How to wind hair a spiral

There is a number of methods of creation of ringlets, we already described many of which. Turning of hair nippers or the curling iron, the iron or laying by the hair dryer with a round hairbrush – all this influence on ringlets high temperature, as is the fastest way to create curls. Other methods, not such harmful, turning of hair by means of hair curlers, rollers or even fingers demand much more time, but they the most sparing in relation to hair.

How to wind hair a spiral

We will tell about one very interesting way of creation of helicoid ringlets – turning of locks on cocktail sticks. Such ringlets won't remain unnoticed.

Advantages of this method

  • The most important and main plus is the sparing relation to hair. You don't influence the ringlets hot tools and you shouldn't use thermoprotective equipment.
  • Curls turn out natural, soft, and thanks to the thin diameter of tubules — elastic and accurate.
  • It isn't necessary to be spent for expensive special hair curlers, cocktail sticks cost little.
  • You will be able to twist hair for the night, and next morning it is simple to remove all sticks, and literally in 5 minutes your hairstyle will be ready.
  • For owners of the hair curling by nature it is an excellent way to lay disobedient curls, the fixing means won't even be necessary for you.
  • Unreal volume of hair!

How to wind hair a spiral


  • Of course, the main minus is that you should wait for several hours until ringlets are wound. Therefore if you want to have curls on some action, then you should prepare in several hours.
  •  It won't be absolutely convenient most to wind ringlets on a back part of the head, hands will be tired and become numb.
  • If you do a wave for the night, then sticks can disturb during sleep.

Technology of turning

  1. You need many cocktail tubules depending on density of hair.
  2. Wash up the head with shampoo use.
  3. Put the conditioner or oil — so hair will be silky and brilliant. Dry locks by means of the hair dryer a little (but it is better to do it in the natural way not to harm hair).

    You can wind also dry clean hair, but after they are recorded in spiralk, sprinkle a little them water or hairspray, especially a little if your ringlets badly give in to laying.

    1. Now take a thin lock, isn't thicker than your little finger, and, beginning from roots, wind it on a tubule.How to wind hair a spiral
    2. Do so that from two parties of a tubule there were not less than three centimeters of the place, free from hair.
    3. Now, when the lock is reeled up, just connect two ends of a tubule in a usual small knot.How to wind hair a spiral
    4. One bent party of a stick will simplify this task therefore don't cover her with hair.
    5. Do such procedure with each ringlet for all head.How to wind hair a spiral
    6. If you don't want to wind all hair, wind only on separate locks depending on your laying or a hairstyle. Or wind only tips of hair.
    7. After you have removed all tubules from the head, a lock in any couples don't comb a hairbrush. Distribute curls fingers.
    8. You can record a little varnish that ringlets have longer remained.How to wind hair a spiral
    9. Than longer you hold cocktail tubules on hair, especially and wound curls will be elastic. Experience has shown that it is the best of all to do it for the night if curls are necessary by the morning.