How to make ringlets

How to make ringlets

Beautiful ringlets — an ideal hairstyle

Not far off New Year's office parties and holidays therefore, it isn't surprising that lovely ladies are interested in a question not only what dress it is better to choose for a festive event (learn here as it is correct to pick up clothes, depending on figure type), but also a question – what hair to do. As shows experience, as a rule, on a hairstyle there is least of all time. And, if the dress and a festive make-up is given enough time, then here with a hairstyle the situation is worse. However, don't despair. The world without Harm in our today's publication will tell you as it is possible just to make quickly and beautiful ringlets in house conditions, using for this purpose various supportive applications near at hand. Your hairstyle will be saved, moreover, it will become the real masterpiece, and you will save money for visit of the hairdresser to which on the eve of a holiday not and it is easy to register …

By means of what it is possible to make ringlets

If you think that ringlets can be made by means of hair curlers or only by means of the curling iron – you are mistaken. Actually, there are many opportunities and options how to turn direct locks of hair into the streaming and magnificent ringlets (it is not about a chemical hairdressing), which you then if you want, will collect in a hairstyle, or you will just leave dismissed. You can do ringlets by means of the iron for hair, by means of scrunchies, of course, by means of the curling iron and hair curlers. What of options to choose – solve, but before, we suggest you to get acquainted with technology of twisting of ringlets in more detail …
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How to make ringlets by means of the curling iron

How to make ringlets

We do ringlets by the curling iron

The curling iron – the tool which was created to twist ringlets (learn here how to choose the good curling iron). Therefore, it isn't surprising that he copes with this task on "perfectly", the Main thing to observe our small recommendations.

So, first of all, your hair have to be absolutely dry and well combed. If you the owner of a thick and long hair, you can divide them into 2 layers, at the same time, to pin up the top layer of hair hairpins or a hairpin that it didn't prevent to wind the lower layer. Sit down in front of a big mirror, take previously heated curling iron, and separately wind each lock on her, falling as it is possible closer to tips of hair and having wound almost to the roots (be careful not to burn skin). After the ringlet from a lock of hair is wound on the curling iron evenly and to the roots of hair, take the curling iron in such situation several minutes (time depends on the power of the curling iron and on structure of your hair, but a strong and thick hair needs to be held longer, than thin and lifeless). After, in your opinion, the curling iron has given the form to a ringlet, unclench her fastening and it is accurate, trying not to untwist a ringlet, release him. Repeat the similar procedure with all locks of hair.

To record a shape of a ringlet for a long time, you can apply varnish on ringlets.

After all ringlets are wound, you will need to give the form to your hairstyle.
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How to make ringlets by means of hair curlers

How to make ringlets

Will help to create ringlets hair curlers

Until the mankind hasn't invented curling irons and irons, it wound ringlets by means of hair curlers. And, depending on their form and the size, ringlets were big and small, African and Hollywood …

Today you can choose a form of hair curlers too and give to the ringlets necessary volume. So, for example, if you want to create effect of a chemical wave or so-called African curls on hair, then for this purpose koklyushka hair curlers will be necessary for you, and here flexible ringlets to you will help to create flexible hair curlers, in the form of wire cores which are covered with rubber or foam rubber after you wind hair on such hair curlers, hair curlers turn in hard knot or a ringlet in order that weren't let hair down.

Advantage of hair curlers is that you can wind hair since evening, and for the morning you will already have a ready hairstyle. However, such option is suitable only for people who don't complain that hair curlers press him and prevent to sleep.

What form of hair curlers you wouldn't choose, you will need to wet hair before turning and it is good to cover their styling with a skin which will well record a shape of ringlets. After that you divide hair into locks and you wind each of them on hair curlers, in one direction. The wound hair dry the hair dryer or if you have time — they are given the chance to dry till the morning in the natural way.

It is possible to remove hair curlers only from dry hair, otherwise your wet ringlets will quickly break up. Do it accurately. By the way, the size of a ringlet will depend on diameter of hair curlers which you used.

After all hair curlers are removed, you can accurately comb hair a comb with big cloves and give to hair the form of a necessary hairstyle. For the best fixing the hairstyle can be sprinkled varnish.
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How to make ringlets by means of scrunchies

How to make ringlets

Ordinary elastic bands will replace the curling iron for hair

Rather alternative method of turning of hair which will be suitable for those who had had near at hand neither a curling iron, nor hair curlers, but for the morning beautiful ringlets are necessary. You need 8-10 plain scrunchies. It is possible to wind dry and clean hair which you divide into big locks, as a rule, of locks at you it has to turn out (if you want large ringlets) 5-10. Create an easy bunch from each lock, but so that it didn't squeeze the head, but also I didn't break up. Record it at roots of hair by means of an elastic band and leave for the night.

If in such alternative way you have decided to twist ringlets in the afternoon, then to accelerate process, it is possible to pull together stronger a bunch, previously to smear hair with means for a styling, and to dry up bunches the hair dryer.

When hair in bunches are dry, you can accurately take off scrunchies, give to ringlets the form and record a hairstyle varnish.
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How to make ringlets by means of the iron for hair

How to make ringlets

The iron for hair not only for alignment, but also for twisting of ringlets

In spite of the fact that the main destination of the iron for hair is straightening of locks, with his help, if desired, you can make elastic and magnificent ringlets which look much more magnificently than the ordinary curls wound by means of hair curlers. Of course, you need a little practice, but as soon as you have technology of turning of ringlets the iron down to a science, you will be able not to worry about the hairstyle which will be such as though you prepare for an exit to a red carpet for delivery of a high award.

In order that you could wind hair the iron, they have to be well dried up as wet hair just won't be set in ringlets. Also the special moisture protective rectifier won't be suitable for them, hair have to be dry. It will be quite good, during their drying by the hair dryer, to apply on locks mousse, for giving of additional volume to them.

Now, take the iron 2,5 - 5 centimeters wide (the thin iron to make ringlets it won't turn out), adjust the device on the minimum temperature condition of work, however, if you have a rough structure of hair or they by nature curling – it is possible to increase temperature a little. Now apply thermoprotective spray which problem will be a creation of a protective layer between your hair and the hot iron on hair, thus you protect the hair and don't damage their structure. It is important to apply spray on all hair as having sprayed it over the top, you will leave the lower locks therefore, pay attention to each lock of the hair without protection.

Now, having divided hair into locks, since the lower layer which covers a neck and ears, wind hair on the iron as if on the curling iron, at the same time, the last ringlet, for giving to an originality hairstyle, you can twirl in the opposite direction.

In case at you by nature wavy hair, however, you want to give them accurater look, and you are also a little limited in time, you can twist only the top and forward locks.

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How to make the Hollywood ringlets

How to make ringlets

Hollywood ringlets

That, now, after you have mastered different technicians of twisting of ringlets, it is a high time to learn to do the Hollywood ringlets which differ in smoothness, the largest curls and accurate execution. The effect of ease and negligence behind which there is a long work on a hairstyle which allows to keep a natural type of hair is created. In order that you could wind such ringlets, we suggest you to use the iron. Why, he? In the course of turning of hair the iron smoothes their structure that also the smoothness adds to hair gloss, and it concerns even owners of a curly hair.

The hairstyle will be created by us on clean and dry hair. Considering that the Hollywood wave has to fall on one of the parties, we will divide hair a side hair parting (it has to be at the level of the middle of one of eyebrows). You watch that in the field of the regional line of growth of hair you had no tuft (the atypical site of circular growth of hair). For a start we will well comb hair, and then we will process them means for thermoprotection and fixing. Now it is possible to start turning of ringlets the iron, at the same time we will separate equal locks of hair, no more than 2 centimeters wide, moving from a side hair parting in that direction on which the wave from ringlets will lay down.

For creation of ringlets the combed lock needs to be held perpendicular to the head, then to clamp her between iron plates, and having a little receded from roots of hair, to turn the iron by 180 degrees, without releasing a lock, towards the direction of a wave. Now you see the iron smoothly and along a lock to her tips.

Try not to squeeze a lock of hair very strongly and not to change pressing force, your movements will have to smooth and in them there shouldn't be stops (there on a lock will be the hall which will spoil all effect of naturalness). You can be trained for a start over the equipment with the cold iron and when you are sure of the skill, you pass to use of the heated tool.

Until the wound lock has cooled down it it is necessary to record a clip which you arrange parallel to a hair parting. Thus wind all locks of hair from a parietal zone and to a temple. Now it is possible to wait until they cool down.

After that we need to twist ringlets on an occipital zone for this purpose, using a vertical hair parting, we will allocate locks, however, we will wind them not at roots, and from the middle of length of hair. Separate locks 2-3-centimeter wide a vertical hair parting, clamp iron plates with average effort, now smoothly turn the iron in the direction from yourself by 180 degrees, and, without releasing a lock, stretch it to tips. Repeat similar manipulations with all remained locks.

Your basis for the Hollywood hairstyle is ready, but that she had star chic, separate a small lock from a temple from which there will be a wave, and well comb her, then assign by means of invisible beings to an ear, and record it by means of varnish use. It is important to arrange correctly invisible beings – a cross crosswise – so they fix hair better. The third invisible being you will record a lock at the level of a nape. You shouldn't worry that hairpins will be noticeable from outside – they will be hidden under your ringlets.

Now, remove clips from ringlets at the person, since the lower tier, accurately comb them a brush to give them smoothness and to remove the remains of the fixing styling. Beginning from a side hair parting, allocate locks the same way, as well as at a price markup, and comb them at roots of hair. Important to allocate locks the equal thickness that the pile was uniform.

It is necessary to comb hair to create additional volume. For this purpose delay a lock for tips perpendicular to the head and by means of a small hairbrush shake up hair at roots in the direction from top to down. In addition the pile is fixed varnish.

Since the lower layer of hair, accurately stack locks, slightly concerning them a hairbrush to make a pile more natural. Now fix hair at the person in the form of a wave by means of use of clips and record the end result varnish. Then, when varnish will dry, clips can be removed, and once again in addition to record your hairstyle with the Hollywood ringlets varnish of strong fixing.
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How to make ringlets on average and short hair

Who has told that ringlets — destiny of long-haired beauties? Actually, even if you have short hair or average are long, you can also make ringlets and curls and to give to the hairstyle femininity and softness. Such laying won't take away a lot of time, but will look very beautifully, it will give to hair additional volume and will help to hide lifelessness of your hair after coloring.

For twisting of ringlets you can use, of course, hair curlers (boomerangs or hair curlers, thermohair curlers, koklyushka), the curling iron, or the ordinary hair dryer with a nozzle the diffuser with fingers … Generally, dream.

Videocourse how to make ringlets in house conditions

Today we have learned how to make ringlets in house conditions, using for this purpose various devices. That, we hope that our councils and recommendations will be useful to you and your hairstyle will look absolutely.

Perhaps, someone from our readers has the way of a wave of ringlets? Share him with us. We wait for your stories, comments.

Shevtsova Olga, the World without Harm

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