Hair-dye spray. A novelty in the world of coloring.

The modern industry of beauty doesn't stand still second, and here in the market one more means for change of female image or giving of a certain highlight appears.

Novelty: temporary spray-hair-dye

Each woman at least once in life tried to experiment with the hair, painting them in various colors. And the result not always met expectations. Painting hair usual means even if also bezammiachny, you subject them to the strongest influence, actually burning out a natural pigment. Hair-dye - spray - a novelty in the world of coloring of hair. Hair-dye spray. A novelty in the world of coloring.

Not always the result received as a result of usual coloring matches the color on paint packing. Everything depends on structure of your ringlets, density of scales, stability of a hormonal background at the woman. It is known that the myth that it is impossible to dye hair during pregnancy is already dispelled. In the family way don't recommend to dye hair only because hormones at this moment just storm, and causing structure of color "natural fair-haired", for example, it is possible to become the burning brunette absolutely unexpectedly. And it is possible to remove such result in only one way - using a remover, that is, in other words, decolouration. And it is even more aggressive structure.

Advantages of spray-hair-dye

It was impossible and to present several years ago that there will be such unique means which will help to change color of a hairstyle or to refresh existing all for couple of tens of minutes.

Hair-dye - spray has a number of advantages before usual coloring. We will begin one after another:

  1. Opportunity in several minutes to change the image to unrecognizability.
  2. Wide color palette, beginning from standard flowers ("blond", fair-haired and chestnut), finishing with ultramarine, blue and neon shades.
  3. Hair-dye - spray is easily washed away by means of usual shampoo.
  4. Practically doesn't influence a hair, without injuring it from within.
  5. Convenient form. Hair-dye - spray is on sale in the cylinders similar to paint for graffiti. To part, disturb, it is necessary to measure nothing. She is already completely ready to application.

Using various cliches, it is possible to create the interesting drawing on hair or at all independently to make fashionable coloring to "ombra". Hair-dye spray. A novelty in the world of coloring.


When coloring hair shortcomings are paint-spray also:

  1. Limited sale. Until this product became popular with the population, it is possible to buy it not everywhere. Generally under the order or in online stores.
  2. Price. Is significantly higher, than at usual hair-dye, especially if you choose means from branded producers.
  3. Using spray-hair-dye, it is necessary to consider that it is sprayed not in the form of cream, mousse, namely in the form of spray. So, it is easily possible to soil everything around itself.
  4. A small amount in one cylinder. One cylinder will be enough only to make highlighting on short hair. For longer hair and full picturesque coloring it is necessary to buy several cylinders.
  5. After all it is better to involve the assistant as the onlooker sees most of the game, paint is how evenly distributed to carrying out coloring.
  6. Paint-spray of some firms doesn't shine on hair at all. Therefore before purchase it is necessary to get acquainted attentively with structure or to esteem at least what spray-hair-dye responses I have collected about the action.

Method of application

So, having made the long-awaited purchase or having received a parcel, before carrying out coloring it is necessary to be prepared for him.

First, to choose the room in which there is as little as possible furniture, woven materials, curtains. As it was mentioned above, hair color-spray is very much soiled.

Secondly, to prepare gloves on hands for coloring and also an apron which you will put on over clothes. Hair-dye spray. A novelty in the world of coloring.

So, we begin coloring:

  1. Hair need previously to be combed carefully. Hair have to be dry, there is no need for washing of the head any.
  2. To choose locks which you want to paint. To accurately spray paint on their surface, at the same time to watch that paint hasn't got into eyes.
  3. To take paint some time on hair for dehumidification. This time is specified in the instruction, usually it is no more than 15-20 minutes.
  4. After locks dry up, to accurately comb and admire the gained effect.

In fight for beauty all means are good. Spray-hair-dye – the latest means for fans to experiment with the appearance.

And what opinions of the girls who have tried on themselves a novelty? Paint-spray is easily applied and perfectly is suitable for change of image for a short time. After drying it isn't showered, but easily washed away after the party by any shampoo. Paint can be applied even to the children going to a fancy-dress New Year's morning performance.