Masks for density, volume, strengthening of hair in house conditions

1 Why hair can be thin?

How dense will be indumentum, depends, first of all, on heredity and if more precisely - from quantity of hair bulbs, follicles. Most often their quantity doesn't exceed 150 thousand. Hair grow from these bulbs, and then drop out, and on their place new grow.

Masks for density, volume, strengthening of hair in house conditions

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The main problem consists that quantity a follicle steadily, so any masks and shampoos their number not to increase. The only way - to undergo the procedure of hair transplant, but to decide on so radical intervention quite difficult.

Nevertheless, many saw in old photos that our grandmothers had fine thick hair and without expensive cosmetics. It is unlikely strongly the genetics changed. But in what there can be a business? The condition of indumentum of the head is influenced by a set of factors:

  • unbalanced food;
  • stresses;
  • seasonal shortage of vitamins;
  • influence of the hair dryer, curling iron and other devices;
  • cosmetic procedures (chemical wave, coloring, etc.);
  • incorrectly picked up cosmetics on leaving.

The reason for which it isn't possible to reach dense indumentum on the head is the increased loss. In normal conditions daily the person can lose up to 100 hair. The bigger quantity can demonstrate existence of problems with health.

All these factors cause not only strengthening of an alopetion, but also considerably worsen appearance as the hairstyle loses gloss, there is a weakness and exhaustion of indumentum. But the solution of this question is - it is possible to use ready pharmaceutical means or to make masks for density of hair in house conditions.

2 What masks for increase in density exist?

It is possible to find the effective masks for strengthening of hair operating in the different ways in drugstores.

Usually their action is directed to giving of volume at the expense of a pripodnimaniye of scales of a hair. The scales lifted from the basis, really, allow to make hair visually more dense. The main lack of similar means - hair become fragile, and a hairstyle - not well-groomed.

Masks for density, volume, strengthening of hair in house conditions

The following group - means on the basis of the silicone creating a film which thickens hair and does them more dense. But such means have a serious shortcoming: the silicone film on hair and the surface of head skin blocks access of air and nutrients, as a result hair receive less food and gradually weaken, dandruff develops.

Some masks for density of hair prepare on the basis of henna. They act practically as well as silicone - enveloping a hair and doing it is more fat. But at the same time access of nutrients and minerals to follicles isn't blocked. On the contrary, henna saturates hair with useful substances and macrocells. The main lack of such means - very high cost. But it isn't obligatory to spend money for expensive cosmetic masks for density of hair at all if it is possible to make an effective remedy of natural components in house conditions.

As it is impossible to change quantity of follicles to achieve density, it is worth working in three directions:

  • "wake" those hair follicles which for any reasons are in the sleeping state;
  • improve inflow of blood to head skin;
  • take care of vitaminization of head skin.

The most important that it is necessary to make - to provide inflow of blood and active food a follicle. It is possible to achieve it by means of a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Correctly picked up mask will allow to improve influence.

3 Oil for giving of volume

Any of natural vegetable oils allows to influence the sleeping follicles effectively. At the same time it envelops and levels hair, enriching them micro and macrocells, vitamins, fatty acids. All these factors allow to improve a state.

Masks for density, volume, strengthening of hair in house conditions

To achieve density and volume, it is the best of all to use jojoba oil, olive, almond stones, sesame or avocado.

Essential oils well are suitable for stimulation of blood circulation and improvement of work of hair bulbs. It is the best of all to apply oils of a sage, a pink tree, a cedar, rosemary, a sandal-wood tree. And churn exotic butter is ideal for owners of a fine hair: if to use it constantly, hair become much stronger and more dense.

Natural vegetable oils are effective in itself, but to strengthen their action and to accelerate emergence of result, it is possible to buy in addition vitamins A and E.

Vegetable oils can be included in structure of masks or to use as independent means. It is recommended to apply them on dirty indumentum, to close a film and to hold at least an hour. In rare instances oil is recommended to leave on all night long, but it is better to begin with less long procedures. Oil is better to wash away shampoo two times that there is no oil lock left.

Duration of a course will depend on the frequency of putting oil. The intensive course can last about half a year if to apply oil not less than 2-3 times a week. It is possible to repeat procedures more rare, 1-2 times a week, but then has to receive medical treatment longer.

4 Application of vegetable components

One of the most nutritious and useful oils to hair is coconut. This hair oil is obligatory for application if there is a wish to make thin indumentum more dense and volume. To enhance effect of this means, it is possible to include it in structure of a mask for density of hair. Except coconut oil oil of a sandal-wood tree and cinnamon is required. For preparation of a mask it is necessary to take 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, 1/4 tablespoons of cinnamon and a little bit, literally several drops, santalaceous oil. Oil is held at least by 4 hours, and then wash away.

Masks for density, volume, strengthening of hair in house conditions

It is possible to use avocado oil. It 2 tablespoons are required. Oil of avocado can be strengthened several drops of vitamins (And, E), to add butter churn (5 drops). Usual - to apply a mask method of application on the head approximately for an hour before washing. It is worth remembering that churn butter can strongly dry up hair. Therefore if very fragile in itself, this oil is better to apply hair only on roots.

Strengthen hair bulbs and effectively cedar oil allows to awaken the sleeping follicles. As basic it is possible to use other effective hair oil, for example, burdock, about 2 tablespoons are required to take it, to add to it cedar, to put and then to wash away in the habitual way. One more recipe for growth and density - mix of vegetable oils (grape seeds, olive), vitamins and essential oils (rosemary). Vegetable oils take 1 tablespoon, add several drops of vitamins. Rosemary oil is there been enough by 10 drops. Further the mask is put as usual.

5 Recipes of house masks

One of the most popular means used in production of house masks is the egg yolk. For preparation it is recommended to take only a yolk as it is rich with enzymes, carbohydrates, vitamins and useful substances. Copper, zinc, potassium, calcium, iron and other useful substances are its part.

Masks for density, volume, strengthening of hair in house conditions

For a long time the yolk was used as a means component for washing of hair. He allows to make indumentum more dense, strong and obedient.

Using an egg yolk, it is possible to cook different masks for hair for density. There are several popular recipes:

  1. Take 2 crude yolks and mix well. Add 1 glass of warm water and leave for some time until yolks completely are dissolved in water. Then the received water is rubbed in roots and skin. Hair need to be closed a hat or a film, to wind with a towel and to leave for an hour. After the expiration of this time it is necessary to wash up the head any shampoo.
  2. Egg needs to be mixed from 3 tablespoons of kefir and the small volume of powder of cocoa. The weight which turned out as a result needs to be applied a uniform layer to head skin. Allow the first layer to dry up, put one more layer. After drawing the last, third layer, it is necessary to close the head a hat, to wind with a towel and to leave for about forty minutes. It is necessary to wash away such mask only light shampoo.

6 Several popular recipes

The aloe allows to protect indumentum from influence of the environment, to make it more dense and healthy. Vitamins, micro and macrocells, polysaccharides are its part.

To prepare a mask on aloe juice, it is required to take in addition 1 yolk, 0,5 tsp of lemon juice and the crushed garlic glove. Mix, apply all components to skin and leave for 40 minutes. It is possible to wash away a mask warm water.

Masks for density, volume, strengthening of hair in house conditions

The kefiric and grain mask with henna is useful. It does a head of hear of more brilliant, gives volume, does visually more dense. On a glass of kefir (200 ml) it is necessary to take 1 tsp of henna and 2 grain crumbs.

Mix all ingredients in one capacity and leave for 5 minutes. Unlike other masks, the mask with henna is recommended to be applied on the clean and dry head. Kefiric and grain mix is applied not only on roots, but also on all length. Mix should be washed away warm water with a small amount of apple cider vinegar. Before doing a mask, it should be taken into account that it can not be suitable for owners of a light head of hear: indumentum after a mask can darken. Therefore if there is no desire to change color, the mask can be done without henna.

7 Recipes for different types of indumentum

Except the masks suitable for all types of hair, there are also others, suitable for the solution of many problems. For example, some components of masks (lemon juice, some essential oils) can injure a limp dry hair even stronger. Therefore for owners of hair of this kind important not only to give volume, but also to recover a little hair. The mask on the basis of a flax helps with it.

Masks for density, volume, strengthening of hair in house conditions

Preparation requires broth of seeds of a linen, colourless henna and a tablespoon of sesame oil. Flax seeds (1 tablespoon) fill in with water (1 Art.) and boil 10 minutes. Then broth is filtered, cooled. Add sesame oil and henna to it. As a result the mix on consistences reminding sour cream has to turn out. It has to be about 1 Art. if it is less, it is possible to add a little water.

The received mix is applied on all length of hair, left on the head for 30 minutes. Then it is necessary to wash up the head shampoo.

Components which will have the drying effect have to enter into structure of masks for growth and density. Oak bark, broth of a sage and bark of pomegranate belong to such elements.

For preparation of a mask it will be required to use white clay, oak bark, a tablespoon of curdled milk or kefir and a little warm water. At first cook broth from oak bark: 1 tablespoons of bark fill in with a glass of water, boil for 10 minutes. Then broth is left to infuse approximately for 20 minutes then filter. Add kefir or curdled milk to broth of bark of an oak. Then fill up with small portions white clay and well stir. As a result has to kashitseobrazny mix which should be applied on the clean, slightly moistened head will turn out. Mix is left for 15 minutes, then well wash out head skin warm water.

During drawing natural masks and oils it is necessary to be guided, first of all, by the feelings: even the useful and safe mask from natural components can not approach, so, and won't bring the expected effect.

Natural masks will allow to improve appearance, will give force, will make dense and brilliant hair, and at the same time won't involve serious costs.