Hair after keratin straightening drop out: what to do?

Hair after keratin straightening drop out: what to do? About results after keratin straightening many have already heard a lot. Masters promise that hair will become smooth and obedient, and the so-called effect of the iron has to last not less than three months. Some even say that after several such procedures, hair to be straightened forever.

After women began to do procedures of a keratin hair straightening in network began to appear not only positive, but also it is a lot of negative responses. The matter is that women began to notice a plentiful hair loss after the procedure.

About the procedure

In general, the keratin represents, fibrillar protein in which mechanical durability is inherent and it is one of the main components of fingernails and ringlets. When in the course of the development a hair loses a part of a keratin, with it also vital forces leave. The ringlet becomes fragile and very sensitive to any mechanical influences. Loss of a keratin happens in the main ambassador of strong chemical or mechanical impacts on a head of hear. The keratin performs function of solution which fills all defects in external structure of a hair.

In network it is possible to find a huge number of sets by means of which it is possible to do independently the procedure of a keratin hair straightening directly at home. If you are incompetent in holding this procedure, then it is better for you to entrust the hair to skillful arms of the professional differently you simply risk to spoil to yourself a head of hear.

How there is a procedure of straightening?

How the master will do you the procedure of straightening can be described in the following sequence.

  1. Careful comb-out of a head of hear.
  2. Washing of hair keratin shampoo after which hair flakes will open.
  3. Accurate drying by a towel.
  4. Hair dry up in the natural way.
  5. Drawing on hair of special structure for keratin straightening which lasts not less than half an hour.
  6. After rubbing in of a keratin in ringlets, a head of hear dry by means of the hair dryer, referring then warm air from roots of hair to their ends.
  7. Further, there is a lamination of a hair by means of a stayler. At the same time affect ringlets with the device warmed up to 230 ° C that the keratin was fixed in hairs.

After carrying out such straightening for three days it isn't recommended to wash the head. Further, it is possible to wash hair only with bessulfatny shampoo.

Why there can be an alopecia after straightening?

Hair after keratin straightening drop out: what to do? If in details to understand, then during straightening the master will do nothing supernatural, so, why then at some girls the expected result isn't achieved, and hair drop out? We will try to understand this process in more detail.

  1. The inept master who can make mistakes in holding a procedure is considered the main reason because of which after keratin straightening at you abaissement of ringlets can begin.
  2. The management of salon made the decision to do this procedure, using the cheapest materials and agents. Even in arms of the skillful master cheap and low-standard agents which incorporate a lot of chemistry won't bring you the expected effect. Some producers, to do cheaper production use an artificial keratin. Pay attention to structure of an agent which the master is going to apply you on hair – in it there have to be not less than 40 percent of the protein extracted from hair of sheep, and the quantity of a formic aldehyde can't be more than 0,2%.
  3. The hair loss can cause as well economy of salon on the client. Then the master can use qualitative materials, but save on their quantity. If hairs are insufficiently well processed by a keratin, then at heat treatment they will be injured.
  4. The master made a mistake and picked up too high temperature of the iron or too tightened time of holding a procedure of straightening because of what hair were strongly injured.
  5. The woman had an allergic reaction to components.

Myths about a keratin

We will survey the most popular female delusions on a subject of a keratin hair loss and we will try to answer them.

From a keratin hairs climb

Among the fair sex the opinion lives that under keratin weight hair become much more serious and hair follicles simply don't maintain over time such load and drop out. Cosmetologists and trichologists claim too that it is the most present story as hair follicles quite strong and are capable to maintain quite impressive loads. There was yet no case that the master so overloaded with a keratin a hair that it led to its abaissement. If already to tell about a load on hair it – during washing hair triple the weight at the expense of water, but they from it don't drop out. Hair after keratin straightening drop out: what to do?

It is impossible to bind a hair loss to a keratin as it isn't applied neither on hair bulbs, nor on a head epithelium. It affects only a hair on all its length.

But a keratinirovaniye it is impossible to stop an alopecia at all. If at you hair drop out, then look for the true reason of this phenomenon, perhaps, it is a stress or an avitaminosis, it will be just ideal if you descend to the trichologist. The keratin, of course, will give quite impressive cosmetic effect, but won't cure of an alopecia.

If several times in a year to do keratin straightening, then hair will be leveled forever and will grow straight lines

This statement is wrong at least because keratin straightening can't affect to the geneticist of the person. When in a head of hear after several procedures a lot of keratin collects, the effect of this procedure will melt more long, but curly hair nevertheless won't begin to grow straight lines as it isn't peculiar to them by nature.

After keratin straightening there came the baldness

It is possible only if you get to the bad master who will be overzealous with the iron.

The keratin has negative effect on a head of hear

The similar statement is quite possible, in cases if the master put not enough keratin, badly worked some sites of hair, used a keratin of doubtful quality.

If to cease to do keratin straightening, then the head of hear will become worse, than was prior to the procedures.

It is the myth it is possible to bind to the fact that to good quickly you get used. After straightening hair become as at models of glossy magazines. If to stop doing these procedures, then in several months the keratin in hair will be lost and they will take an original form, again will become disobedient, porous, fluffy.

After passing of the procedure of keratin hair straightening it is possible to use only company shampoo

Naturally, each manufacturing firm will make everything that their care products found popularity, but isn't obligatory to buy their shampoos at all. The main thing that your detergent was without sulfates and how many it costs - it is your personal record.

If the woman to stop doing a keratinirovaniye, then at her the grown roots will be strongly evident

It is impossible because a keratin – not the chemistry and is washed away gradually therefore no sharp contrasts in structure of a hair will exist.

After keratin hair straightening it is impossible to make curls

One more incorrect statement. Hair after keratin hair straightening can be set easily in ringlets, but it isn't recommended to come with them to wet weather as because of a large number of a keratin they "will want" to become straight lines.