minimum two-month, only then it is possible to tell about positive result.

Video — How to get rid of seborrhea on the head and a body

How often to wash an oily hair at seborrhea

One more topical issue: "Wash or not wash?" One experts advise "suffer" and not wash more often than once a week. Opponents say that clarification has to be carried out in process of pollution that is if grease hair became, and dandruff was formed already tomorrow, tomorrow and to wash. As well as in everything, "golden mean" is good. To wash normally every three days with water it is slightly higher than the body temperature. Dry up at the room temperature. Without need not to comb.

It is important! If all taken measures don't help, and you can't get rid of fat dandruff and an itch for a long time, you descend to the doctor. Perhaps roots of your problem – in the list of the global reasons. The trichologist will help to find them and will get rid of her.

Destruction of dry seborrhea

Like owners of an oily hair, those who suffer from their dryness and constant loose dandruff don't hurry to run to the doctor behind recommendations too. And meanwhile, dry seborrhea isn't less dangerous and fraught, than fat.

Why seborrhea dry

The reason the first – food

Improper feeding can act as the first factor. An unbalanced diet in which there are obviously not enough vitamins A and E. If hair were normal earlier and "suddenly" became dry, there was dandruff, and skin began to itch, try to use more seafood, olive oil, olives and also dairy products, pepper sweet, broccoli, pumpkin, carrots, spinach. This what you can help your hair, and at the same time and to all organism exhausted with diets (you, for certain, keep to diets, and it is unsystematic, or just incorrectly you eat) "from within". Also add to your day norm of liquid 1-2 glasses of clear water.

Folk remedies from dandruff and an itch of the head

Dry seborrhea on head skin

The reason the second – a lack of a dream

The stress can be the reason of dry seborrhea (also as well as fat). And almost for certain your dry hair "will be decorated" with dandruff if you regularly don't fill up. It is necessary to begin to get enough sleep normally, taking away on a dream not less than 8-9 hours in night-time.

The reason the third – harmful effects on hair

If fat seborrhea is more often connected with internal problems in an organism, then dry – result of external influences. For example, on the aggressive environment, dryness of air in the winter heated apartment, cold, a heat dry hair by all means will answer with emergence of dandruff. Also increase in dryness to developing of an itch can be promoted by a campaign to the "wrong" hairdresser. Not sparing waves, colourings and other similar procedures to the hair inclined to formation of dandruff, are contraindicated.

The correct care of hair at dry seborrhea

Patients with a fungus dry hair need leaving constant and careful. Besides, to keep them clean, they need to give additional food.

The first step – washing of dry hair

You shouldn't wash dry hair with dandruff an oily and normal hair shampoo at all. In your shampoo there have to be nutritious and antibacterial additives. For removal of an itch after washing you use balm. Dry hair, as well as fat, don't love too hot water. Also you shouldn't apply the "live" concentrated shampoo on hair. Make foam in palms with a small amount of water not to spoil even more alkaline balance of skin.

Besides, it is necessary to watch that on hair after washing there is no soapsuds left, and to apply the conditioner and masks on all length of hair, but not on roots.
Give preference to cosmetics without laurylsulphate, alcohol with its derivatives, parabens.

Folk remedies from dandruff and an itch of the head

Formation of dry seborrhea

Step of the second – rinsing

Herbs for dry hair at seborrhea: camomile, calendula, cornflower, St. John's Wort, birch leaves and kidneys, lavender. From these herbs separately or gathering it is necessary to cook broths for rinsing after washing as well as in a case with fat seborrhea.

For the rinsing broth it is necessary to take a tablespoon of the dried-up grass raw materials or mix of herbs on liter of usual tap water. Everything is boiled, infuses a third of hour, then broth is filtered through a gauze and used.

Step the third – masks at dry seborrhea

To normalize office of the horny layer, regular nutritious masks are necessary. It is possible to use fermented milk products of high fat content, a yolk, honey, olive oil and essential oils. As a last resort to pick up a ready nutritious mask in drugstore.

Masks prepare so. With fat fermented milk products or a yolk of egg which in this case are a basic basis honey mixes up and oil is surely added. On 50 ml of a basis 15 g of honey and 4 drops of essential oil which mixes up previously with honey there are enough. Olive oil about 20 ml undertake, and it can be added directly, without mixing with honey.

Begin to apply structure of a mask on a radical zone, then completely distribute on all hair. The head is warmed by terry or woolen fabric under which the food streych-film is reeled up. The minimum duration of the procedure – half an hour, maximum – hour. Frequency – not less than two times a week. Courses are conducted to thirty and sixty day, depending on problem degree.

Symptoms of dry seborrhea

Step the fourth – the correct drying

Hair dryers and also curling irons, irons, nippers and other "gadgets" dry hair are categorically not loved. It is necessary to use all this equipment extremely seldom. Also don't love dry hair with dandruff of intensive frequent combing.

Oils for treatment of dry seborrhea

  1. Ylang-ylang. This exotic plant gives the oil used in a big line the antiseboreynykh of means. Than the ylang-ylang is useful? Pleasant aroma, ability to disinfect skin, to remove irritation.
  2. Avocado. Avocado is superfood. Oil of a stone of avocado is saturated lecithin and vitamins D and A. For this reason it perfectly feeds hair and slows down office of scales of dandruff, reducing dryness and the naggers. It is the best of all to use effect of vitaminization which renders avocado oil on hair in the spring and in the summer. It can be rubbed in roots or to use for masks.
  3. Lavender. Lavender oil will help to solve almost all problems with hair. It is the best of all to use shampoo or the conditioner with lavender oil. And if it wasn't got, it is possible to add several drops to any shampoo independently. The lavender softens, vitaminizes, disinfects, removes inflammation.

Slozhnosostavny masks for complex treatment of dry seborrhea

Structure No. 1

To add a tablespoon of oil of castor oil to carefully shaken up yolk of one egg and as much calendula tincture on alcohol. It is put according to the general rules of application of masks.

Structure No. 2

Seeds of a plant alty pharmaceutical are filled in with oil from a peach stone that were completely covered, and are located on a steam-and-water bath. The quantity – about two tablespoons, but if you have "braids to toe", can be necessary also a handful. In half an hour extract is decanted and applied to skin for forty five minutes.

Structure No. 3

Oat flakes a quarter of a glass to trouble the following hot broth: the tablespoon of dry mix from a camomile, a sage, a nettle made in a glass of water. The received gruel is applied warm and remains on hair within half an hour.

Treatment of seborrhea

Structure No. 4

One to three to fill in honeysuckle berries with water and to cook during a quarter of hour. A compress on cotton fabric to impose the cooled broth on seboreyny sites on an hour not more often than three times a week.

Structure No. 5

As much as possible crush a fresh-gathered tansy (flowers and all plant, except roots) that uniform gruel turned out, and dilute with the essential oil suitable you, in proportions 1:4 (one part of oil on four parts of broth). Apply at first to head skin, then on all to length of hair and leave for half an hour, having wrapped up the head with a film and a towel. It is necessary to perform the procedure every two days to an absolute recovery.

Important! And when to the doctor? If all above-mentioned procedures didn't help, head skin is overdried, is shelled, "is tense", you feel discomfort. Dandruff pours continuously, hair break and look lifeless. The trichologist will appoint analyses, will establish the exact reasons and will register a course of treatment.