Gelatinous lamination of hair in house conditions

Gelatinous lamination of hair in house conditions

Hello, dear readers. Recently I watched transmission where told and showed how to make a lanimirovaniye of hair. Recipe very simple. I wanted to try this procedure. Everything for lamination at me was at home, only oil a ylang-ylang, I not to buy. More true I will order it on a primaver, I don't want to buy cheap oils. Today I will make lamination only with lavender oil. What is the lamination of hair? Lamination means smoothing of scales of hair, a covering a plenochka of each hair. In this connection hair shine, become heavier, easier give in to laying. Lamination doesn't treat hair, and only improves their appearance, does more beautiful, smooth, brilliant and well-groomed. 

If you have an important meeting, a holiday, a photoshoot, and you need to look faultlessly, then make to yourself gelatinous lamination of hair in house conditions. Not always there are time and funds for visit of beauty shops, but an exit is. Lamination very just to make houses. The recipe at me today one, but checked on itself, it I also want to share with you. All very much and very simply, now you are convinced of it.

If your hair became dim, lost natural gloss and beauty, try gelatinous lamination of hair. Besides there are masks for a hair shine which are easy for making in house conditions too.

Lamination is suitable for all types of hair. Most of all this procedure will be suitable for the brittle, thin, weakened hair, including the painted and injured hair.

The most important that you had qualitative oils. And gelatin can be bought in any shop. And as as a part of this procedure oil, it is possible to call this oil lamination of hair safely.

Rather plain ingredients will be necessary for us:

  • 5o ml. coconut oil
  • 1 drop of essential oil of a lavender
  • 2 drops of essential oil ylang-ylang
  • 1 tablespoon of gelatin
  • 3 tablespoons of warm boiled water

We fill in gelatin with warm water and we leave for 20 minutes. If in weight there are lumps, dissolve them, heating on a water bath. Gelatin needs to be dissolved as lumps of gelatin will be difficult to be combed out from hair.

Gelatinous lamination of hair in house conditions

Meanwhile it is necessary to kindle coconut oil on a water bath. Coconut oil one of mine of favourite hair oil. Coconut oil restores, feeds, protects hair. Very good and checked effect for the dry, dim, weakened hair. About coconut oil it is possible to talk for hours. If you are interested in more detailed information on coconut oil, it is possible to read article on the blog "Coconut hair oil, application ". Where you will find answers to the questions.

We mix the kindled coconut oil with gelatin. Gelatin to us will help to restore the injured hair. At the expense of the content of collagen of white gelatin envelops hair a thin plenochka.

We add essential oils to mix. I had only lavender oil therefore I added 3 droplets of lavender oil. If you have oil of a lavender and inlang-ilang, add 1 drop of oil of a lavender and 2 drops of oil a ylang-ylang. Oil a ylang-ylang gives effect of accustoming to drinking of hairs, as well as lavender oil has positive effect on hair.

Actually, I very much like essential oil of a lavender. For a long time I use it for hair. I do very plain mask of oils and oil of a lavender. Lavender oil does hair elastic, elastic, brilliant. More detailed information on oil of a lavender can be found from article "Essential oil of a lavender for hair ".

We distribute a mask evenly on hair. I want to tell that this mask was enough for me to distribute on my long hair. The double portion hadn't to be done.

We apply a mask on hair, we distribute a mask on all of lengths, it is necessary that each hair was kind of "wrapped up" with a mask. We leave a mask for 40 minutes. When you put a mask it is desirable to put on a t-shirt which isn't a pity for soiling.

On damp or to apply a mask on dry hair? I applied a mask on dry clean hair.

Gelatinous lamination of hair in house conditions

After drawing a mask we twist hair and we put on a cellophane hat, we wrap hair in a towel. Then we wash away a mask. At first wash out hair from a mask warm water. Then shampoo. I washed away a mask from hair two washings of shampoo. Somehow I read that gelatin from hair is badly washed away. I had fears, but everything passed remarkably.

The procedure of lamination of hair in house conditions is enough to be done once a month. It is enough that hair looked healthy, well-groomed and beautiful.

What wants to be noted that hair became heavier in this connection more equal that for me plus as I have curly hair and me there is a wish to level them all the time. The result after the procedure is visible at once. Hair became brilliant, smooth, more elastic, in a word, I am happy with the procedure of lamination. Make, the procedure of lamination of hair gelatin in house conditions, the result very much will please you.

And if you had questions, then suggest you to watch video how to make oil lamination where everything is in detail told and shown.