Products for hair from loss and for growth: what most useful we make the approximate menu of food for every day

Products for hair from loss and for growth: what most useful we make the approximate menu of food for every day

Healthy and beautiful hair are a reflection of a condition of our organism.

Therefore, if in it there are any violations, then they, in turn, inevitably involve problems with hair.

Hair become dim, dry, fragile and splitting or at all begin to drop out.

One of the main reasons for a hair loss is improper feeding.

What products for hair from loss and for growth need to be eaten? We will talk about it in this article.


How does food influence a condition of hair and skin?

The correct day regimen and diet are of very great importance for growth of hair, their structures and formations in general. Hair bulbs receive food in the form of minerals from blood and oxygen. Follicles are very sensitive to any changes in an organism, even such as observance of a diet for decrease or a set of weight.

In the first case hair receive less necessary amount of white, iron, vitamins. In the second — incorrectly made menu, including excessive consumption of greasy food, results in the increased greasiness of hair.

Products for hair from loss and for growth: what most useful we make the approximate menu of food for every day If most it is difficult to reconsider the diet and to understand what products from a hair loss the most useful products for hair, then it is possible to address the expert.

The doctor will teach to distinguish bad fats from good and will advise to use more vegetable protein.

Also there are factors influencing, directly, head skin.

The main reason for violation of a state and emergence of dryness is the use of insufficient amount of liquid.

Doctors recommend to drink about two liters of water a day.

Products for hair: from loss and for growth

Food for hair from loss and for growth has to contain both vegetable, and animal protein in a diet. This is fish, a bird, low-fat meat, nuts, bean. Products are sources of zinc which lack just and leads to a hair loss. Iodine is also important.

It can be found in seafood and a seaweed. Consumption of vegetables and fruit is considered obligatory, they contain the greatest number of minerals and vitamins, so necessary for our hair.

Food at a hair loss has to be balanced, especially during unexpectedly developed illness. What products need to be eaten at a hair loss? What needs to be eaten daily? Further we will provide the approximate menu of food at a hair loss:

  1. Vegetable oils: wheat germs, hempy, olive. It is necessary to add these oils daily to porridges, fresh vegetables salads.
  2. Fresh vegetables, including grated (carrots, beet). Vegetable salads surely have to be with dressing from vegetable oils.
  3. Fruit (apples, citrus). Everything, the vitamins which are contained in them, promote strengthening of hair and their growth.
  4. Proteinaceous food: fish, fowl (chicken, turkey), beef. The use of white is also important because from its short-reception to food and there is a loss and section of hair. For example, in the first day it is possible to include fish in the menu (river or sea), and next day — meat of chicken or a turkey. It can be both white, and red meat.

    Products for hair from loss and for growth: what most useful we make the approximate menu of food for every day

  5. Against a hair loss fermented milk products are useful. It is impossible to forget also about milk protein, its digestion in a human body happens quicker, than digestion of animal protein. Fermented milk products exert beneficial effect on head skin and a hair follicle.
  6. Nuts, especially walnut, are very useful, contain fats, necessary for hair.
  7. Kashi: buckwheat, rice and oat. Porridge can be used for breakfast, and here will better regale on buckwheat for dinner or a lunch. It is ideal to season it with olive oil.
  8. Water — a daily and obligatory ritual without which observance won't be possible to get rid of a hair loss. Water is vital need for a human body therefore you aren't lazy and don't forget to drink enough pure liquid during the day.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

The breakfast has to comprise the following products: cottage cheese (it is possible with fruit), porridge to which it is possible to add fruit too if it turned out too sweet; also salty, rice porridges (it is possible on milk) or an omelet with 2-3 eggs.

Lunch: potatoes baked in an oven with meat of fish or bird, beef, vegetables salad or rice with fish/meat, greens. For dinner there will be relevant a seaweed with meat boiled or baked, vegetable fish salad, cottage cheese or kefir.

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What it is worth excluding from a diet

Products for hair from loss and for growth: what most useful we make the approximate menu of food for every day There are products from which hair drop out.

For example, alcohol, hamburgers, hot dogs, a smoked, salty, tinned, large amount of sweets, the aerated sweet drinks.

All this doesn't bear in itself any useful substances and vitamins therefore such products unambiguously should be excluded from the diet.

At exact observance of all rules of food results won't keep waiting.

In 2-3 months the hair loss will considerably be reduced. Hair will gain healthy gloss, shine, silkiness and smoothness, will receive sufficient saturation by moisture, vitamins and minerals. Now you know what products are useful to hair from loss.