Mask for hair from clay. Application and treatment of hair white clay

Women in all centuries sought to keep the youth and beauty. They used for this purpose various means and substances which enjoy popularity and today. White clay for hair was used not only as a mask earlier, but it served as both shampoo and medicine at the same time.

Advantage of white clay for hair

White clay is one of the most available and inexpensive means which can be found in any drugstore or cosmetic shop. This natural means differs from expensive medicines in the fact that it natural and safe for any person. White clay contains many mineral minerals, salts, calcium, magnesium, zinc and other substances.

Clay for hair has various effects:

  • drying;
  • peeling;
  • restoring;
  • adds gloss;
  • removes excess greasiness of hair.

Clay – not only returns beauty to hair, but also treats them and a skin on the head. It prevents formation of dandruff, doesn't cause irritation, calms skin and peels it.

Use of white clay for hair

It is natural material which enjoys wide popularity of many women. From it it is possible to cook easily and quickly various shampoos, masks, conditioners in house conditions. The mask is applied to hair from clay when there are problems with health or for prevention of a hair loss, emergence of dandruff and also for improvement and strengthening of growth.

Mask for hair from clay. Application and treatment of hair white clay

Cook masks for hair very easily, but at the same time it is necessary to remember several moments:

  1. The mask needs to be cooked several minutes prior to application because it can stiffen and lose all the properties;
  2. It is impossible to store a ready mask in the refrigerator;
  3. For preparation of a mask it is necessary to use only broth of herbs, milk or mineral water;
  4. Glyn needs to part only with warm water and to consistence of sour cream.

Clay which will be used for preparation of a mask has to be acquired only in drugstore because that which can be found at the dacha is unsuitable for use. Powder can be stored many years and at the same time it won't lose the curative properties. It is the best of all to dissolve powder in specialized ceramic capacity by means of paddles from a tree because metal paddles and plates are no good.

The recipe of a mask for hair from white clay

The mask from white clay can be used not only for normal and dry hair, but also fat. It will give to hair of gloss and a healthy look. If hair dry and weakened, then for them it is possible to cook the restoring mask. For this purpose it is necessary to boil water, to cool a little it and to dissolve white clay before receiving gruel.

Before applying a mask on hair, it is necessary to moisten them, to put means, and then to wind the head with a film and a warm towel. It is necessary to hold such mask about an hour, and then to wash away it several times, to dry hair a towel and to apply on them burdock oil or jojoba. To restore hair, such mask needs to be done every week 2-3 months.

If it is necessary to accelerate growth of hair, then in that case it is possible to cook a mask from clay and other ingredients.

For its preparation it is necessary to prepare:

  • egg yolk;
  • the kindled butter – 1 tsp;
  • 1 tsp of liquid honey;
  • lemon juice – 1 tsp.
  • white clay – 1 tsp.

All ingredients need to be connected and to mix thoroughly very much, but at the same time the mask shouldn't be too liquid. If it turned out not as sour cream, then in that case it is necessary to add a little clay.

Mask for hair from clay. Application and treatment of hair white clay

The mask needs to be applied on moist hair with the massage movements, paying special attention to a radical zone. When everything is ready, it is necessary to roll up the head a film and a towel. White clay has to be on hair about 30 minutes, and then it is washed away and applied any strengthening means or oil.

Use of white clay for strengthening and a hair reconstruction is used in many recipes. If hair split, then in that case it is possible to connect two tablespoons of clay to the same amount of milk and a sea-buckthorn. Berries need to be crushed, to mix everything, to apply for 20 minutes on hair, and then to wash away.

Video recipe: A mask from white clay for a normal and oily hair

To strengthen hair and to prevent their loss, it is possible to cook the strengthening mask from 50 grams of clay, juice of the lemon which is squeezed out of a half and a small amount of boiled water. All ingredients should be shifted in a ceramic cup and to mix well, and then to apply for 30-40 minutes on hair. It is possible to use such mask 2 times a week, but isn't more often.

Treatment of hair white clay in house conditions

Medicinal properties of white clay are known many centuries. She easily dries various wounds and damages on skin, removes the naggers. Besides, masks from white clay can be used also in other cases:

  1. When hair don't grow and drop out.
  2. There is dandruff and irritation of skin.
  3. If hair very weak and constantly split.
  4. When oily hair.

All people can use masks from clay practically, but there are also contraindications. If on the head there are very big damages or there are fungal or infectious diseases, then in that case it is impossible to use masks from clay.

Mask for hair from clay. Application and treatment of hair white clay

Thanks to the fact that white clay easily and quickly deletes all dirt and peels skin it allows to get rid of the excess fat content of hair as from sweat glands excess of skin fat is removed and skin begins to breathe, and here hair become beautiful and brilliant.

If hair dry also split, then it is the in that case best of all to choose that recipe of a mask a part of which not only clay, but also other components which will allow not just to peel skin and hair is, but also to sate them with useful minerals which are necessary for full-fledged growth.

White clay – ideal means for each woman who wants to look beautiful, young, stylish and tightened. Using usual clay, it is possible to save on expensive cosmetic procedures and to keep beauty and youth of skin and hair. By means of clay it is possible to cure various diseases and to add to hair gloss, a healthy and attractive look. Protect the hair!