Recipes of masks against fragility of hair

Recipes of masks against fragility of hair The mask against fragility of hair made their suitable medical ingredients — good means for restoration of structure of a prostrate hair, but not a panacea. The dry, splitting, brittle hair gives a signal to the owner of a condition of an organism in general.

Improper feeding, stresses, deficiency of vitamins and not absolutely a healthy lifestyle create a complex problem which demands the corresponding approach. Such symptoms as loss of gloss and density of hair, split ends, inflammation, an itch and peeling of skin speak about a lack of nutrients of an organism and also about the wrong care of hair.

Many women abuse coloring, chemical waves. Use hairbrushes with spicy teeth, hair dryers and nippers. Subject hair to influence of direct sunshine, differences of temperatures, neglect headdresses, even without trying to protect "wealth" from destructive influence of the environment.

Fragility and split ends – an alarming sign, the first messenger of the approaching hair loss problem. Having hardly noticed the first symptoms, it is necessary to start right there recovery of healthy nutrition of head skin, to take the sparing relation and careful care of the hair in a habit.

Salutary ingredients of the restoring masks

The treatment-and-prophylactic mask has to contain the special substances having the regenerating properties. There is a set of the plain natural ingredients capable to restore the damaged locks is some products, herbs, essential and vegetable oils.

Recipes of masks against fragility of hair

If the woman aims to return to the injured hair former youth and gloss or wants to prevent the undesirable processes leading to fragility and loss to her it is always worth storing in the cosmetics bag a set of salutary gifts of the nature.

These are ingredients which are a part of the most effective masks:

  • Sour-milk bacteria which contain in kefir, curdled milk, yogurt, serum actively influence structure of a hair, restore the damaged cages. Fermented milk products are useful both to hair, and to digestion. Therefore it is recommended to apply actively them in production of masks and also to include in a daily diet.
  • The most ordinary honey has wonder-working curative force. He well heals split ends of locks, does a hair thicker, strong and gives to flexibility, thereby saves a female head of hear from thinning and fragility.

Recipes of masks against fragility of hair

  • The egg yolk, saves hair from avitaminosis. The nutrients which are contained in egg sate root follicles, and from there get into depth of each hair. The women having avitaminosis can safely include an egg yolk in the list of ingredients for masks.
  • Properties of restoration, moistening and nutrition allocated almost natural oils, they are also applied in medical masks. The surprising effect will be rendered by a mask on the basis of burdock, olive, almond, orange or castor oil.

Recipes of masks against fragility of hair

  • Special attention should be paid to use of essential oils of a camomile, pink tree, a sandal-wood tree, geranium, orange, a ylang-ylang, a jasmine and a lavender. Their regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect very favorably affects head skin, especially at the painful nagger.
  • Not the smaller benefit is brought to mask hair from herbs. It is enough to take maxi camomile, lopukhovy, birch decoctions or from a nettle and a field horsetail as a basis for preparation for certain to get rid of the problem thinned hair.

And if from time to time to use an explosive mix from all presented ingredients, the course of treatment passes more successfully and recovery will occur quicker. The cracked sites of hair will be healed, will begin to grow. Hairs that just about will break, will be restored and will remain in integrity. Lifeless locks will take new shape, gloss, will become elastic.

Recipes of masks against fragility of hair

Secrets of preparation and drawing

It is correct to pick up ingredients from which the mask – a half of the solution of a task will be cooked. To prevent to provide desirable result without allergic reactions, it is necessary to know how to put how to prepare hair for the medical procedure and a set of other secrets:

  1. At first masks are produced strictly according to the recipe, and all experiments are resolved, only if there is a certain experience.
  2. Means is checked surely for lack of allergic reactions: a small amount of substance to rub a wrist and to monitor reaction. If the itch or other discomfort is absent, the mask is ready to application.
  3. It is previously necessary to wash up hair, to leave ringlets damp.
  4. Means to rub in head skin the massing movements, then to distribute on length of hair, special attention to pay to tips, carefully and plentifully to process them.
  5. Ringlets collect and twirl, put on a polyethylene hat, wrap up hair a warm towel.
  6. Provide time of influence of a mask not less than 30 minutes.
  7. It is recommended to rinse broth of herbs or the acidified water.
  8. During treatment of a mask to put twice a week, and 1 time for prevention.
  9. Completely it is required to regenerate a brittle hair of about 15 procedures.

Of course, it is better to think of integrity of ringlets in advance and to do preventive masks, then no problems with fragility and a hair loss are terrible.

Recipes of masks against fragility of hair

Recipes of the natural restoring masks

The list of ingredients within which it is possible to experiment with production of various medical masks was already specified. Creating own recipes it is necessary to choose such products that the mask was pleasant not only the promised results, but also the structure. For a start it is possible to use the recipes provided below:

Kefiric mask: mix three tablespoons of kefir with an egg yolk and one spoon of burdock oil.

Prostokvashny mask: to mix one glass of curdled milk with egg and one tablespoon of flour.

Honey mask: about a bottom a teaspoon of honey to mix with warm burdock oil, to add henna powder, a yolk and 50 ml of cognac.

Recipes of masks against fragility of hair

Egg mask: mix one egg with a spoon of castor and burdock oil, add two spoons of lemon juice.

Grass mask: take on one tablespoon of flowers of a linden, camomiles, nettle leaves, to fill in them with a glass of boiled water. In half an hour to filter, add three drops of vitamins A and B1.

Oil mask: To mix 15 ml of almond oil from 7 ml of essential oil of a pink tree.

Beer mask: mix one egg with two tablespoons of natural beer.

Barmy mask: to part a tablespoon of yeast with a spoon of grass broth from a St. John's Wort, camomiles and calendulas, to connect to a yolk and to allow to approach. Add 1 spoon of burdock oil and two drops of essential oil of grapefruit.

Mask with an aloe: to mix one teaspoon of juice of an aloe with a spoon of lemon juice and an egg yolk, to add garlic glove.

Mask with a fig: dried fruits of a fig to crush, fill in 200 ml of warm milk. Boil on slow fire of 10-15 minutes, cool.

Rehabilitation and prevention

Those who successfully ended a course of treatment can't forget that if after regeneration by masks it is ruthless to subject hair daily to stresses again, problems will return into place. It is better not to bring the ringlets to so deplorable state, otherwise medical masks won't help.

It is necessary to limit influence to chemical means, to refuse the hair dryer, to use means of thermoprotection and to provide the sparing mode. Each 1.5 - 2 months it is recommended to cut tips at dry hair and each three months at fat. It is possible to try a hairstyle hot scissors. It is obligatory to balance food and to accept vitamin and mineral complexes.

Recipes of masks against fragility of hair

It is necessary to avoid combing of wet hair, moist ringlets have property to stretch. Especially metal or plastic hairbrushes, it is better to use a wooden hairbrush with stupid rare teeth. Limit contact with the varnishes and mousses containing alcohol which overdries hair.

Rehabilitation isn't required at all if to add a healthy long sleep, active lifestyle, food without a large amount of sweets to all these procedures, but with enough vegetables, cereals, nuts, greens. Maintenance of water balance of hair requires clear water and fresh air.