Masks from onions – ancient folk remedy for acceleration of growth of hair

It is no secret that each woman wants to have the dense, beautiful and shining with health head of hear. Unfortunately, not each representative of a fine half of mankind was by nature given such luxury. The onions are long since used by women for strengthening and growth of hair.

The valuable product is enriched with the vitamins and minerals necessary for health of ringlets. Their shortcoming leads to sad consequences.

Masks from onions – ancient folk remedy for acceleration of growth of hair

The elements which are contained in onionsAction
ThiamineEliminates fragility and loss. Adds gloss.
RiboflavinumPromotes acceleration of growth of hair.
Nicotinic acidIncreases density of a head of hear and stimulates growth.
Pantothenic acidKeeps youth hair a follicle longer, gives elasticity.
Folic acidIs vitamin for female health and growth of ringlets.
BiotinStops loss.
PyridoxinePrevents loss and stimulates growth.

Thanks to these useful properties the product is widely used in cosmetology and care of ringlets.

Mask from onions for growth of hair — the recipe

For many years of national practice on improvement and restoration of a head of hear by means of onions the set of recipes of preparation of house masks collected. The advantage for hair is caused by also high concentration of vitamins B green feathers of a root crop, they are actively applied to production of curative masks for a head of hear too. Among other things, onions mixes are suitable for all types of hair. The easiest way of onions therapy is a massage with juice use. Such procedures are recommended to be carried out in 20-30 minutes prior to washing of the head. But mixes with addition of other useful ingredients are more effective. Detailed instructions in this article will be prompted – how to make a mask for hair of onions.

Masks from onions – ancient folk remedy for acceleration of growth of hair

Mask for hair with onions and egg

The onions mask with egg has the nutritious and restoring properties. For its preparation it is necessary to mix pulp of a bulb and egg. For head skin inclined to a peresushivaniye and emergence of dandruff it is better to use only an egg yolk.

Ready mix it is necessary to process ringlets, head skin and to hide under a film. Time of influence of a mask shouldn't exceed 40 minutes.

There is a set of variations of execution of this mask with addition of other components. As the most effective it is recognized the described mix is lower.

Crush a bulb half, add a yolk and a tablespoon of honey, as much base oil. To mix thoroughly everything before receiving homogeneous mass. Apply it a plentiful layer to skin, and properly to comb locks a crest. Leave to influence half an hour and wash away warm water.

Masks from onions – ancient folk remedy for acceleration of growth of hair

Mask for hair with onions juice

It is possible to apply plant juice to simplification of the procedure of washing off. The recipe below the described mask with juice of onions works wonders. Such therapy is capable to return to life even the most exhausted ringlets.

  • Cognac – 30 ml,
  • 30 grams of fresh honey,
  • 15 grams of burdock oil,
  • 15 ml of lemon juice,
  • yolk,
  • bulb half juice
  • several drops of air

place in nonmetallic capacity and to mix properly.

Mix turns out liquid therefore as thickener it is possible to use cosmetic clay. All structure needs to be warmed up slightly in the microwave oven and warm to apply at first to skin, later to locks. Wrap up the head with a film and for 10 minutes to warm up by means of the hair dryer. After warming up to reel up a turban from a scarf or a towel and to go 40 - 5-more minutes. After the specified time to wash the head with shampoo. It is recommended to carry out therapy for a month, at an interval of 4 - 7 days.

One more remarkable mask for a limp hair is made from

  • 15 ml of onions juice,
  • 15 ml of cognac and 1
  • 5 grams of small sea salt.

Such mix is applied on locks and carefully rubbed in roots. Influence time 1 hour. After this time to wash the head habitually.

Masks from onions – ancient folk remedy for acceleration of growth of hair

Mask for hair from onions and garlic

Garlic deserved a place of honor among admirers of national methods of a hair reconstruction long ago. Perfectly the mask for growth of hair with onions and garlic proved.

For preparation of a mask it is necessary to crush 1 small bulb and 3 - 5 garlic gloves by means of a kitchen grater. It is possible to use gruel or to wring out juice and pulp of root crops. To add to garlick and onions mix 30 ml of castor oil, 15 ml of cognac and 1 yolk of egg. For elimination of a specific smell it is possible to add 2 - 3 drops of air of rosemary or a lavender. Put and leave a medicine for an hour under a film.

This mask completely stops loss, stimulates growth, increases density, gives elasticity and softness. What else to wish?

Because of an unpleasant onions smell many inhabitants refuse use of so useful onions mixes, even without having tried. But actually, everything isn't as terrible as can seem. On dry hair "aroma" isn't heard, it can be noticed only on wet locks. This phenomenon can be eliminated completely by means of some receptions.

To get rid of an undesirable smell, it is possible to make a repeated mask of colourless henna. For this purpose it is necessary to part with hot water 15 grams of powder of henna, to insist 20 minutes and to apply on locks. Mature 20 - 30 minutes and wash away.

Masks from onions – ancient folk remedy for acceleration of growth of hair

Rinsings by vinegar solution yield positive result too. For preparation of solution it is necessary to enter 15 - 30 ml of vinegar on liter of warm water. Vinegar can be replaced with lemon juice.

The grain mask not only will help to eliminate an onions smell, but also to strengthen them. For preparation of this mask it is necessary to fill in with water 2 slices of rye bread and to leave for 10 minutes for swelling. Wring out excess liquid. It is possible to add a little lemon juice to a crumb and steam of drops of air. Mix has to stay on a head of hear about half an hour. After that to wash the head with shampoo and to apply balm.

Existence in structure of onions masks of such ingredients as lemon juice, yeast, cognac and essential oils partially eliminates undesirable "aroma".

You shouldn't neglect national onions masks, their effectiveness is checked by any generation of female half of humanity.