Masks for hair for strengthening and growth in house conditions

 Each woman dreams to have a healthy and thick hair therefore tries to maintain beauty given by the nature. But to fix to itself men's eyes, it is necessary to preen sometimes feathers by all means: many level hair, twist on hair curlers or curling irons, constantly do laying by means of the hair dryer, doing a bigger harm of the to hair therefore they become dry and fragile, begin to drop out, lose the beauty and gloss. Somehow to correct it, it is possible to do periodically masks for strengthening of hair. It is possible to cook them at home, independently, so to speak from make-shifts, and it is possible to get store.

But, though now producers also offer the mass of means for strengthening of hair, they aren't always effective or not for all, structure of hair at all different, and what suits one person, can not suit another at all. And there aren't always enough forces, time, and, above all — patience for holding various procedures. Wishing to look ideally, women find more time for face care, and care of a hairstyle, as a rule, consists in its laying which harms even more.

To have healthy and beautiful hair, it is necessary to pay them attention and, without feeling sorry for time, to periodically do simple procedures and masks. It isn't obligatory to spend at the same time money for expensive cosmetic medicines at all, we have useful products near at hand and from them it is always possible to cook the nutritious strengthening mask which will return healthy gloss to your ringlets and will stop their loss.

Useful products

Masks for hair for strengthening and growth in house conditions

So, many products which each hostess has in the house it is possible to use with advantage, for example, kefir, thanks to it on hair is formed the protective film protecting a cuticle from damages. It is possible not only to add kefir or curdled milk to masks and to combine with other products, and to use separately. It is rather simple to apply on hair and to wrap up the head with a polyethylene film and a towel and to go so whenever possible of an hour to two, then to wash away carefully by means of shampoo.

Or egg yolks which useful properties are known already long ago. On their basis even, do the various shampoos and balms which deserved in due time great popularity.

The strengthening masks on the basis of natural natural products restore hair, interfere with loss and promote growth. But even despite their medicinal and useful properties, them also you shouldn't abuse and use without analysis. It is important to select competently ingredients, in an individual order, considering features of an organism and type of hair, and then the effect will be maximum.

For a start it is necessary to decide on type of the hair to pick up the correct means. Some can do much harm even more to your ringlets and make fatter fat type of hair or overdry dry hair even more.

The signs defining type of hair

1. Normal:

  • can't be excessively dry and long don't become fat;
  • look healthy and brilliant;
  • perfectly hold a form after laying;
  • weren't exposed to a chemical wave and painting.

2. Dry hair:

  • they were exposed to chemical influence (a wave, painting);
  • dry and to the touch rather rigid;
  • look dim;
  • hard comb hair and are easily confused.

3. Oily hair:

  • are quickly salted after washing;
  • stick together among themselves;
  • they lack volume and after laying they don't hold a form;
  • look hung.

Having learned about type of the hair, it is necessary to consider these features at preparation of masks: for fat type not to add means which can aggravate even more this problem, for example, various oils and if to add, then in the minimum quantities in combination with other ingredients which will be able to smooth effect of their influence.

The plain and effective mask can be thought up and independently if know what properties these or those products have. But if there is no wish to risk, then it is possible to use already reliable tools which still our grandmothers used or which were already influenced by millions of women.

The strengthening masks need to be put for half an hour or hour before washing of the head, the easy massage movements for the best penetration and food of hair bulbs. After the expiration of the put time they are washed away by means of usual shampoo which is recommended to be chosen too, considering type of hair.

Essential oils

Masks for hair for strengthening and growth in house conditions

Very beneficial influence is exerted on hair of a mask with addition of essential oils. They have not only the strengthening effect, but also do ringlets brilliant, soft and obedient, some save from dandruff, save split ends and return life to faded lifeless ringlets. They well affect the general condition of hair and bulbs and also head skin, restore and feed it.

About curative properties of oils know for a long time, and the American scientists even made an experiment with use of oils in masks for strengthening of hair. Participants of an experiment divided into two groups, and within half a year one of them in head skin rubbed structure with addition of essential oils, and another — without them. Of course, both groups had positive results, but at those who used oils, they were more noticeable, especially effectively it appeared for owners of thin and dry ringlets. Therefore it isn't necessary to neglect useful properties of essential oils and massage of the head before drawing a mask will affect very positively too, will improve blood circulation and will help to be absorbed quicker to useful substances in roots.

For strengthening of bulbs and a hair reconstruction use various oils of rosemary, a pine, an eucalyptus, lavender, a ylang-ylang and others. Oil of a pine helps to strengthen and prevent loss, the lavender will help to eliminate dandruff and goes well for an oily hair, rosemary too not only strengthens ringlets, but also saves from dandruff.

Owners of fat type should use carefully oils, they can strengthen even more allocation of sebaceous glands, but also for them there will be suitable: oils of a bergamot, orange, a marjoram, patchouli, a juniper, a melissa, grapefruit and a verbena normalize work of sebaceous glands that can prevent also a hair loss, and oil of a cedar also will promote their strengthening.

Oil can be added to various masks, ready cosmetics, balms and hair shampoos that will only strengthen their action.

Recipes of masks

Mask with addition of burdock oil

Absolutely effective mask for strengthening of roots of hair with burdock oil which effect guarantees not one generation of women. It not only stops loss, promotes strengthening of bulbs, but also intensifies growth. At the same time all masks from burdock oil are rather plain in preparation, the truth after them it is necessary to wash away very carefully the head that there was no effect of an oily hair.

Plain mask from burdock oil:

  • 3 tablespoons of burdock oil;
  • 2 yolks;
  • cocoa powder teaspoon.

Warm oil on a steam bath, add other ingredients and mix well, to distribute evenly on head skin, wrap up a polyethylene film and a hot terry towel. In an hour to wash away a mask water with addition of vinegar (1 tablespoon of vinegar on water liter). It is desirable to do this mask of times in one-two weeks.

Mask with use of rye bread

It is better for owners of an oily hair to refuse burdock oil. They will suit a mask from rye bread more:

To fill in with oak bark infusion (1 tablespoon of bark on 100 ml of boiled water) rye bread and to knead a fork before formation of uniform gruel which to apply on all length of locks, and in 20-30 minutes it is possible to wash away.

Carrot mask

The carrot mask will be suitable for strengthening and normalization of work of sebaceous glands:

On 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and bran to mix thoroughly 3 tablespoons of grated carrots, to rub well in roots, and then to distribute on all length of locks. In 15 minutes to wash away warm water without shampoo.

Mask from honey against a hair loss

Very well feed, strengthen, add softness and gloss to the injured hair of a mask with addition of honey, it contains about 400 nutrients and many vitamins. It is good to rub in roots honey in pure form, to mature 30-60 minutes, then to wash away warm water.

Mask with honey and onions

On a small grater to grate an average bulb, to add honey to proportions 4:1. Apply on hair, well rubbing in roots. If hair dry to add a little vegetable oil to structure (burdock, sunflower, olive or another what is at home). After 30-60 minutes it is good to wash away water.

Mask with honey and camomile

Masks for hair for strengthening and growth in house conditions

  • 1 dessertspoon of honey;
  • 100 ml of water;
  • 30 grams of flowers of a camomile.

To fill in flowers of a camomile with boiled water and on a water bath to boil 15-20 minutes. Broth cool, filter and add honey. Apply on damp clean locks for 30 minutes, then to wash away warm water. It is necessary to do this procedure of times a week.

There are many products of the bulbs promoting strengthening and a hair reconstruction which always at us near at hand or are available in any shop, at the same time cost not much. For example, colourless henna which promotes strengthening of bulbs also does hair brilliant. For such mask it is necessary to part a small amount of colourless henna in heat kefir and to apply on hair. It is possible to do this procedure twice a week.

The strengthening mask for normal hair

10 grams of gelatin to fill in 200 ml of warm water when granules soften and will increase in volume, to knead them a fork and to apply on hair, doing at the same time light massage of the head for improvement of absorption of useful substances and inflow of blood. In 15 minutes to wash away a mask with use of a small amount of shampoo.

The barmy strengthening mask

Part in 50 ml of warm water 10gr of yeast, add 1 teaspoon of sugar and to leave 2 St of a spoon of kefir for 10-15 minutes prior to fermentation process, then to add 1 teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of mustard powder. Apply on hair and, having wrapped up with a plastic bag and a towel, to leave for an hour, then to wash away warm water without shampoo.

Mustard mask for strengthening of hair bulbs

  • 1 tablespoon of dry mustard;
  • 2 tablespoons of kefir or sour cream;
  • 1 yolk.

Mix and apply ingredients on hair, it will burn down a little, but it is necessary to hold on 30-60 minutes. And then to wash away warm water.

Doing masks for strengthening of hair in house conditions, except structure and type of hair it is necessary to consider also existence of allergic reactions to products. If there is a need, it is necessary to check at first action of structure on the small site of skin, and already then to apply on the head and then you will become the owner of healthy and beautiful hair, without feeling the slightest discomfort.

Also you remember: the products surrounding us have so unique properties that we don't even imagine, and it is practically possible to use everything, it is just necessary to know about their action. House masks for strengthening of hair from natural products the best assistants in leaving, they are capable to work wonders and to return life and beauty to our ringlets, doing them soft, obedient and brilliant. Small efforts and any laying by it it won't be terrible. And men won't be able to remain indifferent to your fine ringlets!