Mustard for hair - the best means from loss, for growth and density

Mustard for hair - the best means from loss, for growth and density

Hello, dear readers. Today it will be a question of mustard which can be applied not only in cookery. Mustard is familiar to us since the childhood, probably there is no person who wouldn't know what is mustard. When we were ill, to us applied mustard plasters. At more mature age when sat down to have dinner, served us tasty mustard which gave special sharpness to favourite dishes (jelly and meat dishes). But, there is a habitual product it is possible to use and for appearance our ringlets. Today we will consider options of care of a head of hear by means of this available means which already deserved the popularity, judging by numerous responses and popularity.

The main methods of application of mustard for hair

How does mustard, directly, affect hair? First, mustard influences head skin. It accelerates blood circulation, warming up head skin.

The blood circulation is better, the more nutrients arrive to onions of hair. Nutritious components force bulbs to become more active. Therefore hair grow much more intensively.

Mustard will be suitable also for care of fat type of hair as has the drying effect. It collects surplus of a grease secret. Thus, you will be able to interfere with formation of a greasy luster.

Also mustard will help to cope with fungal diseases and bacteria. Also will remove inflammatory process.

Advantage and harm of mustard for hair

Mustard contains the mass of useful minerals:

And a number of vitamins:

  • tocopherol
  • nicotinic acid
  • nonsaturated fatty acids
  • Retinolum
  • холикальциферол and group B vitamins

And also — whites and fatty acids.

As a result, useful properties of mustard for hair:

1. Stimulation of growth of hair.

2. Fight against loss.

3. Natural antiseptics.

4. Strengthening of structure.

5. Does hair by silkier and adds live gloss.

The wrong application of means on the basis of mustard can result in fragility of hair, cause dandruff and overdry head skin.

Mustard for hair — from loss, for density and growth of hair

1. Growth activation. Mix 5 grams of mustard powder with water before formation of a squash. Add 15 grams of honey, 15 milliliters of juice of an aloe and also onions and garlick juice. Involve all and apply on hair. Place emphasis on roots. If you apply not the first time, then leave a mask for 90 minutes.

2. Activation of growth for dry type of hair. Mix 5 milliliters of oil of an olive and creamy. Fill 5 grams of mustard powder. Carefully stir. Apply on roots of hair and head skin. From above record polyethylene and fabric. You hold half an hour. Apply few times in a week within a month.

3. Mix 125 milliliters of kefir, 2 zheltochka, 5 grams of mustard powder. Put for 35 minutes, wrap up the head.

4. Connect 15 grams of mustard powder and 5 grams of sugar. Dilute with warm water to consistence of porridge. Put, without rubbing on head skin. Warm and hold 35 minutes.

5. For a dense head of hear. Mix 125 milliliters of the kefir heated to a warm state with 15 grams of sugar, and yeast. Set aside in a cushy job of 35 minutes. Then add 15 grams of honey and 5 grams of mustard. Stir everything. Apply on hair for 60 minutes.

6. Fight against loss of hair. Make strong tea leaves. When it is warm, stir 30 milliliters with one yolk and 15 grams of mustard powder. You apply on half an hour twice a week.

Mustard for hair - the best means from loss, for growth and density

Masks with mustard for hair, render really positive result at a hair loss, accelerating their growth.

7. We do hair more dense. Part mustard powder. Mix 10 milliliters of solution with one zheltochok. Apply on all hair for 25 minutes.

Effective masks with mustard for hair — the best recipes

1. Care of fat type of hair. Mix 30 grams of blue clay with 5 grams of a gorchichka. Pour in mix of 30 milliliters of apple cider vinegar 15 milliliters of infusion of a mountain arnica. Apply on half an hour, wash away with shampoo.

2. For fat type with a konyachok. Fill in 5 grams of mustard with 50 milliliters of water and pour in 70 milliliters a konyachka. Apply on the head for 3 minutes. Then wash out the head.

3. For dry type of hair. Mix 15 grams of a gorchichka with couple of yolks. Add 30 milliliters of cream and 15 milliliters of juice of an aloe. Wet dry hair this structure. Wash away through a quarter of hour.

4. The strengthened feed. Slightly heat a kefir glass half. Mix with one yolk. Add couple of droplets of oil of rosemary and 5 milliliters of almond. Add and stir 5 grams of honey. At the end fill up and mix 15 grams of a gorchichka. The mask is ready to drawing.

5. Against seborrhea. Mix in a cup mustard powder of 15 grams, one small egg, 15 grams of honey, 30 grams of mayonnaise, 10 milliliters of burdock oil, and one crushed garlic glove. Apply on the head. In about 50 minutes wash the head not hot water. Use means not more often than once a week.

6. We reanimate a limp hair. Mix one small egg with a gorchichka and honey. Add a little vegetable it is buttered also sea salt. Involve all and apply on roots of hair on a quarter of hour.

7. Fragrant mask with cinnamon. Mix 5 grams of cinnamon, 30 grams of honey, and 45 milliliters of burdock are buttered. Bring to boiling on a languid flame. Let's cool down. Later mix 5 grams of a gorchichka. The mask to be applied on roots of hair, and then is warmed and keeps within an hour. As end – a washing of hair nutritious shampoo.

8. Grain. Crush 145 grams of a black hlebushk and stir with 60 milliliters of beer. In mix report 15 grams of honey and 5 grams of mustard. You put on all length. Warm and leave for 55 minutes.

9. For normal type of hair. Mix lemon juice with natural yogurt. Fill a little mustard powder, oat flour. Also mix gram the 15th tag. Apply on hair on a quarter of hour.

Here such masks with mustard for hair, you can choose to yourself that mask most of which suits your type of hair, or that which will help to resolve an issue with hair.

Shampoos with mustard, dry shampoo

Shampoos are one more convenient way to look after the hair. It is possible just to dissolve 30 grams of mustard in liter of warm water and to wash out the head.

So you will save hair from pollution and remove the saved-up grease raid. Or it is possible to cook shampoo according to the recipe.

For strengthening of volume

Add 5 grams of gelatin to 60 milliliters of lukewarm water. After it slightly thickens and will inflate, add one zheltochek and 5 grams of mustard. Mix everything.

Apply with the massage movements on hair and leave for about 20 minutes. Later rinse the head.

Cognac shampoo

You not only revitalize hair, but also you will impregnate them with a magic smell. Fill 15 gorchichka in 125 milliliters of warm water of grams. Then pour in 150 milliliters a konyachka.

Stir everything. Massage the head structure of minute 3. Later rinse the head flowing water.

We accelerate growth

Grate a quarter of a children's mylets. Fill in with 500 milliliters of hot water. Let's cool down.

Prepare grass gathering from leaves of a nettle and camomile. Fill in 30 grams of gathering with boiled water and let's infuse. Decant soap solution and grass infusion.

Mix liquids and add to them 30 grams of mustard. The structure is ready to use. You store in the refrigerator. Expiration date of 7 days.

Dry shampoo

Several herbs – buds of a birch, hop, nettle leaves, backs of a glycyrrhiza and a burdock are required. Crush them. Now make gathering of 5 grams of each ingredient.

Add to gathering 50 grams of rye flour, 15 grams of mustard, and 5 grams of ginger dry. Properly involve all.

At you the dry concentrate which if necessary is diluted with water and is used as means for washing of the head or a mask turned out.

Super mask with mustard oil

Oil is slightly more expensive, but if you bought it, then you will be able to do with it masks. Just rub oil in head skin. It is also possible to apply means and on all length.

If hair have hypersensibility, then mix in half mustard oil with linen or burdock better.

Record hair a polyethylene hat and leave on all night long. This means was actively applied by women of the people of Asia. Thus, they fought against loss of hair and a gray hair.

Mustard for hair - the best means from loss, for growth and density

Or second recipe. Mix 20 milliliters of mustard oil with 45 milliliters of strong tea leaves of green tea. Mix components. Apply to skin of the head. Massage the head. Take a mask of 40 minutes.

Main contraindications and precautionary measures

Mustard for hair — super-means, but it is necessary to know about precautionary measures. At the wrong application of masks on the basis of mustard the risk appears to cause an essential loss to ringlets. How to avoid it?

Don't apply a mask and means on the basis of mustard if:

1. You injured head skin, namely there are wounds, scratches.

2. At diseases of skin, such as psoriasis and eczema.

3. If you have seborrhea in an aggravation stage.

4. You have a hypertension.

5. You had a stroke recently.

6. You observe inflammatory processes in respiratory bodies.

7. You are pregnant or you nurse.

A number of obligatory precautionary measures before application of means:

1. Surely carry out the test for an allergy. For this purpose apply a little structure on a wrist and wait about an hour. At emergence of negative reaction don't apply means. Also people aren't recommended to apply means with hypersensibility of head skin. For example, if when using shampoos or coloring strongly pinches head skin.

2. You don't dissolve mustard powder with water of hot temperature, only warm. Otherwise at more high temperature harmful elements will be allocated.

3. If you have a dry type of hair, place emphasis on fat components of a mask, and don't apply it too often. You don't put a mask more often than once in 7 days. If type of hair fat it is possible to use a mask few times in a week.

4. If you put a mask for the first time, then it is recommended to leave it no more than for 7 minutes. Later it is possible to increase an interval gradually.

5. The structure shouldn't be applied on clean hair.

6. Delete a mask with the help of washing of hair under flowing water of warm temperature.

7. If after drawing a masochka, burning too strong, then it is necessary to wash away and lower a mask concentration of mustard. If it didn't help, then it is necessary to refrain from use of a mask. Burning has to be an average and not to bring pain.

8. Use exclusively mustard powder for production of a mask.

9. If your hair have the increased fragility and tips split, then it is necessary to humidify them with oil before the procedure and to apply a mask only on roots and a middle part.

10. Don't allow hit in eyes and if it occurred, then wash out flowing water.

You remember, care of hair has to be selected individually and to be regular. At independent leaving it is very important to pick up suitable means and to alternate them among themselves. Be not overzealous, trying to get rid of an oily hair, so you

receive only dry and lifeless tips of hair. And it is also difficult to solve this problem. Therefore any leaving, both for fat, and behind dry hair has to be moderate and balanced.

Try to solve not only the main problem, but also to do the nutritious and moistening masks. Don't wait for instant results, you need several regular procedures for good effect.

If you observe a problem with a hair loss, then you shouldn't rely only on masks and external leaving, perhaps you observe deficiency of vitamins or more serious problems with an organism therefore try to ask for professional medical care.

It isn't obligatory to follow strictly recipes, it is possible to replace components on similar to them, or to enter additional oils and broths of herbs.

And of course, it is important to select correctly other means for care of hair, such as shampoos, balms and emulsions.

Don't forget about daily protection of your hair against negative factors of the environment. Care for your hair, and they will answer you with beauty and gloss.