Peach hair oil: advantage, application, masks

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In the east the peach is considered not just tasty and fragrant fruit, but also a standard of beauty and appeal. Often speak – "Skin as a peach!", it means that skin of the young girl same toasted and velvety. Very often and the woman is compared to this tasty fruit – it is considered the highest praise.

Peach hair oil: advantage, application, masks

But here the value of peach oil was estimated by right only by girls and women, it is everywhere applied in cookery, medicine, cosmetology. Effect of peach oil on hair just amazes – locks after such treatment become smooth, strong, shining. Peach oil is used in fight against a hair loss and still by many problems about which we will talk a bit later.

Peach oil is extracted from pulp of stones by a cold extraction. Upon purchase of oil in drugstore pay attention to its grade – the superior quality only oil of the first cold extraction has. As it wasn't exposed to heat treatment, such oil kept in itself a maximum of useful and curative components. Surely pay attention to an expiration date – expired oil is useless. Besides, it is better to buy oil in dark capacity, it is protected from sunlight, so, kept the useful properties.

Advantage of peach hair oil

In general, any cosmetic oil is the real find for a dry, brittle and dim hair. Any oil contains huge amount of vitamin E which gives to hair elasticity and live shine. However oils differ with the properties, peach it is considered the king of cosmetic oils. And the rank it is quite deserved.

  1. Oil perfectly copes with dry, fragile and lifeless locks. After a course of treatment peach oil hair take a healthy, live and natural form.
  2. Oil restores the overdried locks after unsuccessful coloring, burning out in the sun, numerous chemical waves. The improving rate of peach oil will allow to save hair from a hairstyle.
  3. Oil adds to hair improbable gloss, smoothness, silkiness.
  4. Peach oil protects hair from fragility, prevents emergence of split ends.
  5. If to use oil it is regular, on hair there is an easy protective film which preserves a hair trunk against external influence – sunshine, thermal devices, varnishes, the aggressive painting means, etc.
  6. Peach oil contains a large amount of tocopherol which replaces natural elastin in locks. At the expense of this component hair become strong, more elastic and smooth. At regular use of a lock cease to be fluffy, it is easy to comb them.
  7. The peach oil applied on hair after coloring perfectly keeps color, emphasizes its natural shine, suppresses development of a gray hair.
  8. In peach oil there are antibacterial and antiseptic components which allow to struggle with dandruff and its fungal manifestations (seborrhea).
  9. B5 vitamin which in peach oil there is a lot of interferes with a hair loss. Oil not just keeps hair, but also awakens the sleeping hair follicles thanks to what ringlets become much more dense and strong.
  10. In peach oil there is a lot of iron which is necessary for blood vessels for transportation of oxygen to the damaged sites of hair.
  11. Peach oil is saturated calcium which is construction material for restoration of structure of a hair trunk. At deficiency of calcium hair become fragile and friable, but it can be corrected by means of such plain, but such effective peach oil.

It is not the complete list of merits of oil of peach stones. However to benefit from a product at most, it needs to be used correctly.

How to apply peach oil on hair

Some women were disappointed in house masks after the first use – like, hair became fat, it is impossible to wash out and the effect of a mask didn't please. It can occur if it is wrong to use oil. We will tell you about subtleties and nuances of use of peach hair oil that the procedure brought only pleasant impressions.

Peach hair oil: advantage, application, masks

  1. Before preparing for drawing a mask, it is necessary to change clothes in old clothes as fat spots wash off hardly. For the procedure we need a small ceramic bowl, a hairbrush with rare teeths, a film, a towel, shampoo.
  2. All know that any cosmetic oil makes much bigger positive impact on hair and skin in a warm look. Therefore oil before drawing on hair needs to be warmed up. It is better to use for this purpose a water bath or just to lower a bowl with oil in hot water. Don't heat oil on naked flame at all, otherwise it will lose the curative properties. It is impossible to heat and keep oil in metal ware, otherwise it can be oxidized.
  3. When oil is heated, we will start its drawing. It is possible to apply oil and on moist hair, but after all it is better on dry as it will be so simpler to define sites which you didn't manage to process.
  4. Begin to apply oil better from head skin, but only in case your purpose – to get rid of dandruff or a hair loss. If there is no such problem, it is better to recede from roots of hair to steam of centimeters and to begin to apply oil exactly from there. The matter is that to wash away oil from roots of hair and head skin it is a little more difficult. Therefore if you need to treat split ends, you shouldn't process the head completely.
  5. For processing of roots of hair lower fingertips in a bowl with warm oil and carefully walk the massage movements on all area of head skin. Try to promassirovat each centimeter. After that dip a hairbrush in oil and comb it hair. Distribute oil evenly that it impregnated each lock. In conclusion plentifully moisten tips in oil.
  6. After that collect hair in a bunch on a nape. At the same time be careful – don't pull and don't injure hair, in oil they are very elastic and can tear.
  7. Time of a continence of a mask depends on your patience. At least it is necessary to mature half an hour to receive though some result and improving effect. At most it is possible to leave a mask till the morning – the effect after such long influence will be just stunning.
  8. You don't hurry to wash away fat locks water. The oil structure will just push away water molecules, and you won't be able to wash out hair. It is necessary to shake up foam from shampoo in a small cup and to apply it on hair, to try to make foam locks. Parts of soap are linked to molecules of fat and bring them outside. It is necessary to wash out hair 2-3-5 times. Every time use enough shampoo. It is very important to wash out carefully ringlets, otherwise after drying the oil remains on roots of hair will be created by feeling of dirty and fat locks.
  9. After careful and numerous washing of hair the lock can rinse with solution of vinegar or a lemon, broth of a nettle and camomile. It will give to ringlets of freshness and live gloss.
  10. It is impossible to dry hair after the restoring masks the hair dryer at all. Let's locks dry naturally.

At real problems with health of hair such mask can be done 2-3 times a week. For preventive effect it is enough also once a week. If you have oily hair, it is better to refuse masks with such dense fat structure, otherwise the problem can be aggravated.

Masks with peach hair oil

Oil in itself – rather powerful and effective cosmetic product. However in order that oil worked more pointwise, it should be combined with other components as a part of useful masks.

Peach hair oil: advantage, application, masks

  1. Oil and onions. Mix warm peach oil with juice of onions and apply mix on hair. Onions intensify rush of blood to hair follicles, provide food with oxygen and minerals. Oil awakens the sleeping follicles and suppresses aggression of onions juice. In a tandem peach oil and juice of onions have fine effect against a hair loss.
  2. Oil, sour cream, yolk. It is an excellent mask for a dry and brittle hair. Warm oil needs to be mixed in equal proportions with fat sour cream, to add 1-2 yolks, to apply structure on hair. Distribute mix on locks and leave for 40 minutes. It is better to wash away a mask cool water, otherwise from hot water the yolk will be curtailed and it will be difficult to be washed up from ringlets.
  3. Cognac, camomile, oil. This mask is directed to strengthening of color of natural hair. If you the brunette, it is necessary to mix cognac with oil and to apply on ringlets. If the blonde, instead of cognac it is necessary to use strong broth of a camomile. After drawing a mask it is necessary to wrap up the head with a film and to warm a towel. For bigger effect heat the head a hot stream of air from the hair dryer.
  4. Aloe juice, oil, nettle broth. Mix a tablespoon of fresh juice of an aloe with the same amount of oil and 100 ml of strong broth of a nettle. Apply the cooked mix on roots of hair, carefully rub structure in head skin. It is a fine mask against dandruff, already through 2-3 applications from white flakes there will be no trace left also.
  5. Oil, vitamins A and E, dimeksid. It is a vitamin mask which can be used both in the preventive purposes, and as the restoring structure for the weakened hair. Mix two teaspoons of peach oil with vitamin A and E (everyone on 2 ampoules), add a teaspoon of a dimeksid. The cooked structure needs to be distributed on hair, to collect in a bunch and to wrap up with a film and a warm towel. Leave a mask for one or one and a half hours, and then wash away, using shampoo.

These simple, but such effective recipes will help you to cope practically with any cosmetic problem. The main thing in use of folk remedies is a regularity and persistence. And then the result won't keep itself waiting long.

In the ancient time oil of peach stones was very valuable and expensive. It was exchanged for gold in equal ratios of weight. Only ladies of the highest estate were able to afford to have oil. It was used as hand cream and a hair. Peach oil didn't lose the popularity to this day. At the correct use this means can become worthy replacement to many expensive cosmetics. Use peach oil that hair remained beautiful, strong, healthy and brilliant!