Decolorization of hair: a photo before and after how it is correct to do?

It is possible to make a decolorization of hair not only in salon, but also in house conditions.

It is the simple procedure which can be executed by means of folk or professional tools.

The greatest complexity in the course of clarification is the fragility, dryness, deterioration in appearance of hair.

The listed consequences – result of incorrectly picked up agent for the procedure.

Therefore paint for a decolorization is selected everyone individually, it is desirable to make it independently, using the natural products and national ways checked by time.

Each girl tries to avoid negative or irreversible consequences of use of this technique.

Before starting the planned enterprise, study rules of carrying out manipulation in house conditions.

Practical advice, national prescriptions and cautions will allow you to minimize a harmfulness of the procedure and also to achieve the desired result represented one photo below.

Decolorization of hair: a photo before and after how it is correct to do?

Clarification of hair on a body

Testosteron-Depotum – the main reason for body height of indumentum on all body.

To all fault a surplus of this hormone in an organism but to deal with this problem quite difficult. Shaving will only provoke growth of undesirable hair.

Decolorization of undesirable hair bulbs will be an optimal solution of a problem.

To achieve the result presented on a photo it is possible to use agents from a professional cosmetology or national prescriptions.

Reviews of folk remedies positive: they are chosen most often as they are economic also the most natural, don't do harm to an organism.

Decolorization of hair: a photo before and after how it is correct to do?

Hydroperitum – fashionable option for a decolorization of hair among compatriots.

Paint is based on Hydrogenium peroxide with urea addition, effectively decolours body hair.

It is necessary to frame structure of an agent according to the following scheme:

  • to pound two tablets of medicine Hydroperitum;
  • to pour out the received powder in water tablespoon;
  • after to add to solution of 10 drops of sal ammoniac;
  • a little baking soda to pour out in an admixture (there will be quantities on a knife end enough);
  • paint mixes up with liquid soap or shampoo, is applied on a head of hear, to sustain 15 – 20 minutes.

Prior to the procedure it is necessary to check whether you have allergy to Hydroperitum. To find it out, the received paint is applied over a wrist and time is waited.

If an hour later there is no itch or a burning sensation, so it is possible to begin a session. Apply Hydroperitum to a skin a brush or a toothbrush.

The dyscomfort is possible the first 30 minutes: the pricking, an itch, however quickly pass all symptoms.

Upon termination of the procedure it is necessary to wash away carefully an admixture, to smear the skin with the moisturizing cream or cosmetic oil.

Decolorization in a bikini zone peroxide or Hydroperitum not less effectively. Its largest advantage – retardation of body height of hair, at regular use their emergence stops at all.

The posted online responses are often mentioned the safest method of a decolorization – use of the perhydroleft ointment.

For this purpose 2 grams of 30% solution of peroxide of Hydrogenium, 12 grams of Lanolinum and the 8th Vaselinum, a liquid ammonia drop, a little bit shampoo or liquid soap are required.

The listed ingredients mix up, forming a dense meal which is applied on problem sites.

The admixture is held within an hour on a body, by thirty minutes – on a face then solution is carefully washed away.


Decolorization of locks on the head

Quite often in beauty shops don't know how it is correct to paint hair or to dilute an admixture to necessary consistence, aren't able to count proportions.

The result of such oversights is captured on a film – the red-haired girl instead of the effective blonde then the client's reviews of salon negative only. But be not upset.

As a rule, from the first attempt of the necessary effect it is difficult to achieve therefore several procedures of a decolorization become.

Decolorization of hair: a photo before and after how it is correct to do?

In this situation experts advise to use the effective powder "Blondoran":

  1. the agent is strong therefore painting is carried out seven days later after a decolorization;
  2. powder is applied, maintaining distance of 5 millimeters from roots;
  3. not to burn the head, it is necessary to watch the withstanding time specified in the instruction to drug strictly.

Unlike Hydroperitum, powder for a decolorization is suitable for hair dark and light by nature.

Paint will make hair couple tones lighter without special loss for your health.

Excellent way of clarification of hair without chemicals – honey. For this purpose admix on a spoon of salt and shampoo, wash up the received solution the head, then apply beforehand warmed flower honey on wet hair.

It is important to wash away carefully structure in ten hours after drawing. Constant use of an admixture will allow to achieve result much quicker.

Decolorization by a camomile will cost cheaper for owners of a fair hair. Harmless and soft influence of infusion of a camomile allows its use even during pregnancy and also will be useful to those who suffer from an allergy to Hydroperitum or peroxide of Hydrogenium.

In addition solution of a camomile doesn't provoke a boring, and on the contrary, softens and abirritates a skin.

Paint in the volume of 400 - 500 ml prepares. There it is necessary to fill in hot water and to pour out five tablespoons of flowers of an officinal camomile.

Solution within 4-5 hours then several times a day they need to wipe a skin in those places where it is necessary to decolour a head of hear infuses.

This procedure demands daily use, and you can see its result on a photo below.

Decolorization of hair: a photo before and after how it is correct to do?

Decolorization by cinnamon

Decolorization by cinnamon is more preferable, than Hydroperitum. Except fine aroma, cinnamon includes huge number of useful elements and vitamins (Zincum, magnesium, iron, PP, A, C).

Thanks to such structure, cinnamon powder positively influences hair:

  • body height accelerates, roots become stronger;
  • head skin is moisturized, bulbs turn out all necessary vitamins;
  • hair loss level decreases;
  • there is gloss from roots to the ends;
  • the decolorizing effect becomes perceptible.

Powder with cinnamon is used not for a decolorization, unlike solutions with Hydroperitum, and for improvement of a head of hear.

However it is necessary to be ready to the fact that paint from hair at the same time is washed away. Clarification of hair with cinnamon can be made only with natural color, a dyed hair won't manage to be lightened.

After use of a mask with cinnamon paint on hair will brighten or color of dark hair will become less saturated as is one photo lower.

Applying powder with this spice, it is necessary to consider that the result depends on color, type and structure of hair.

In some cases there are enough several procedures with cinnamon for clarification of a head of hear.

If you were lucky not so, then the procedure should be repeated several times, however you shouldn't be afraid: to a head of hear cinnamon powder won't damage.

Technology of exercise of the procedure is simple. Before beginning a decolorization of hair, them it is necessary to wash up, allow to dry up then to comb.

Further we break to causing earlier prepared structure as a part of which:

  1. conditioner or hair balm;
  2. powder with cinnamon;
  3. liquid honey.

Preparation of an admixture with cinnamon is made in ware from glass. In it put the honey warmed by means of a water bath and powder with cinnamon.

Honey has to be obligatory in the liquid state, but we don't heat, otherwise medicinal properties will evaporate. Only at the end of preparation of an admixture add balm or the conditioner.

The further technique of clarification with cinnamon has no differences with standard masks for hair.


After distribution of the clarifying mass on hair the head is wrapped in polyethylene Membranula, further the towel from above is put on, framing thermoeffect.

Forty minutes then the towel and Membranula are taken out maintain a mask, and continue to hold an admixture on the head 3,5 more hours.

On time efflux the head is washed without shampoo with warm water. The result of holding this procedure is given on a photo below

How to remove yellowness from the decoloured hair?

The question of how to remove yellowness from the decoloured hair, concerns many women.

It is much more difficult to get rid of yellowness, than to prevent its emergence.

It is difficult to decolour a dyed hair, and probability of emergence of yellowness high. Therefore consultation of the expert who will pick up the structure suitable for your type of hair is necessary.

However even if you will make painting of hair or a decolorization is correct, emergence of yellowness isn't excluded.

Its existence speaks about need of use of the agents intended for elimination of a yellow shade from hair.

There are several reasons leading to an undesirable yellow outflow:

  • staining paint of poor quality;
  • decolorization of hair dark or red;
  • use of low-quality water for washing of hair.

It is possible to remove unattractive yellowness after use of an admixture with Hydroperitum or peroxides of Hydrogenium.

To keep natural color after a decolorization – the purpose of each beauty who wishes to become the owner of a blond head of hear.

Several weeks later paint loses a gold-haired shade and color of pitch as it is represented on a photo appears.

Decolorization of hair: a photo before and after how it is correct to do?

Having resorted to the professional tools intended for this purpose it is possible to remove yellowness from hair. Best of all shampoos cope with this task.

Their structure included a violet pigment which allows to neutralize for long term yellowness from hair.

Folk remedies will also effectively remove a yellow shade from the clarified locks. It becomes by means of a honey mask which is made of flower white honey.

The hat from polyethylene is put on the head with a mask from honey. It is possible to wash away a mask in 10 hours warm water.

Except elimination of yellowness, the honey admixture adds to locks gloss, a healthy look.

It is possible to remove yellowness from hair and by means of an onions peel what report responses in Network about. Broth is applied over a head of hear, from a vertex to ends, and left for the night.

Certainly, such paint won't make a head of hear absolutely blond, but this procedure is capable to remove yellowness and to add golden gloss to hair.

As you can see, to be salvaged from yellowness of hair after manipulations on a decolorization of locks not so difficult as it seems.

However it is easier to prevent a problem, than to try in all ways to get rid of it later.

Therefore it is necessary to care constantly for hair and it is correct to look after them, then your head of hear will be an object of delight of people around!

Decolorization of hair professional and folk remedies will help to improve a condition of ringlets, to add gloss, silkiness and to remove yellowness.