Mask for hair with mustard: useful properties of habitual sauce

Mask for hair with mustard: useful properties of habitual sauce

Girls – the people unpredictable. They at first buy to themselves superexpensive shampoos with the purpose to save the thinning head of hear, and later fall into the mode of the most strict economy, devastating the refrigerator to make a mask for hair according to national recipes. And the last aspect is most entertaining. It seems that our young ladies seriously believe that any product found in kitchen is capable to turn usual average hair into a magnificent lion's mane. Cleverer women after all decide to glance in the reference book and to take into consideration some information before doing a mask.

And it is correct. Often happens that in one case means helps with a problem, and in another it is absolutely powerless (if doesn't harm). Therefore close the refrigerator so far and listen to couple of councils how to make hair stronger. Though that it at you in hands? Mustard? Great. Then we will tell you about how the usual mask for hair could save not one maiden hairstyle from mustard. We is serious. Mustard is not only seasoning "with character", but also excellent cosmetic. Now we will prove it to you.

Mask for hair with mustard: useful properties of habitual sauce

Mustard: precautionary measures

Knowing that not all girls read up information up to the end, we decided to take out the most important aspects of house cosmetology in the beginning of article. So, what it is necessary to know before applying a mustard mask on hair?

  1. If you have a dry or sensitive head skin, it is necessary to refuse mustard. The same concerns also the girls inclined to an allergy. How to understand that you belong to the last category of women? It is enough to apply a small amount of ready mix on the palm back. If skin in 5 minutes remained in a fine state (I didn't redden or, even worse, I didn't become covered by blisters), so the mustard mask suits you and it is possible to begin operation on rescue of hair. Only you don't hurry to knead ingredients, read up article up to the end.
  2. The mustard mask provides use only of mustard powder, but not usual food mustard. We advise those to whom laziness to go to shop or who just decided to look at this condition through fingers to read structure of ready mustard sauce on packing. Are sure that you will easily find ingredients which aren't used in cosmetology in the long list. We aren't going to eat a mask for hair, truly? So why to you amplifiers of taste and a smell on hair? Besides, some substances which are a part of prepared mustard can damage a hair bulb. We don't think that you would like it. Therefore it is better to make one more effort and to come into shop especially as business won't be limited to one mustard powder.
  3. Let's say that you already bought mustard powder and all necessary ingredients for a mask (according to the recipe, but not by the principle "that remained in the refrigerator"). Now it is a high time to cook mix for strengthening of hair. Very important indicator – water which you trouble a mask. Its temperature shouldn't be too high. Many girls, having remembered experiment on a henna zavarivaniye boiled water, fill in with hot water mustard — and are mistaken. As mustard powder under the influence of boiled water emits toxic agents which (as you already, probably, and guessed) negatively influence hair.
  4. Now we will talk about time of action of a mask. Mustard mix – a thing rather delicate. She can both save you from baldness, and to burn head skin. For this purpose it is enough to overdo a mask only. No, burning is not only admissible norm for mustard, but also a necessary condition. However you have to understand that if the mask for hair brings you strong discomfort, it means that it is time to wash away its. Otherwise gain absolutely opposite effect.
  5. But until time of action of a mask passed, we advise to use a hat for a shower or just to roll up the head a cellophane package. And business at all not that mustard in such conditions will better work (though it is the truth too), and that similar mix shouldn't get into eyes. What will be if after all mix gets on eyelids? Then we advise to wash out eyes warm water.
  6. Cosmetologists advise not to carry out the procedure on clean hair. Agree that a mustard mask – the thing rather active, and to your hair won't prevent additional protection in the form of a grease cover.
  7. So, the alarm clock rang out, and it is time for you to wash away a mask. Remarkably. Only don't forget to include warm water instead of hot. Do you remember how high temperature affects mustard?

Than mustard is useful to hair

Agree, it is impossible to give recipes of masks for hair, without having explained previously all advantages of the used ingredient. Therefore it is a high time to talk about what wonderful properties mustard has.

First, mustard stimulates growth of hair. So if you want to grow a braid as at Rapunzel, stock up with mustard powder. Secondly, similar masks effectively treat baldness. Easy burning (which mustard provides) strengthens inflow of blood to hair bulbs, and those in turn receive necessary food which, most likely, lacked follicles earlier (it is the most common cause of baldness — a lack of food). Thirdly, mustard normalizes work of sebaceous glands. That is owners of an oily hair can replace daily washing of the head with a weekly mustard mask. Especially as mustard perfectly absorbs surplus of fat on skin and hair. As you can see, advantages weight. Now it is worth sounding numerous ways of treatment of head skin by means of mustard powder.

Mask for hair with mustard: useful properties of habitual sauce

Mustard for hair: recipes

Mustard in cosmetology — ingredient rather universal. It is applied both to production of masks, and when washing the head. We will talk to you about all methods of rescue of a head of hear by means of mustard.

The fastest way of return to hair of live gloss and force is, of course, mustard rinsing. For this purpose it is enough to part 2 tablespoons of mustard powder in a basin with warm water and to rinse with the received mix already clean hair. Add lemon half juice to mustard mix, and you will be able to enhance effect of curative rinsing. But this way is relevant for those whose hair already dense and strong. If your hair began to drop out with the doubled force, it is better to carry out after all complex treatment of head skin, one of components of which will be a mustard mask. Recipes of this means there is great variety. We will acquaint you with the most effective of them.

Mustard mask with burdock oil

For preparation of this mask we will need 2 tablespoons of warm water, as much mustard powder, 2 teaspoons of sugar (be only not overzealous because depends on sugar how burning will be a mix), 1 egg yolk, 2 tablespoons burdock (it is possible olive) oils. If you have oily hair, advise to increase a dose of mustard powder. Mix all ingredients, apply on dirty hair (this requirement surely, especially if you do a mustard mask for the first time). Leave mix to work 15 minutes. At once we warn that this mustard mask quite burning so it is necessary to suffer a little.

The mustard mask simplified

It is, perhaps, the simplest of all mustard masks. You need to dilute only mustard powder with warm water and to apply the received mix on roots of hair. Time of action of this mask varies from 15 minutes to an hour. Everything depends on your susceptibility. If the mask begins to bake so as if at you on the head someone fries a beefsteak, so it is time to wash away means. If burning is quite tolerant, then it is possible to increase time of action of a mask. By the way, the longer you use a mustard mask, the more tolerant to its action there is skin.

Mustard mask spirit

This recipe is aimed not only at strengthening of hair, but also at their moistening. Mix 1 tablespoon of any balm for hair, 1 teaspoon of mustard powder, 1 egg yolk and 1 tablespoon of alcohol. Apply the received mix by means of a brush on roots of hair and leave approximately for an hour. After the specified time wash away a mask warm water.

Mustard mask with mayonnaise and oil

If you have dry hair, advise to adopt this option of a mask for hair. We need 1 teaspoons of the softened butter, 1 tablespoon olive (or any other) oils, 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise of high fat content and 1 teaspoon of mustard powder. All ingredients mix and allow to infuse a little. After that to apply on hair and to mature 30-40 minutes. If fat content was excessive, it is possible to remove one of ingredients, having replaced it with warm water in the same proportion.

Mustard mask on a support

This mask will help quickly and without special expenses to strengthen growth of hair. Why to torment itself with the painful procedure of a mesotherapy or to spoil hair, increasing them? It is only enough to buy mustard powder and to stock up with patience a little. For preparation of a wonderful mask mix 1 glass of kefir or warm milk with 1 tablespoon of dry yeast and a glass of sugar. Let's a support begin to ferment then add 1 teaspoon of dry mustard and 1 tablespoon of honey there. The mask is ready. Apply mustard and barmy mix on hair, wrap up the head cellophane, a towel and leave to treat hair for one or one and a half hours. Wash away shampoo. It is also possible to apply on hair balm (won't be superfluous).

Mustard mask for strengthening of hair

The last mustard mask with which we want to acquaint you is intended for strengthening of hair. Trouble boiled water of 50 grams of colourless henna. Let's it cool down a little then add 50 grams of dry mustard powder. Mix. Add 1 yolk and 2 tablespoons of honey. In the most thorough way mix everything, apply on hair and leave to work for 1 hour.

Any of the offered masks needs to be done once a week for two months (to a thicket we don't advise, otherwise you can overdry easily hair and head skin). However here it is necessary to consider that treatment of any problem has to be comprehensive therefore if you do mustard masks, but poorly you eat, then the due effect won't be. Add to the diet fresh cottage cheese (it is desirable house production), milk, fresh vegetables and fruit. The good dream is the key to a sound body too (respectively, and a hair too). Don't forget plus about enough the peeled water.

Often failures in an organism come owing to dehydration therefore drink more, and better if it is good mineral water. If you well ate, regularly did mustard masks, but hair all the same drop out, so the problem is more serious and it is time to see a doctor. However we hope that our simple advice nevertheless will help to restore beauty of your hair, and mustard powder will become in this case the faithful assistant.