How to clarify face hair it is effective and safe?

Heredity, violation of a hormonal background, failure in functioning of endocrine system – all this can provoke appearance of unwanted "vegetation" on a face. How to clarify face hair? How to get rid of treacherous hairs that the complaint with own appearance did not give feeling of discomfort and did not baffle? The problem is solved by mass of methods.

The excessive hairiness was never fashionable. Existence of vegetation on a body and furthermore on a face, was sign of bad form at the time of the Egyptian queens. Many understand and recognize animal origin of the person, but very few people are ready to reconcile to such whims of the nature. Women always were categorical in the solution of this problem therefore found different methods, methods and means that a small down over lips, volume wide dark eyebrows or separate filaments on a chin did not spoil an overall picture.

Lighting of hair in the person – the solution of a set of problems, such, as:

  • the complexes concerning appearance;
  • cosmetic defects on a face;
  • psychological discomfort;
  • mental disorder.

How to clarify face hair it is effective and safe?

How to solve a problem?

The razor and tweezers – the first weapon which female representatives are ready to take in hand. But you should not hurry. In this case they are not assistants more likely on the contrary, provokers of a situation. The razor will delete hairs, but for a while, and new will grow not such thin any more. They will be much more dark and more fat, so, and more noticeable. Tweezers? Tweezers not each woman is ready to withstand torture. Very painful it is process which can cause the intensive growth of hair, and as a result it is possible just to acquire a full-fledged male beard or whiskers.

It is possible to use also innovative methods – a painful epilation wax and the expensive laser procedure. How to be? What to select?

How to clarify face hair it is effective and safe?

How to make hairs imperceptible?

The alternative is — decolouration of hair with use of natural natural means or chemical cosmetic medicines in house conditions.

Such way of solving the problem is:

(because of chemical processing hair disappear generally over time);

(face hair after carrying out the first "a house session" become almost invisible);

(the cost of the means decelerating growth of hair, insignificant in comparison with the price of procedures of an epilation wax or a sugaring);

(the means necessary for decolouration, always are in adjacent drugstore, and some of them even "near at hand" in the house);

(disposal of "unnecessary" hair is not the labor-consuming and not long procedure which each woman in house conditions independently can conduct).

Effective remedies of decolouration of hair

"The natural first-aid kit" and set of chemical medicines will easily disguise hair, will make them imperceptible. Decolouration will take place easily, quickly and without serious consequences.

We will transfer the most effective and reliable funds clarifying face hair.

  • Chemical medicines, such as hydrogene peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) with sal ammoniac.
  • Folk remedies: lemon juice, daisy wheel infusion.
  • Cosmetics — special bleaching creams.


Before testing the selected means, carry out test monitoring on compatibility of medicine with integuments. It is enough to process the clarifying composition a wrist to understand whether there are allergic responses and by-effects.

How to clarify face hair it is effective and safe?

Hydrogene peroxide – it is easy, simple and inexpensive

There is nothing more simply, than to wipe a face with the peroxide of hydrogen having a mass fraction of the active agent of 3%.

  1. Moisten a wadded tampon or a cosmetic disk with peroxide.
  2. Wipe problem sections on a face.
  3. You carry out the procedure within 5 minutes.

The first results will be visible already seven days later.

It is important to know

It is unlikely the result will be noticeable after the first procedure. But the systems concept will help to achieve desirable result. Use peroxide daily, and your hair will brighten. As they say, patience and only patience.

How to clarify face hair it is effective and safe?

Integrated approach

3 percent solution of peroxide of hydrogen can be used in an independent look or in combination with other components.

  • With shaving foam

Mix solution a hydrogene of peroxide and shaving foam in equal quantitative ratios. Apply the received compound on places of the increased hairiness, without rubbing. Duration – 20 minutes. In conclusion means is washed away, and for softer effect process a problem zone nutritious cream.

  • With liquid ammonia

Adding of sal ammoniac strengthens action of composition "a hydrogene peroxide + shaving cream". Several drops of sal ammoniac – and solution is ready to application. Apply a skin on a down in the field of a nasolabial triangle or a chin. Time of holding cosmetic sessions – every other day. You should not abuse reagents. There will be quite enough 5 procedures that hairs were clarified, and their growth was considerably decelerated.

Lemon juice – a natural solution

The squeezed-out lemon juice works wonders if to use this means every day. Wipe with lemon juice problem zones, but you remember that it shall be freshly squeezed – otherwise the efficiency of action will be zero.

How to clarify face hair it is effective and safe?

When hair-dye – medicine

And whether you know that ordinary hair-dye of a shade "blond" will help to carry out decolouration of hair in the person very quickly?

  1. All components of color connect among themselves. The instruction is useful. To use all color directly it is not mandatory at all. It is possible to leave the third part of component composition "on the following time".
  2. Before holding a cosmetic procedure it is not recommended to clean a face special lotions and tonics not to wash away a natural protective film in the form of secretion of a sebaceous gland.
  3. Time of lighting shall be much less, than is written to instructions as the sensitivity of face skin is much higher, than on other sections terms. 10-minute plugins are enough that dark hair became almost imperceptible.

How to clarify face hair it is effective and safe?

Gidroperit solution: chemical approach to lighting of hair

To Rastirayuttabletk of the gidroperit to a powdery status also mix with several drops of liquid ammonia and peroxide of hydrogen (they can be acquired in drugstore). The gidroperit tablet in this case shows the antiseptic actions. After complete dilution of the gidroperit moisten a Q-tip in the received compound and process places of "the increased hairiness" not more often than once in seven days. Solution is applied on a term and retained within 10 minutes.

Once can be insufficiently therefore the procedure can be carried out repeatedly. But it is necessary to remember that excessive frequency can render strong effect. As soon as you experienced burning on skin, instantly it is necessary to wash away from its sections traces of the clarifying means abundant amount of liquid. Places of lighting can redden therefore they always after the procedure are softened with cream.


It is necessary to prepare the clarifying means only in glass capacity.

How to clarify face hair it is effective and safe?

Simple option of lighting – infusion of a daisy wheel medicinal

  1. Dry inflorescences (2 tablespoons) flood 150 milliliters of the boiling water.
  2. For 4 hours the compound is drawn in a thermos.
  3. The received infusion is filtered and used for processing of hairs on face skin.

It is necessary to carry out the procedure 2-3 times a day. Results of your efforts reinforced by influence of camomile infusion will be noticeable only several days later.

How to clarify face hair it is effective and safe?

If to you made piercing on a face recently, refuse lighting of hair on the near future


Decolouration of hair in the person cannot be carried out in the following cases:

  • if there is a personal portability of one of components of composition of the used means (preliminary check will help to prevent manifestation of allergic responses on skin);
  • skin very sensitive also reacts to any external influence;
  • On a face there are inflammations, rash, spots.

Lighting of hair in the person is a loyal method of a solution, connected to a delicate subject. But it is simple and rather effective method which allows by means of the means prepared houses independently to do dark face skin hair imperceptible. And all this without harm for health and losses for a purse. Chtomozhetbytluchshe?