Masks for hair for gloss and silkiness in house conditions: selection of the best recipes

The increased dryness of skin, fragility of hair cores, "effect of a dandelion", the disobedient, sticking-out in different directions locks worsen health of a head of hear. The vital energy, softness, natural luster to ringlets will be returned by house mixes on the basis of useful natural ingredients.

Masks for gloss and silkiness of hair will save even the driest, lifeless locks affected by aggressive influence of the chemical compositions. Write down recipes, learn opinion of phytotherapists and trichologists, experience curative action of house masks.

Why hair lose vital force

Masks for hair for gloss and silkiness in house conditions: selection of the best recipes

There is a lot of negative factors provoking problems of a head of hear:

  • frequent coloring, use of cheap paints with ammonia;
  • strong chemistry, regular thermolaying;
  • diseases of a hairy part of the head;
  • wrong care of a head of hear, hard water;
  • poor quality of shampoos, the laying structures overdrying skin and locks;
  • constant use of hairspray;
  • lack of vitamins, poor diet;
  • problems of internals;
  • the increased dryness of air from batteries.

Useful properties of house structures

Mixes from natural components at regular application will return to the overdried, dim locks natural beauty, will revitalize indumentum, skin. Useful products, essential oils, vitamins well influence epidermis and ringlets.

Masks for hair for gloss and silkiness in house conditions: selection of the best recipes Learn the instruction for application Volvit vitamin for hair.

Effective masks from baldness for women are described to this address.

Active ingredients carefully look after the weakened locks, recover force, health:

  • cores, epidermis receive additional food;
  • skin is softened, dandruff disappears;
  • hairs hold more moisture;
  • the structure of cores is restored;
  • hair bulbs become stronger;
  • uncombed scales are smoothed;
  • useful components get in a cuticle, fill emptiness, revitalize cores;
  • active components improve exchange processes, prevent early aging of hair cores, return to a head of hear vital force.

Important! For noticeable result conduct a course from 10–15 useful sessions. Trichologists recommend the injured hair to indulge masks for silkiness, luster of gloss twice or three times within a week.

Indications to application

Masks for hair for gloss and silkiness in house conditions: selection of the best recipes

Safely choose interesting recipes if you have following problems:

  • loss of natural gloss;
  • fragility, thinning of locks;
  • dim shade of the weakened ringlets;
  • "fluffiness" of hairs;
  • bad look of the weakened locks;
  • insufficient moistening;
  • plentiful peeling of epidermis;
  • confusion of locks.

Important! Lose softness, natural gloss not only dry locks. At high-fat heads of hear the condition of epidermis, hair cores also worsens. Below you will find recipes of effective masks at excessive greasiness of a hairy part of the head.

Magic power of masks for gentle gloss and silkiness

In 10–14 days you by all means will notice the first positive changes:

  • after restoration of structure of cores cuticle scales are smoothed;
  • the dryness of skin, locks decreases, peeling of a horn layer decreases;
  • there is a pleasant luster, brightness of color of the painted ringlets amplifies;
  • it is easy to comb, lay hair in a hairstyle;
  • the appearance of a head of hear improves, ringlets shine health.

Secrets and rules of application

Masks for hair for gloss and silkiness in house conditions: selection of the best recipes

Remember 5 rules of use of the masks returning ideal smoothness, pleasant luster to hair:

  • always test structures on sensitive places (a wrist, behind an ear, in an elbow bend) before the first application;
  • use qualitative, fresh products;
  • buy essential oils, natural powders, vitamins in drugstore or shop of phytocosmetics;
  • cook useful house structures shortly before application: so you prevent destruction of a part of valuable substances;
  • conduct a full course, use 2–3 recipes, you watch how the head of hear reacts. If necessary replace structure with more effective.

Recipes of masks for smoothness and magnificent gloss

Folk remedies – an easy, effective way of improvement of a head of hear. The minimum expenses, available components – advantages of structures from natural ingredients.

Experience effect of two-three mixes, choose suitable means. After a course of procedures think whether accepted you result. In 14–20 days set effect, make 10 more masks for silkiness and luster of locks.

Pay attention! During an improving course use grass broths. The camomile, a sage, a calendula are irreplaceable for fight against the increased dryness, "fluffiness" of hairs, lack of gloss. Rinse locks – the effect will repeatedly amplify, you will recover hair health, a pleasant look rather.

Restoring for the painted locks

Make soft puree from an avocado fruit, put 2 dessert spoons of warm flower honey, the shaken-up yolk. Cover with homogeneous mass all sites of a head of hear, warm locks for half an hour. Remove mix with warm water and shampoo. Addition – grass broth.

Oil mix at split ends

Masks for hair for gloss and silkiness in house conditions: selection of the best recipes

Take 20 ml of valuable jojoba oil, warm up a natural product a little, apply to skin, locks. A rare crest comb oil on all length, put on the self-made warming cap (a hat for a shower plus a terry towel). Wash up ringlets after 40 minutes, moisten with the acidified water.

The most effective remedy

Shake up a yolk, add 3 des. l. useful olive oil, on a tablespoon of sour cream and a tag. Rub nutritious mix in roots, comb till the ends of locks, warm in the standard way. Time of a useful session – a third of hour. Broth of a camomile and a sage (proportions 1:1) will strengthen influence.

Coffee structure

Make strong coffee, cast couple of tablespoons, cool. Still 3 tablespoons of slightly warm oil of an olive, 4 droplets of air of orange are required. Distribute the moistening weight on all head of hear, massage integuments, wrap up the head. Duration of the improving procedure – half an hour. After washing apply camomile broth on ringlets.

Kefiric and oil mask

The effective remedy smoothes cuticle scales, humidifies, saturates cores with nutrients. After the lock session smooth, brilliant, locks aren't confused, easily comb hair.


  • half of a glass of kefir of the fat content of 2,5%;
  • nutritious oil of an olive — 2 tablespoons;
  • air from flowers of a lavender — 3 droplets.

Heat fermented milk product and oil a little, add air. Plentifully moisten epidermis and dry locks, as usual warm for forty minutes. After washing with shampoo for gloss rinse a head of hear with broth of a camomile or the acidified water.

Cognac for fat ringlets

Masks for hair for gloss and silkiness in house conditions: selection of the best recipes

Return a healthy look, the smoothness, saturated gloss will help structure from 1 tsp of noble alcohol. Still 1 tablespoon of useful juice of an aloe, the same volume liquid a tag, ½ tsp of almond oil, as much freshly cooked juice of a lemon is required. Surely pour on an ampulka of Retinolum plus tocopherol.

Nutritious mix process fat ringlets, massage epidermis, warm. Passed a quarter of hour? Wash out ringlets, use bessulfatny shampoo. At high-fat indumentum use broth from equal shares of a yarrow and camomile.

Structure with oil argon or a macadamia

Did you get a valuable product with the excellent moistening, nutritious properties? Surely make effective wrapping for elimination of the increased dryness, fragilities of locks. After the procedure skin is softened, hair silky, with gentle luster.

The tablespoon of an exotic elixir is required. Apply an oily product on the top, carry out light massage. Rather thin comb distribute oil of nut of a macadamia or argon to tips, wrap up a head of hear. Wash away soft shampoo in an hour, rinse with camomile broth.

The simple recipe for shine of locks

Make strong tea: black or green – to solve to you. Take only leaf tea: bags quite often contain fragrances, dyes. Cast 4 dessertspoons of warmish tea leaves, pour in 1 tablespoon of fragrant oil of almonds.

Moisten a head of hear, massage skin, wrap up damp locks food wrap or cellophane, warm a terry towel. After half an hour remove the moistening weight with shampoo. Camomile broth will enhance gloss, mint broth will give freshness.

Mayonnaise for dry hair

Masks for hair for gloss and silkiness in house conditions: selection of the best recipes

Effective remedy for the overdried, injured hair. Cook mayonnaise, from olive oil, yolks, the minimum quantity of mustard. Select 2 dessert spoons of home-made sauce, mix with the curative oil of a burdock (2 tablespoons) which is shaken up by a yolk.

Apply the restoring structure on the overdried locks, massage epidermis. After 30 minutes wash away a mask with shampoo. Moisten clean locks with camomile broth.

Gelatin for saturated gloss

Ideally smooth locks, gentle shine – such is result of regular use of gelatinous structure. House lamination – so often call the procedure which is carried out by this technique.

Mix a tablespoon of kristallik from 4 tablespoons of not hot water, wait a third of hour until gelatin inflates. Warm up weight on couple or dissolve lumps in the microwave. Put a tea spoon of any balm for a head of hear in warmish weight, process locks from roots to tips, warm for 45 minutes.

For removal of gelatinous mix use warm water without shampoo. Twice a week – the optimum frequency of procedures.

Lemon and honey mix

Masks for hair for gloss and silkiness in house conditions: selection of the best recipes

The recipe will be pleasant to owners of fat locks. After the effective procedure hairs smooth, well-groomed, please with freshness, effective luster. Connect on a tablespoon of juice of a lemon or lime, warmish honey, aloe juice.

Comb the moistening, nutritious structure to tips, put on a usual hat for a shower, cover the head with a terry towel. Not hot water wash out locks through a quarter of hour. If it works, do without shampoo.

Pay attention to the weakened locks. For treatment of the injured hair of rather modest sum, patience and desire. Use the offered recipes of masks for restoration of gentle shine, silkiness of hair. The result surely will appear. Reviews of house masks for smoothness and gloss confirm positive influence of natural components.