Hair drop out: what blood tests to hormones are prescribed by the trichologist

In this article I will tell in a toyeriya what analyses are usually prescribed at a hair loss. I don't recommend to you to make tests! See a doctor — he will tell you: if hair what naliza to hand over drop out.

The analysis of hair at abaissement

Many patients ask questions which concern a subject of a hair loss and analyses:

  • what to begin clarification of the reasons of process of abaissement with?;
  • what are necessary analyses for definition of a problem of loss of hair?;
  • whom to address for consultation at a hair loss? etc.

Diagnostics at a hair loss is a first step in treatment. Assignment to a research needs to be been given at your treating trichologist.

Treatment of a hair loss begins with survey when the doctor obtains information on a condition of the patient (hair and head skin). Poll of the patient allows the doctor to draw conclusions on a series of factors which are necessary for purpose of analyses at a hair loss, diagnosis and drawing up the program of treatment. In particular, the trichologist needs to know about you the following:

Hair drop out: what blood tests to hormones are prescribed by the trichologist

Remember that to prescribe analyses and treatment only the doctor can!

  • whether there is a risk of heriditary loss of hair;
  • what diseases you had recently;
  • whether there were reasons for a severe nerve strain, a stress;
  • as you eat;
  • as you look after hair (shampoos, masks, agents for laying).

After the collecting of the anamnesis the doctor refers the patient to make tests at a hair loss. What researches will be necessary for the doctor? All individually.

What to make tests at a hair loss?

Inspection at a hair loss should be begun with the general blood test. This point concerns both women and men. Also the doctor can refer to make biochemical blood test which will give a full picture about state of your health.

Representatives of both sexes should make ultrasound examination of a thyroid gland.

Women at a hair loss need to make tests at the gynecologist-endocrinologist. In 75% of cases abaissement is caused by an imbalance of hormones.

Blood test on hormones at a hair loss is usually made in the following parameters:

If at you hair strongly drop out, the reasons can be bound to any internal diseases (a diabetes mellitus, an enlargement of the thyroid gland, anemia, illnesses of adrenals, etc.), a disadvantage of vitamins, harmful chemical effects.

  • T3, T4, TTG;
  • Prolactinum;
  • FSG;
  • LG;
  • free Testosteron-Depotum;
  • Progesteronum;
  • DGEA-S.

At a hair loss blood test on syvorotnochny iron will show existence of anemia which also provokes process of loss of hair.

The hair loss reasons or why hair at women drop out

These are not the just next councils, not the just next article. On this page, including in comments, we will try to understand root causes of a hair loss, to find a way out, to help each other.

Root causes — complex and sometimes unexpected.

Therefore after reading of this page and comments study all articles of the website. At you will leave for this some time, but it is better, than to grow bald.

Hair drop out: what blood tests to hormones are prescribed by the trichologist

The good trichologist will establish the reasons and will prescribe effective treatment

In general, every day we lose from several tens to one hundred hair, sometimes it is slightly more therefore when we find the next dropped-out hair on a pillow or clothes, not always we attach it great value. "It is necessary "to drink vitaminchik", to get enough sleep, lead a healthy lifestyle, to do more often a good mask for hair, and everything will pass", – we abirritate ourselves …

But, unfortunately, for many women the hair loss problem imperceptibly turns into a real crash when from a magnificent head of hear there are only thinned locks. Not without reason at women's forums discussion of a morbid problem of a baldness is so popular now. Let's try though a little bit to understand this difficult subject, without advertizing lies and myths.

Hidden problems of health

Problems with hair – the certificate of that in an organism something not as it should be. Not without reason the beauty actress Catherine Zeta Jones says that beautiful hair are inconceivable without good health: "If hair became dim and fragile, then tell them thanks that they warn you about danger". What to tell about plentiful abaissement!

So you don't hurry to run in shop of cosmetics and to buy up various agents from abaissement and for improvement of body height of hair, etc. – first of all, it is worth dealing with common problems of health.

Of course, will look for a needle in a haystack absolutely not easy. But for a start it will be quite good to address the therapist and to make all main tests. Among the main reasons for a hair loss there are problems with a stomach and an intestine, including dysbacteriosis. More serious deviations can wait for you at the level of endocrine system. It is worth checking without fail a thyroid gland and sex hormones. The hidden enemy can be found and in the field of gynecology – any infection in an organism is ready to affect density of your head of hear.

However the reason of loss of hair can be and absolutely in another therefore read this article completely, attentively and thoughtfully.

Hair drop out: what blood tests to hormones are prescribed by the trichologist

The reasons of strong loss of hair can be much

Chronic or temporary abaissement?

The reasons of strong loss of hair can be much. Also it is necessary to consider whether is temporary given a disease or already became chronic. The most frequent reason of a hair loss at women – hormonal disturbances.

It can be both diseases, and result of intake of hormonal drugs, for example, of contraceptives. Antibiotics, a chemotherapy can lead to a hair loss too. But in this case and also after pregnancy, hair are usually independently restored.

Even abuse of salty taste in a delivery can cause a focal alopecia and a baldness, it was noticed still in the ancient time.

Full baldness?!

The hair loss can be and irreversible when bulbs atrophy. Many women faced such awful problem as an androgenic alopecia. This scary phrase can mean both serious hormonal reorganizations in an organism, and genetically caused abaissement and a thinning of hair.

One pleases: the baldness at women doesn't happen full, unlike men. It is simply impossible to deal with this problem independently – it is necessary to see a doctor – only not to that which from the word "lie".

Trikhologichesky approach

Doctors who are engaged in treatment of hair are called trichologists. If earlier we knew nothing about such experts, then today female magazines even more often recommend to us to address trichologists. Than these mysterious people can help us and whether can?

Trichologists of good clinic or laboratory will carry out diagnostics of a condition of hair, head skin, hair bulbs. They will survey a hair and a bulb under a microscope, will measure thickness of a hair and will depict to you the general situation with hair. It is quite possible that you incorrectly looked after hair and didn't even think of what type of hair at you, type of head skin and of other important questions which can indirectly influence abaissement too.

Therefore inspection at the good and honest trichologist can significantly facilitate to you life and give the hint that it is better to choose from the extensive range of agents from a hair loss and for care of them. But …

Trikhologichesky lies. First try, then trust!"

It isn't so simple to find the good trichologist. Today beauty is a sphere of business and the industry of earning of larger money therefore many "experts", unfortunately, are aimed only at receiving profit. As a result, can offer you very expensive treatment moreover and without guarantees because here they can't just be.

Hair drop out: what blood tests to hormones are prescribed by the trichologist

You approach responsibly the choice of the treating vrcha

Many clinics convince of efficiency them methods of treatment of a hair loss. It can be nyxes of vitamins B head skin, massage, rubbing in of lotions and special agents.

All this is very expensive and often not really effective. Often it turns out that a true problem of a hair loss as already became perceptible, consists in something absolutely another. The good expert has to, first of all, help you to deal with health, to try to establish the reason, to refer on analyses.

Sometimes good experts can be found at department of dermatology of medical schools.

And anyway, you should take of such method as massage of the head (having considered contraindications) advantage to improve inflow of a blood to hair. Works very strongly.


One of the frequent reasons of a hair loss are problems with head skin, namely a seborrhea. We will try to sort what a misfortune.

The seborrhea is a misoperation of sebaceous glands therefore appear a dandruff, oily skin of the head, an ecdysis, an itch and even a psoriasis. The seborrhea happens dry or fat, but also that, and another can lead to a baldness, loss of hair. If pores are clogged up, the bulb can't normally function, and hair slowly become thinner.

The same problems in an organism, but, perhaps, and just wrong care of a head of hear can be the cause of these troubles. Anyway, agents for care of a skin and hair should be changed.

At the same time consider one simple reference: wash the head with warmish water. From hot water the condition of hair and vision can worsen. It concerns the electric hair dryer too: either don't use it, or you keep at arm's length centimeters 20 from hair or more.

Don't trust "magic" agents

Hair drop out: what blood tests to hormones are prescribed by the trichologist

At problems with hair first of all it is necessary to diagnose a sostoayaniye of all organism

Today it is possible to find a huge number of "miracle" agents which "will cure" us of everything on light in drugstores. However before listening to councils of unfortunate druggists or advertisers and to hasty buy "magic" shampoos and lotions, it is better to make the investigation after all. It makes sense to discuss an agent necessary to you with the doctor to whom you trust.

Besides, useful will be to ask on advantage of this or that agent for treatment of hair at acquaintances and also to look for information on agents on the Internet and to glance on couple of forums to read responses and councils of allies in misfortune. Anyway what to you was offered, don't trust "magic" agents – try to analyze, look for information in different sources, the benefit in them a disadvantage isn't felt today. With some agents, on sale in drugstore and activly advertized, it is necessary to be especially careful!

Agents which contain I minoksidit it (or I pinotsidit also diazoxide) and can really stimulate body height of hair. However with the reception termination the gained effect can be lost!

Besides, reaction of different people to similar agents differs. At someone hair begin to drop out even stronger … Thus, with "miracle" agents it is necessary to be very much and very careful.

To grow thin and bald?!

All of us want to be slender as girls on covers of magazines, and even terrifying stories about attrition of models not always stop us on the way to treasured leanness. However you shouldn't forget that good hair – one of the main advantages of any beautiful woman, and incorrectly following a way of starvation, we risk to lose this trump.

Sharp weight reduction, malnutrition – especially at early age – all this simply can't but be reflected in a condition of hair. Therefore before going on a diet, it is better to consult with the doctor, otherwise results can be deplorable.

The most secret reason

Hair drop out: what blood tests to hormones are prescribed by the trichologist

Sharp weight reduction, malnutrition – especially at early age – all this simply can't but be reflected in a condition of hair

Not smaller harm to our hair is done by a stress. Depressions, experiences, dejectedness – all this can affect a condition of our head of hear very strongly. Sometimes ourselves don't guess communication of a hair loss and the postponed misfortune because hair begin to drop out not right after the endured shock, and in a month - another or even later.

For this reason if you faced a problem of a severe hair loss, first of all, sit down and think what bad occurred in your life for the last year. Any doctor won't be able to help you if you don't recover from sincere wounds. How to be in this situation?

It is worth being engaged seriously in auto-training, yoga, sport, a healthy lifestyle, a self-regulation. Learn to control yourself and the emotions, then with appearance and health of problems won't be!

To a poredeniye of hair or a baldness of men the relation rather quiet, but for the woman is the present tragedy. To stop this process and to return itself a dense and beautiful head of hear, first of all it is necessary to know the reason of a female baldness because of which there was a problem. Therefore analyses at a hair loss is the first and obligatory step on the way to a recovery.

Whether it is worth seeing a doctor at a hair loss?

Hair drop out at all and always, it is normal. Normal any person in days loses several tens hair (is 100 a norm), and problems begin when this digit is considerably enlarged.

Analyses at a hair loss

That to determine by the arms whether it is time to sound the alarm, clip a small lock between fingers and slightly pull it. If in it there were more than six hairs, don't postpone a visit to clinic of treatment of hair.

Hair loss reasons

Hair drop out: what blood tests to hormones are prescribed by the trichologist

The trichologist at first will prescribe to you the minimum package of analyses

Many of us, having noticed a poredeniye of hair, and without doctor can tell why it occurred. At women the long diet depriving an organism of necessary vitamins and minerals, pregnancy, feeding by a breast, frequent experiments with a staining, decolouration, building or a wave can be the cause.

In such cases instruction one: it is necessary to change urgently approach to care of hair, to adjust a delivery and a day regimen, to get enough sleep, not to be nervous. Or just to wait when returns to normal a hormonal background, carrying out the simple supporting and feeding roots of hair of the procedure.

But also serious diseases, failure in work of an organism, heriditary factors can be the cause of an alopecia. And in such cases it is necessary to know what tests to make at a hair loss that treatment was effective.

Analyses at a hair loss will help to find or exclude the following pathological processes:

  • inflammatory, infectious, fungic diseases;
  • disturbances of a hormonal background;
  • disturbances of bacteriemic balance in digestive tract;
  • failure in immune system etc.

Only having analysed results of researches, the doctor will be able to develop the correct scheme of treatment.

Reception of the expert of the trichologist

As the price of full clinical inspection is rather high, it is desirable to visit before it the experienced expert who after survey and a conversation will prescribe only the most necessary researches, having excluded not informative in your case.

On primary reception the trichologist has to interview the patient, having found out the following data:

Hair drop out: what blood tests to hormones are prescribed by the trichologist

The doctor does a trikhogramma by means of the special video camera allowing to define density of hair

  • character and duration of a hair loss;
  • presence of condanguinity relatives with similar problems;
  • existence of diseases known to the patient;
  • sleep pattern and rest;
  • eating habits;
  • working conditions;
  • methods of care of hair.

On the basis of such poll it is already possible to exclude or to opposite find the problem reason.

After that the doctor examines the patient's head at first visually to estimate quality and intensity of loss of hair and to exclude existence of a fungus of hair or dermatologic diseases. Then does a trikhogramma by means of the special video camera allowing to define density of hair.


If the obtained information isn't enough, the doctor will refer you to narrow experts for confirmation of the diagnosis – to the endocrinologist, the neurologist, the gynecologist, the gastroenterologist. Then he already precisely will know what tests to make if hair strongly drop out.

The list of analyses at a hair loss

Among the researches prescribed in such cases is obligatory and additional. The first are prescribed to exclude serious violations in work of an organism, the second – if need to be confirmed suspicions of the doctor concerning existence of concrete diseases.

Treat obligatory analyses:

  1. The general blood test at a hair loss allowing to determine hemoglobin level. Women because of the physiological features are inclined to anemia (to lowering of the level of a hemoglobin in a blood) which can be the main reason for a problem. And rising of quantity of leucocytes indicates existence of internal inflammatory process.
  2. Blood test on existence of infections. Hair can drop out against the background of the parasites developing in an organism emitting harmful waste products.

The structure and quality of a blood give the fullest information on a condition of an organism.

  1. Biochemical blood test is prescribed for assessment of level of iron, a magnesium, a calcium and other important trace substances necessary for normal formation and body height of hair. He allows to learn how the liver and kidneys works whether they are struck with degenerative or inflammatory processes.

These researches are prescribed by the trichologist anyway. If they are normal, it will refer you to other experts who can also advise what tests to make — if hair drop out.

For example, the endocrinologist depending on results of preliminary survey will refer on:

  1. The analysis on the level of hormones of a thyroid gland – T4 (thyroxine), TTG (thyritropic), T3 (trijodtironin). Their excess leads to loss of hair, and a disadvantage – to weakening and disturbance of structure.

US of a thyroid gland at a hair loss

Unsatisfactory results – an occasion to make and other analyses.

As there is also a hormonal hair loss, it is necessary to make the test on hormones – Prolactinum, Testosteron-Depotum, Progesteronum, FSG and others. At disturbance of their normal level or a ratio besides loss of hair there are such problems as an excessive pilosis, an acne eruption, disturbances of a menstrual cycle and even sterility.

Also can be necessary a spectral analysis of structure of hair for determination of content in them various trace substances, the head skin biopsy taping fungic infections and other laboratory researches.

What tests to make at a hair loss, the doctor has to solve. Only he can develop treatment planning on the basis of the obtained data indicating the alopecia reason. If it isn't bound to a serious disease, standard therapeutic procedures will help to return beautiful ringlets.

Remember that in time the made analyses are a chance to find illness at an early stage when it more simply and quicker gives in to treatment.