How to hide a gray hair on dark hair in house conditions?

Desire to look young inherent in all people, both women, and men. And earns a set of cosmetology firms on this aspiration. Age creams of the Anti-Eydzh series fight against wrinkles, tighten a face form and give shine of youth to a skin. And what to do with hair if they were tampered with by a gray hair? It is in this regard easier for blondes. The gray hair on a fair hair is a little noticeable. Besides they can be painted the same color, and the growing roots won't show striking contrast with other head of hear. And how to be everything the rest? This article will give several practical advice to those people whom the question of how to hide a gray hair on dark hair interests. The problem should be divided into several points:

What it is necessary to know about a gray hair

We will focus on the first point in the beginning. Before thinking how to hide a gray hair on dark hair, let's understand at first why it appears. All variety of a rich palette of human hair causes a ratio of two types of a melanin: eumelanina and feomelanina. And this proportion is put in an embryo till the birth. If it will be more first pigment, you will see the light the brunette or the brown-haired person. And if in hair prevails феомеланин, you are born the blonde. All imaginable shades depend on proportions and the place of accumulation of pigments (in a hinge or the center of a hair). But with age the organism begins to reduce development of melanins. From it the hair begins to lose a color pigment. Having crossed a threshold of the thirtieth anniversary, the person begins to get a gray hair. This process at one takes place quickly, at others – more slowly. But on average each ten years at the person 10-20% of a gray hair in a head of hear increase. How to hide a gray hair on dark hair in house conditions?

We fight against the reason, but not the investigation

The heredity and stresses can cause this problem of a thirty-year threshold much earlier. But there are also other factors causing a premature gray hair. It is a disadvantage of vitamins of group B and also trace substances of a calcium, sulfur and copper. When the person constantly keeps to diets, the organism which is grown poor by proteins revenges emergence of an early gray hair. Also some diseases can be the cause of a problem. It is first of all gastritis, hepatitises, disturbances in a metabolism. Sometimes the problem is in bad blood supply of integuments of the head why hair bulbs begin to have deficiency of a melanin. Therefore if you see what in blossoming of youth in your head of hear began to illuminate silver, you need not to think how to hide a gray hair on dark hair, and to see a doctor. And even not to the trichologist (the specialist in treatment of hair), and to the therapist. Perhaps, you have failures in work of a thyroid gland or the hidden illnesses of digestive tract. How to hide a gray hair on dark hair in house conditions?

What can be undertaken in case of an early gray hair

First, to remove the cause of this process. However, it won't return natural color to already turned gray hairs. To a bowl of all process affects at first whisky and area around a forehead. How to hide a gray hair on dark hair? Highlighting will help to solve a problem. However a gray hair shouldn't be much. Process of highlighting on a foil in that case should be entrusted the professional. Only the experienced hairdresser can pick up the necessary shade and paint over those locks which it is necessary. As a result you will have well-groomed and natural hair color, beautifully poured on sunlight.

One more effective way to disguise a gray hair (if it doesn't make more than 30% of hair) is use the ottenochnykh of balms. It is necessary to choose the tone not considerably different from your natural color. It is the best of all for balsas to apply at once after washing of the head. The procedure is also recommended to be carried out in salon that the master could settle intensity of a shade or liquidate the shade which wasn't pleasant to you special lotion.

We remove the gray hair cause

If your head of hear began to be silvered too early, it is time to go to reception to the specialist trichologist. He will advise not only how to hide a gray hair on dark hair, but also how to slow down, and even to stop process of emergence of the new decoloured locks. Perhaps, the metabolic disorder interferes with entering of a melanin in lukovichka. The mesotherapy is in that case applied. The method consists in introduction of injections of vitamins of group B, nicotinic acid and oligoelements to a pilar part of the head. Also balms and gels which contain in the structure iron, copper, sulfur and Zincum are applied. These trace substances help an organism to produce a melanin and restore natural color of ringlets. External drugs should be used in a complex with a mesotherapy and after consultations with the doctor. Also it is necessary to abstain from diets, and to lean strenuously on an albuminous nutrition. How to hide a gray hair on dark hair in house conditions?

Soft stains

The modern industry of beauty developed agents for those who don't want to change cardinally hair color, and is interested in adding them shine and gloss. The set of semi-permanent paints for an illyuminirovaniye of ringlets is presented at the market. Unlike usual agents they don't contain ammonia and other aggressive substances. The color pigment doesn't get into structure of a hair, and settles on it, like gel nail varnish. Such coloring by an agent of Elyumen won't allow to turn you into the blonde, but will help to resolve an issue how to hide a gray hair on dark hair. Photos confirm it with all evidence. Minus of such way is that semi-permanent stains are quickly washed away (in one and a half-two months). And they cost expensive. But the procedure of an illyuminirovaniye will make your hair healthier and shining. How to hide a gray hair on dark hair in house conditions?

Vegetable stains

The nature presented us substances which not only will help with courting behind ringlets, but also will successfully disguise a gray hair. It is about henna and a basma. The first vegetable stain gives red color which saturation can be regulated hold time on hair. Basma gives to ringlets wonderful black color. Both stains render recreational effect on hair and head skin. By means of them it is possible to get rid of a dandruff. Owners of a fine and lifeless hair fully felt advantage of henna and a basma as these vegetable substances strengthen roots, stimulate body height and do locks silky and brilliant, and a head of hear - more dense. Men use henna in fight against a baldness. If we resolve an issue how to hide a gray hair on dark hair at women, then we should pay attention to a basma. In combination with henna this natural and absolutely harmless stain gives interesting copper, light - and dark-chestnut shades. How to hide a gray hair on dark hair in house conditions?

How to hide a gray hair on dark hair in house conditions

Such ringlets demand additional leaving. Indulge them such mask more often. Admix in a pan on a tablespoon of colourless henna, cocoa powder, acidic milk and olive oil. Draw cigarette tobacco in mass. Add also oil extract of vitamin A (5 milliliters), six processed gvozdichek and an egg yolk. Part a mask with warm water to consistence of a meal. Warm up on a water bath up to the temperature, comfortable for the head. Apply on the washed-up, a little wet hair. Put on a cap for a douche, and over it – a terry towel or a woolen cap. So with a mask it is necessary to stay of an hour to two. After that it is necessary to comb hair a fine-tooth comb and to wash away them warm water. Such mask will shade streaks of gray and will make ringlets healthier and stronger. In house conditions it is necessary to gargle after each washing of hair them tea leaves of black tea or infusion from nut leaves. But this way will suit only the turning gray brunettes and brown-haired persons. Blondes have to rinse locks with broth from an onions peel or camomile infusion.

Permanent paints

Folk remedies all are good. They not only are harmless, but also render therapeutic effect on the weakened locks. However in them there is one minus. The desirable result isn't achieved for once. And to calculate a necessary shade from an admixture of henna and a basma quite difficult. But on shelves we see a set of hair-dyes which reliably mask a gray hair. The palette is so rich that it is possible to choose a suitable shade. How to dye a dark hair to hide a gray hair? It is possible to choose the color as close as possible to your natural. At the same time it is necessary to choose a stain on which label it is accurately specified that it masks a gray hair. It is desirable that the agent was without ammonia, your ringlets without melanin already morbid. Having chosen a stain in tone of the hair, you will regularly update color for the growing roots. It is possible to go some other way. Permanent paints allow brunettes and brown-haired women to change in blondes. So growing gray-haired locks won't show striking contrast with other ringlets. How to hide a gray hair on dark hair in house conditions?

How to hide a gray hair on dark hair at men

Not all men agree with a statement "My years – my oof". Many of them try to prolong youth as zealously as it is done by women. But men are faced by more difficult task. They often are interested in how it is better to hide a gray hair on dark hair that it wasn't visible that they are painted. And here "reducers" of natural color come to the rescue. Among such agents it is worth mentioning Antisedin and Netsidin lotions. The first contains a weak stain (ammonium chloride and acetic lead) which collects in structure of a hair. It is possible to call the second lotion more likely vitamin cocktail. In its structure there are useful substances which are well influencing blood supply of head skin. But if the gray hair reason – age changes or gastrointestinal diseases, lotion doesn't give desirable effect. For men lipsticks for hair and the camouflaging gels are framed. They don't give such "doll" gloss as paints.