The hormones influencing a hair loss at hormonal failure

Hair loss problem — the most frequent with which patients ask for the help the trichologist. And if men can simply solve it — will shortly be tonsured or will shave the head, then for women it is a real crash.

That the expert carried out adequate therapy, he needs to know what hormone is a lot of and that provoked fluctuations in work of genesial or endocrine system.

The hormones influencing a hair loss at hormonal failure

Hair loss — a current problem

Influence a condition of vegetation:

  • pregnancy. During this period reproductive organs and a placenta produce the increased amount of estrogens. They block male sex hormones in an organism. Therefore head hair quickly grow, they dense and practically don't drop out;
  • diseases of a thyroid gland. During the rising or deficiency of a secret of this organ the skin becomes dim and rugosity, vegetation — fragile, dim, badly transfers influence of negative factors. At a hypofunction hairs strongly drop out, and the body can be left without them in general;
  • genetics. At all people in a stomach of mother a certain quantity of follicles and degree of saturation of a pigment was put. Therefore not all can brag of a dense and brilliant head of hear. Men in that case are shortly sheared, and women experiment with laying and hairstyles;
  • stresses. The strong and long nervous tension causes changes of a hormonal background;
  • power physical exercises. A press lying, the stanovy draft and squats with weighting enlarge concentration of Testosteron-Depotum (male sex hormone). With such exercises women need to be very careful. Then the appearance can strongly exchange.
The hormones influencing a hair loss at hormonal failure

Hair loss at hormonal failure

Symptoms of disturbance of body height of hair

All hormonal changes are very quickly shown externally both at men, and at women. Very informative indicator of health and level of dihydrotestosterone and Progesteronum at men and women is the condition of hair on the head and a body. Alarming calls:

  • fragility of hairs and their irregular thickness. It is easy to notice it at a long head of hear at women. If a hair has different diameter at the beginning and the extremity, or this indicator changes several times on its extent, it is worth addressing for consultation the trichologist or the endocrinologist;
  • focal or diffuse abaissement of vegetation. At men most often a problem zone on the head the nape and a vertex will melt. At women in most cases changes of vegetation of a hormonal parentage happen more evenly on all site of an integument of the head;
  • change of quantity or color of hairs on a face. At augmentation of concentration of dihydrotestosterone at women in a blood the body pilosis on men's type begins. The harmless pappus on a face turns into dark and rigid hairs which extremely categorically can't be shaved off or cut. Owing to the strengthened blood supply of the person any manipulations with vegetation on it will lead to intensifying of its body height at the fair sex. At men at augmentation of concentration of estrogens (female sex hormones) body height of a bristle and other body hair is slowed down;
  • change of structure of a hair. If after abaissement begin to grow hair in the form of a light pappus, then the illness reason hormonal. Therefore to carry out therapy of such abaissement, it is necessary to understand the reasons and to find out concentration of sex hormones.

Fluctuations of concentration of substances, diseases of endocrine or genesial systems instantly signal about problems.

The hormones influencing a hair loss at hormonal failure

Symptoms of disturbance of body height of hair

Types of an illness

The hair loss which is provoked by fluctuations of Progesteronum of Testosteron-Depotum and dihydrotestosterone is called an alopecia. It has several versions and features:

  • temporary. At men and women severe stresses can provoke abaissement. Often the illness develops after long administration of drugs (antibiotics or a chemotherapy). These aggressive substances, getting to an organism, cause disturbance of production of dihydrotestosterone, Testosteron-Depotum, Progesteronum. But you shouldn't fall into a despair. Such hair loss most simply gives in to adjustment, and illness consequences are practically always reversible;
  • focal. Rather infrequent form of a hair loss. Disturbance of a trophicity or innervation of a follicle arises on a certain site. Therefore on it body height and formation of hairs temporarily stops. The illness of such form is provoked fungic or virus by a skin lesion, severe stresses or administration of drugs. After elimination of the reasons and restoration of concentration of Testosteron-Depotum, dihydrotestosterone, Progesteronum vegetation slowly begins to grow. Therefore restoration of a normal look will require several months of therapy;
  • diffuse. It is characterized by a uniform hair loss from all surface of the head or other parts of a body. For treatment it is required to take a blood test on determination of level of dihydrotestosterone, Testosteron-Depotum, Progesteronum at men and women. Modern hormonal drugs, pharmacological agents on a vegetable basis or national ways it is possible even to return normal density of a hairstyle at such kind of a baldness. When keeping all references of the trichologist and endocrinologist adequate treatment will bring the first results in several weeks.
The hormones influencing a hair loss at hormonal failure

Example of a diffuse hair loss

The hormones influencing vegetation

The condition of hair and integuments is influenced by work of endocrine system. If in this debugged mechanism failures begin, the skin and vegetation instantly react to changes. The quantity, color, health of a hair define:

  • dihydrotestosterone. This substance is produced from Testosteron-Depotum (male sex hormone) by difficult biochemical processes. Such components in different quantities are characteristic both of women, and of men. Even at the fair sex Testosteron-Depotum is developed by ovaries and adrenals. Substance is responsible for quality of muscular tissue and sex inclination at both floors. At Testosteron-Depotum surplus at women various inflammatory processes on a skin begin, vegetation on a face and a body is enlarged. If at the fair sex rising of substance can quickly be determined by external signs, then at men to make it quite difficult. Most often such state causes an androgenic alopecia — a partial or full hair loss in a zone of a vertex and a nape. To stop such process in a male body it is almost unreal. The baldness is put genetically. Therefore if the father of mother of the man had high temples and bald spots, then with 70 percent probability he will also have an alopecia. For control over a situation and prevention of deviations experts recommend to all to make periodically tests on dihydrotestosterone and Testosteron-Depotum;
  • estrogens (Progesteronum). These are women's hormones which also immediately influence a condition of vegetation. At pregnancy at women the maximum peak of substance therefore most of pregnant women have no problems with hair. Rising of Progesteronum at men interferes with body height of a beard and moustaches, vegetation on a body.

Normal hormonal background — pledge of a beautiful look and health.

The hormones influencing a hair loss at hormonal failure

Hair loss disturbance of a hormonal background

We restore vegetation

If dihydrotestosterone, Testosteron-Depotum, progesterone and other estrogens play pranks, it is worth beginning therapy on restoration of indumentum on the head. Before starting treatment by folk remedies or ready pharmacological drugs, it is necessary to take a blood test on determination of level of hormones. Only such diagnostics will allow the trichologist and the endocrinologist to choose adequate correction of a state which will quickly lead to a positive take. After the obtained data experts begin to offer therapy methods further:

  • pharmacological agents. On shelves it is possible to find a huge number of products in the form of ointments, sprays, shampoos in pharmacy chain or specialized department of a supermarket. All of them promise fast neogenesis of hair at women and men. The line of such products has in the basis vegetable components more often — extracts of curative herbs and essential oils. Modern sprays usually happen very light textures therefore they are quickly absorbed and don't leave marks on clothes. Various vitamin and mineral additives will be ideal for intake at hormonal failure. They will provide Zincum, sulfur, calcium and other substances, irreplaceable for normal body height of hair. In case of serious hormonal failure the endocrinologist writes out tablets or injections. They will help to modify a state, to restore health and to improve a condition of vegetation. To independently prescribe to itself such drugs very dangerously. Without existence of knowledge and these analyses it is possible to worsen situation only;
  • national prescriptions. From make-shifts in house conditions to really prepare masks and wrappings which will be able to activate processes in a follicle and to adjust a trophicity of deep layers of an integument.