Mask for hair with a yolk

Mask for hair with a yolk

Egg – the easiest and fast way to protect our hair and to strengthen them. Vitamin-rich groups A, B, D, provide with phosphorus, calcium and magnesium of egg inflow of minerals and minerals, so necessary for our hair at regular leaving. They are very sensitive to impact of cold, natural cataclysms and need constant feed. A yolk – the most nutritious part of egg.

Did you never think why in villages of the woman have such heads of hear radiating with health? Do you think, they are by nature allocated with such miracle? Just a mask for hair with a yolk which rural beauties regularly put at usual washing of the head, the simplest in application and the most effective.

Therefore too it will be useful for city dwellers to learn about wonder-working properties of masks for hair on the basis of eggs.

There are several simple rules that the mask from a yolk was correctly put and applied.

  • Such masks strictly recommend to apply only on the dry head in order to avoid spreading on all head and hits of eggs on the person.
  • Masks with egg, in particular with a yolk, it is necessary to wash away only in slightly warm water, and it is better in cool, otherwise there is a possibility of formation of an omelet on your head.
  • If at mix there are other components besides egg, then it is the best of all to connect them to egg by beating by a special nimbus or the mixer at a small speed.
  • In advance it is necessary to take care of that eggs were taken out their refrigerator of hour for two before drawing masks and already managed to accept room temperature.

Egg mask with honey

Mask for hair with a yolk

The yolk mask with honey perfectly will be suitable for hair to people who have a problem of a dry and brittle hair. It is extremely simple in application and besides does volosik brilliant and saturates them with necessary nutrients and moisture. After several months regular (about two times a week) drawings such mask, the woman note the incredible force which was found by the hair which once lost the natural gloss.

To shake up yolks of several eggs the mixer or a nimbus. Add liquid honey, it is desirable to use combined flower honey. If you have available only a dense honey which has no ability to flow, it is better to warm up a little it in the microwave oven or on a usual plate, but not to bring to boiling at all and not to boil, of course. Mix then these two components and apply on dry volosik. It is desirable to nourish means head skin within 45 minutes or hour. And it is obligatory to wash away egg and honey weight under cool water without use of any shampoo or conditioner.

Egg mask with cognac

Mask for hair with a yolk

The mask for hair with a yolk and cognac is used in the presence at people of oily skin of the head. Also such combination of components conducts to the fastest warming up of indumentum of the head, stimulating thus blood circulation by means of cognac. Bulbs restore become invalid and begin to become stronger.

So, on one yolk one tablespoon of cognac undertakes, how matured cognac will be, doesn't matter. Of course, if you have rather long hair, it is better to increase proportions at least by three-four times. It is necessary to mix carefully these two components and the massing movements to rub in head skin, it at the same time surely has to be clean and dry. It is possible to enjoy such cognac and egg mask within an hour or two on your discretion and depending on what length your hair. Then to rinse with cold water or slightly cool, but not to use either shampoo, or the conditioner, or balm for softness. Thanks to this mix of a volosika will become silky and will gain natural gloss.

Egg mask both with cognac, and with honey

Mask for hair with a yolk

Mask with a yolk, cognac and honey – the mixed option previous. Such strengthening mix will be suitable for all types. Thanks to salutary properties of honey will exert beneficial influence on the dehydrated dry volosik, and because of existence of cognac will begin to stimulate processes of growth even more and will prevent the fat content and emergence of dandruff.

Proportions for such yolk and honey and cognac mask in house conditions the following: on one yolk one tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of cognac undertakes. Respectively, it is possible to increase a dose in equivalent proportions. We mix everything, we put for an hour or two on the head, properly we rub mix in indumentum, we wash away cool water. It is obligatory to dry without use of the hair dryer, otherwise all efforts were vain. And thanks to natural drying of hair the effect of a yolk and honey and cognac mask will be noticeable after the first use.

The regularity of drawing such strengthening mask has to vary from one to two times a week for several months. Then it is possible to make a pause for 2 months, to look how hair without application of this mask will behave, and in case of need again to repeat the procedure.