Hair drop out what to do? Hair loss reasons

There is a question what to do when hair unexpectedly begin to drop out. We will survey masks which strengthen and stimulate body height of hair, namely house masks against a hair loss. Unbalanced diets lead to the fact that hair grow dull, lose gloss and begin to drop out. Hair drop out what to do? Without panic! At the first symptoms of a hair loss independently try to define the reason of their abaissement.

There is a mass of procedures for care of the hair subject to abaissement which can be done in beauty shops and in house conditions.

Hair drop out what to do? Hair loss reasonsNormal at the person about 100 hair a day drop out. To understand whether it is necessary to sound the alarm, the easy way will help. Take fingers a thin lock of hair and slightly pull. If in an arm there were no more than 2 hairs, everything is all right. If it is more, it is necessary to take measures urgently. The hair loss is rather widespread problem not only among women, but also among men. Precisely to define the most important at a hair loss what character this process has.

It isn't enough who remains indifferent, seeing a part of own head of hear which remained on a pillow or clothes. What to do if hair began to leave the head in frightening quantities? You shouldn't panic. If, of course, you don't deal with a pathological baldness, or an alopecia (hair completely drop out on all head or separate zones). Ideally the expert has to find out the reason of this trouble. But at once we will make a reservation: in this article it will be a question of a temporary hair loss.

The hair loss can be caused by both the external, and internal reasons. Improper feeding, in particular, the diets which were so loved by women concerns the first. The hair follicles deprived of nutrients perish before the put term. The disadvantage of vitamins C, B5, B6, PP and a gland, Zincum, calcium and magnesium badly affects a condition of roots of hair. But even if the daily ration abounds with vitamins, smoking, alcohol and reception of some medicines can interfere with their assimilation.

Often hair begin to drop out activly after change of a hormonal background. At women usually it is bound to pregnancy, abortions, use of contraceptive pills, a menopause and also to some diseases of endocrine organs. Any problems with health immediately affect a head of hear.

Various stresses possess potent "anti-hair" action: sharp loss of weight, use of a narcosis at operation, emotional experiences (the hair loss begins in 1-2 months after a stress). Perniciously differences of temperatures therefore you shouldn't forget about a headdress in cold season work. The hair loss can be also put genetically

First main reason of a hair loss. In the top layer of the head the special type of hormones can collect: dihydrotestosterone. Because of it the hair can strongly drop out. Such problem meets more often at men as at them this hormone is produced quicker. In this case often in a dream hair drop out. The increased amount of this hormone in most cases heriditary. Often, if in family of the man grow bald early, then this illness passes from father to son. But also at women hair because of hormonal failure can drop out. Only this failure is bound to the sexual sphere: the beginning of sex life, after the delivery hair, in connection with a menopause and so forth strongly drop out. It can be also bound to female gynecologic diseases or to other problems in an organism (adrenals, Diabetum, endocrine disturbances etc).

As the second reason of a baldness it is possible to call chemical influence. Here environmental pollution, radiation, atmospheric emissions etc belongs. In this case hair drop out with a bulb. Of course, here first of all the chemotherapy from which you won't get to anywhere if found cancer belongs. Also bulbs are adversely affected by various medicinal preparations, for example, antibiotics, some hormonal drugs. Therefore in most cases diseases it is better to refuse whenever possible acceptance of medicinal preparations, especially without appointment of the doctor. From it not only hair will get out, but also all organism will suffer.

Often stresses which accompany us all life are the reasons of a hair loss. Stresses happen at work, in family. At the same time not only nerves and emotions, but also all organism in general suffer. And all these stresses are reflected in a condition of hair: they begin "to leave" the head. It is necessary to struggle with stresses. Not to pay attention to trifles, to learn to treat calmly any problems. It is possible to help itself the abirritating grasses.

Treatment of a hair loss

Hair drop out what to do? Hair loss reasons Experts don't advise at a hair loss to self-medicate. In most cases the reasons internal therefore it is necessary to undergo diagnostics of an organism. If the disease is found, then it is necessary to treat it, but not hair.

The modern medicine offers some of very effective ways of treatment of a baldness. Here only some of them.

Treatment of a hair loss in house conditions

Contents of a plate (diet)

Carry out audit of the daily ration. It has to contain in enough a squirrel and iron. Hair will be grateful if to include in a delivery low-fat fowl, fast beef, bean, cottage cheese, vegetables and fruit in unlimited number. You shouldn't forget also about Polyvitaminums especially as modern producers offer special complexes for hair.


Many consider that it is only a way to give to a hairstyle an accurate look. And in vain! Correctly picked up brush softly massages head skin, improves a circulation that well influences hair bulbs. To achieve effect, several minutes a day are necessary (especially before going to bed) to comb hair diversely.

Shampoos and balms

In vain some mistrustfully treat the inscription "Strengthening" on hair care products. Many substances which are contained in them are capable to reduce really or even to stop a hair loss. For example, extract of a ginseng stimulates vital signs of cells of the head, does hair stronger and strong. Also for a delivery and strengthening of hair it is necessary to choose agents with pantenony and jojoba oil, and RR vitamin as well as possible is suitable for stimulation of a hair bulb.

It is useful to apply the stimulating shampoos with extract of a neetle, a camomile, Mentholum, to painted — with a protein and extract of a horse-chestnut. And vitamin E will help to protect roots from free radicals. At a hair loss you shouldn't abuse various agents for laying even if they "are enriched with vitamins".

Folk remedies for treatment of a hair loss

Well proved folk remedies in strengthening of hair. Masks on the basis of a burdock root are considered as the most effective. An easy way - to fill in two tablespoons of a root with boiled water and to heat on slow fire within half an hour. The cooled-down broth to filter and rinse it the head after washing.

Masks with onions strengthen hair not worse, but because of a persistent specific smell don't enjoy popularity. Take vegetable oil, onions juice, the warmed honey (all on one tablespoon) and 1 yolk. After mixing the mass is rubbed in roots of hair. Then the head is recommended to be wound with a towel and to leave a mask for 30-40 minutes. If to repeat the procedure two times a week, the result will be noticeable in 3 months. To get rid of an onion smell, it is enough to add to water for rinsing a drop of perfume.

Not bad mild rubbing in of table salt in roots of the washed-up hair strengthens hair.

The warming cognac mask is good: a cognac tablespoon, an egg yolk, a honey dessertspoon, and a little vegetable oil (at dry hair). To rub in roots and to distribute on all length of hair, to leave for 30 minutes. Then to wash away shampoo and to rinse with boiled water with lemon juice.

You shouldn't forget also about herbs: to make a St. John's Wort, a sage, a neetle, an immortelle (peer parts) in a thermos, to leave for 4 hours, then to add henna before formation of a uniform meal, to apply for 30 minutes on hair before washing.

Perfectly strengthens hair and usual henna – a favourite agent of lovers of red shades. But it isn't necessary to hold henna on hair more than an hour: it can overdry hair.

Mask from a hair loss in house conditions

It is possible to use this mask regularly. Treatment term: 1 month. 

helps from a hair loss

it is serious to wash away, time expenditure


So, we need to take on 1 tablespoon:

  • Burdock oil
  • Castor oil
  • Camphoric oil
  • Vitamin A (liquid)
  • Almond oil (instead of it it is possible to take any other, for example, grape, either parsley oil, or any other, won't be worse)
  • Dimexidum
  • plus to steam of ampoules with vitamin B (it is Solutio oleosa, it is convenient to take him in the syringe and to squeeze out in the general admixture)

We admix everything and we put on a water bath to get warm. To cool to room temperature. We cover with an old towel shoulders, and it is better - a rag which is then not a pity for throwing out. We rub this admixture in head skin. We put on the head a package, from above - something warm, unnecessary and old. Unnecessary and old is because the admixture can leak and soil this warmest. To go at least 1 hour, is possible more. We do all this a minimum within 1 month, once a week. More - it is possible, it is less - uselessly, you will only spend the time and nerves.

How to look after hair that they didn't drop out?

Hair drop out what to do? Hair loss reasons To help your hair, to make them strong and healthy, it is necessary to follow some rules in their leaving. For example, the brush has to be only from a natural bristle. It is impossible to use hairbrushes and massage brushes with metal denticles. They can wound head skin, and in most cases tear hair.

It is necessary to comb hair not less than five minutes. It is in addition useful to do massage of the head. In this case it is necessary to hang the head below that the blood flowed to bulbs of hair. To mass finger-tips to pass five. For health of hair it is necessary to eat properly. The products rich with vitamin E are useful. it is necessary to limit salty products, smoked, tinned.

Remember that dirty hair drop out more often than clean. Therefore don't allow them to become soiled too. Dermal fat promotes a hair loss. Hair can be washed rather often. It is only necessary to select the sparing shampoos on natural herbs. Don't use others hairbrush and don't give anybody the. From others hair it is possible to pick up different illnesses.