The review of means for my care of hair. Part 1. Shampoos

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The idea of writing of several posts with the detailed description of my leaving came to my mind. Namely: shampoos, balms and conditioners, masks, ampoules, sprays, indelible silicone oils and cream, hairbrushes and other accessories. For the time of hobby for hair subject I tried many means, and I will try as it is possible to write in more detail about each of pleasant. I want to note that products in posts will be exclusively professional, so it was led that from organic chemistry and a massmarket I am spat by poison not delighted.

So, today's subject: Shampoos.

The review of means for my care of hair. Part 1. Shampoos
Earlier I held the opinion that shampoo is created for this purpose just to clean and to cause head skin problems. That it in itself(himself) doesn't bear any other functions and can't bear. Over time, when I tried quite impressive quantity of means, I understood that my opinion was wrong. How look depends on shampoo and hair as they hold are felt to the touch or don't hold volume and so on. Well, we will begin! The review of means for my care of hair. Part 1. Shampoos
I will take some images on the Internet as I have no products any more, but I can't but tell about them


1. Estel Otium Flow "Energy and Food." Power-shampoo

The review of means for my care of hair. Part 1. Shampoos

Information from the producer:
"Delicately cleans hair, effectively moistens them, restores elasticity, adds gloss and silkiness."

As far as I am not changed by memory this shampoo was my very first of professional leaving. I then didn't understand anything, but I so was worn out with a head skin itch (and hair were in a sad state) that I solved why and not to try professional. I was always misled by a heap of different firms and jars in departments of professional cosmetics for hair, I didn't know what to me to watch at and in general for what here only so many. The review of means for my care of hair. Part 1. ShampoosAdvised to make a choice for this shampoo to me the consultant, I then had not really long hair, but I thought that if shampoo is intended for long hair, then he has to make thrifty use of length and tips more.
I will tell at once that I used this shampoo up to the end and with great pleasure. Even now, if someone who asks me to advise shampoo (on condition that the person is limited in a possibility of the choice of firms and has long dryish hair) I advise this. It well foams, softly washes out, not to a scratch, and length at the same time is nearly fluffy, hair don't stick out in different directions as a dandelion. The itch of head skin, by the way, at use of this shampoo passed, then I understood that from a massmarket I won't return to shampoos any more. It it is excellent to be suitable for daily application, but can not suit girls with very fine and rare hair (can force down such hair in "icicles").


2. Shampoo the restoring Constant DELIGHT for the injured and dyed hair."

The review of means for my care of hair. Part 1. Shampoos

Information from the producer:
"Special vitamin cocktail, extract of red seaweed, extracts of fruit acids and proteins of wheat provide deep regeneration and restoration of the damaged structure of hair and head skin. Softly cleans and condenses hair without weighting, adds the shining gloss. The convenient consistence, good foaming and pleasant aroma do shampoo even more attractive in use."

Well, we will begin with the fact that the producer impudently lies to us tells not absolutely the truth. Shampoo makes heavier, takes away also volume and awfully badly foams. But I very gently loved this shampoo and used it almost every day.
I will begin with small background: when shampoo once again was necessary for me, the consultant advised to take me this. It was presented in two options: standard 250 ml and 1000 ml. I took liter as it left much more economically (for 250 ml I would give 300 rubles, and the liter cost only 650 rubles). And first very much regretted about the decision. Shampoo caused the naggers of head skin, zhirnit roots and badly washed out length, hair were as if fat after washing. I tried it several times and threw, very much was upset that advised me such muck.
But there passed some time and I decided to give it the second chance, after all not to throw out the whole liter. And there were what miracles: the itch passed, shampoo began to wash out my hair and ceased to take away volume from roots. Yes, it undoubtedly makes heavier, but I am pleasant and likes this effect.
Shampoo nacreous light yellow color, has a neutral pleasant smell which doesn't keep on hair. Hair after it weighted, more smooth, but at the same time very volume and streaming, don't gryaznitsya quicker than usual. When it at me ended I even wanted to buy it once again, but the draft to try new didn't allow me it to make. This shampoo unambiguously won't suit girls with a rare and fine hair, but will please those who can't pacify fluffy and disobedient ringlets in any way.


3. Colored hair shampoo of L'Oreal of INOA.

The review of means for my care of hair. Part 1. Shampoos

Information from the producer:
"The Inoacolor Care cream-shampoo created directly for the hair painted by Inoa paints without the content of sulfates softly and gently cleans hair. Argon oil adds smoothness and gloss. Extract of green tea, being a source of antioxidants, provides food and protection, supports brightness of color."

This shampoo only of a collection of my favourites without contents in the structure SLS (but, of course, organic it doesn't do it). Everything began with the fact that I got a free sampler, and I so liked effect that I bought the full-size version of 250 ml (there is also liter volume). Shampoo rather expensive, and somewhere I heard that it isn't produced any more, I don't know, this information is how authentic. Has consistence of dense cream, unusual for me, well foams, and foam is also similar more to soft gentle cream, than to standard foam. A smell at it just looney pleasant.
When I bought it, I began to wash joyfully and zealously daily with it the head, it gives very expressed cosmetic effect: hair become soft, streaming, weighted and smooth. After it it was very easy to go too far in nesmyvashka, but I was accustomed. And so, for the fourth day of everyday washing it just ceased to wash out to me hair, then I understood that this shampoo for every day doesn't approach, and began to use it few times in a week. It is also possible for them without fear to wash out length (that I do approximately time in 2 weeks), it isn't capable to dry at all. In my opinion, shampoo will approach or to girls with strongly damaged, or to girls with hair magnificent, dry and porous by nature. By the way, paint from hair with it is washed away absolutely as well as with other shampoos.


4. SPA Antistress shampoo with Constant Delight hollyhock extract.

The review of means for my care of hair. Part 1. Shampoos

Information from the producer:
"This cosmetic was created especially for a fine hair and an oily hair. Shampoo which contains natural extracts of nutritious components in the structure protects hair from external negative impact. Frequent use of this shampoo allows to give to hair a well-groomed look."

This small miracle in a pink small bottle is intended for the sensitive head skin inclined to an itch as I was explained by the consultant in shop. Shampoo doesn't contain silicones and dyes, it transparent, on consistence as gel, foams not really well. But here with a fragrance the producer didn't stint: I didn't meet such strong and pungent smell yet. It smells of a lavender, and the smell on hair keeps long, probably, fans of a lavender will like me to that am not.
Well it is fine, after all began to smell in shampoo — not the most important property. I would carry this shampoo just to the category of those which just clean. Washes out well, to a scratch, the itch doesn't cause, but also doesn't make special impact on hair. Hair after washing magnificent, easy, are fluffy a little, with it it is necessary to use more indelible means to calm down my raged mane:) Also it doesn't prolong freshness of hair, though the producer advises it at oily skin of the head. Will suit girls with a fine hair at which often ringlets stick together in fat icicles. Won't be suitable for the injured and dry hair, can dry them even stronger.


5. Ollin Service Line Shampoo-Stabilizer Ph 3.5.

The review of means for my care of hair. Part 1. Shampoos

Information from the producer:
"Shampoo stabilizer rN 3.5 with the looking after formula, containing the fruit acids which for hair underwent active influence (coloring, decolouration, straightening, a chemical wave).
Provides delicate clarification of head skin and hair. Shampoo normalizes rN skin and a hair after the procedure of coloring, clarification, a chemical wave. Irons scales of a hair and stabilizes a color molecule."

As it is clear from the name, this shampoo is stabilizing and is used directly after coloring. It is very important thing if you prefer to paint hair chemical dyes in house conditions as it is designed to stop oxidation process. Also it should be used after such procedures as, for example, glazing. Shampoo has very pleasant smell, very dense gel texture. Foams on hair well, such shampoo it is necessary to wash out both roots, and length at least twice. It very strongly washes out, wet hair become just like a dry broom, but it is with interest neutralized by balm. This shampoo was my the first of similar, and I thought that the effect of dryness it and has to be, didn't try the stabilizing shampoo from Kaaral yet (I will separately not write about it as I used it all several times and wrote about it a small response in the catalog, I will tell only one — it very soft). The second time of Ollin I will obviously not buy, but if you limited finance or the Kaaral brand isn't presented, then all the same I advise this shampoo. In the long term it doesn't dry hair and doesn't spoil (I use it more than half a year), but here the most important to use the same balm. As a result of use of shampoo and balm hair become very soft smooth and beautifully shine (but it also depends on dye). Such shampoo can't use daily or when you wanted, it is intended only for use only after coloring!


6. Kaaral K05 Sulphur Cream Shampoo.

The review of means for my care of hair. Part 1. Shampoos

Information from the producer:
"Dense shampoo thanks to high concentration of sulfur excellently cleans and restores balance of skin of a hairy part of the head. Eliminates and prevents peeling and the naggers of the angry, sensitive skin. Well the psoriaticheskikh of the phenomena, after parasitic damages of skin influences elimination of displays of dermatitis of various etiology. Possesses good, moisturizing the dry skin."

This shampoo is medical of the trikhologichesky range Kaaral. It is intended for people with sensitive head skin, with various displays of dermatitis. I as the person inclined to an itch and emergence of sores (the truth with transition to professional it practically came to naught, but aggravations nevertheless occasionally happen) I am very glad that there is such remarkable means. Shampoo very liquid, yellow color and with a pronounced smell of sulfur. Moisturizes head skin, foams well, eliminates the naggers. I advise girls with similar problems to look narrowly as despite high price, it is the excellent assistant. I use it seldom, as necessary, it helps from the first. The only nuance about which it isn't specified on packing — is recommended to hold on the head it not less than 10 minutes. It doesn't exert any impact on length of hair, just washes out, doesn't zhirnit and doesn't dry hair.


7. Kaaral K05 Anti Hair Loss Shampoo.

The review of means for my care of hair. Part 1. Shampoos

Information from the producer:
"Shampoo against a hair loss. Shampoo is intended for clarification of head skin and start of the mechanism of action of a therapeutic complex. It is enriched with extract of siliculose pepper, a nettle, mountain arnica, and also oil of a tea tree. Active components of shampoo improve microblood circulation."

There is such opinion that any shampoo can't stop a hair loss, and I this opinion completely agree. Then why to me such shampoos, you ask. And I will answer here that: shampoos of this sort prepare head skin for drawing the subsequent leaving (tonics, lotions, ampoules against loss), due to the best clarification of head skin and in a case with this shampoo of its warming (blood inflow improvement).
This shampoo also is medical of the trikhologichesky range Kaaral. It well foams, has gel consistence and orange color, smells of pepper. After drawing 2-3 minutes are recommended to stand him on the head, during this time he manages to render the warming effect. Shampoo quite strongly dries, as well as all similar shampoos (which I met) therefore to it in couple good strong balm is necessary. As for loss, together with ampoules from a ruler, he copes with a bang. Hair after it magnificent and easy, isn't suitable for daily application. I use it courses on a month 2-3 times a week.


8. Shampoo for growth of hair, against loss with Angel ginseng extract.

The review of means for my care of hair. Part 1. Shampoos

Information from the producer:
"Contains ginseng extract mix in the form of the encapsulated RB1 form prevents fragility, restores structure, cleans follicles and stimulates growth of hair. Extract of a ginseng and an eucalyptus prevent excessive loss of hair, by skin saturation by nutrients. Very soft cleaning agent contains."

This shampoo also from loss, has good structure, but contrary to promises of the producer very strongly dries and aggressively washes out. If you want to wash away paint from hair, then you should pay attention to it:) Because it washes away paint in roots very zealously. Shampoo of average consistence, smells very pleasant, easily foams. It is recommended to stand him on the head of 5 minutes. In its such washing-out property there are both pluses, and minuses. Plus is that all means which are put after its application stronger and longer heat or cool, so, blood circulation is stimulated stronger and means work better. That is he copes with the main objective with a bang. And here minus that to it strong balm is necessary in couple (by the way the similar conditioner is just ideal), differently hair can become the land. Also I didn't recommend to use its daily, itself I use it courses for a period of a month on 2-3 times a week.


9. Shot Care & Trico Fresh Ice Shampoo.

The review of means for my care of hair. Part 1. Shampoos

Information from the producer:
"Shampoo with the cooling effect.
Is ideal for frequent washing of hair.
Instantly gives feeling of comfort, freshness of head skin and gloss to hair.
It is ideal for frequent application."

One of my most beloved shampoos. I protect it for special cases or special mood. Everything began with the fact that it was impatient me to buy shampoo with menthol and such that cooled head skin. I adore this feeling. I know that it is possible to add essential oil of mint to any shampoo and to gain so desired effect, but I wanted such shampoo. And I received it.
Shampoo of gentle light green color, with remarkable aroma of mint candies which long keeps on hair. Foams well, washes out hair very carefully and softly, doesn't sputyvat, doesn't make heavier, but also doesn't give effect of dryness. Hair after it the lungs streaming, volume, but not fluffy, tips beautifully lie "a hair to a hair". It can be used every day, it perfectly will suit girls both with thin, and with thick hair. Unless on strongly injured hair of special effect it won't be noticeable.


10. Keen Deep cleaning shampoo.

The review of means for my care of hair. Part 1. Shampoos

Information from the producer:
"Shampoo of deep cleaning carefully deletes from hair dust and means for laying. Optimum prepares hair for chemical processing or the procedure of leaving, e.g. laminations. Promotes obtaining uniform result of coloring, and also deep penetration of the looking after ingredients into structure of a hair. Hair gain elasticity and easily comb hair."

Each hair maniac of the girl who carefully looks after the hair has to have shampoo of deep cleaning. I will tell at once — this ShGO at me the first and only, at the same time it for all 100% suits me and I have no desire to try others. Shampoo has a pleasant smell, well foams and washes out actually very softly.
Shampoo of deep cleaning is necessary for this purpose to clean a hair from the saved-up leaving when it became too much. When hair become dim, lose gloss, gather in icicles and all your favourite masks and means cease to work and give visible effect — you need it. ShGO have the technology of application, of course, it can depend on concrete brand and concrete means. On the Internet there is a lot of different information on the necessary frequency of use of similar shampoos, somewhere write that optimum to use ShGO of times a month, somewhere, that time in 2 weeks, etc. I even met the girl who used it every other day and was surprised why the ends became dry and began to split. I consider such approach in a root wrong. It isn't necessary to use the deep-cleaning shampoo according to the schedule (of course if you paint hair, then that is another matter), they need to use as required! And it is obvious in a month more than once, it is time in 3-4 months, can less often, but is definitely not more often. As for coloring, before it it is good to use such shampoos for this purpose that dye laid down more exactly and longer held on on your hair. As I paint hair, I should use shampoo of deep cleaning of times in 2 months, on the eve of coloring of length (in one or two days).
As I use this ShGO:

  1. At first I wash out them only roots and I wash away
  2. Then I wash out roots and length, and I leave shampoo to influence hair within 10-15 minutes, so it will much better cope with the pollution which ate in a hair, indelible silicones, etc. I wash away.
  3. Again I soap length and roots, I wash away.
  4. I use the favourite nutritious mask.

As a result hair turn out very brilliant, incredibly soft, is direct as if anew were born:) The condition of hair after ShGO is a true condition of your hair therefore if as a result your hair became dry, then it doesn't mean that shampoo somehow dried up them.


11. Kaaral Purify Energy Shampoo.

The review of means for my care of hair. Part 1. Shampoos

Information from the producer:
"The toning shampoo with extract of mint and menthol. The RN neutral level allows daily application. Possesses the favorable toning action in the evening, and the invigorating effect in the morning. It is ideal for men."

I bought this shampoo when looked for shampoo for every day and yes, I was under a delusion on contents as a part of menthol again. Shampoo very liquid, foams well, smells just of menthol (I think therefore it easily will suit also men). I can tell that he disappointed me a little. In spite of the fact that, menthol is in structure, it doesn't cool head skin, here at all in general. Washes out not to tell that it is very soft, but also not to a scratch. Moist hair after washing are felt rather smooth to balm. However hair after drying very fluffy and tips stick out in different directions (even if to use a good mask and a nesmyvashka). But all the same for every day this shampoo approaches not bad, it doesn't overload hair, it will be ideal for girls with a fine oily hair, it, by the way, doesn't take away gloss from hair.


12. Keen Hydro Shampoo.

The review of means for my care of hair. Part 1. Shampoos

Information from the producer:
"The moisturizing shampoo has the general vitaliziruyushchy and regenerating effect on hair and head skin. Thanks to ability contained in it is mute hempy oil to fix moisture, shampoo helps to keep humidity of skin, restores its elasticity. Menthol refreshes skin, and biotin (B7 vitamin) supports a metabolism in cells of head skin."

With this shampoo at me very interesting story. Once long ago I already had it and then not strongly it was pleasant. Hair at me then were strongly injured and I from it didn't gain any super-wow effect, especially it not really well then washed out my hair. I didn't even think that I will buy it sometime again if not a competition on a rating raising here on the website. It for some reason so strongly ate in my thoughts, internally I spoke to me: "Buy this shampoo, buy". There now I also gave up and as the most courageous person, bought liter at once! The review of means for my care of hair. Part 1. ShampoosJust on it there was a big discount, and I thought: "Why not".
This time shampoo surprised me, subdued and got to fall in love. It smells of mint candies, in structure there are a menthol, biotin and hempy oil. It cools head skin as I and dreamed, moistens hair, softens and does them more dense. When I wash away it also hair still wet, them to the touch it seems more! For the first time I meet such effect of shampoo. When hair dry this effect remains. Also it perfectly washes out, doesn't zhirnit, doesn't take away volume, but does hair very soft from roots to tips and a little weighted. Every day you shouldn't use similar shampoos, of course, therefore I use it every other day and I alternate to Kaaral. Shampoo will obviously not be suitable for the injured hair, in it I learned by own experience, but for more or less healthy it is the real find. It seems to me, I found what looked for long ago — the ideal shampoo.
For comparison of Kaaral and the moistening Keen I want to show here such photo. On top tips stick out in the parties a little, and on lower opposite accurately lie and shine. Perhaps from outside it isn't strongly noticeable, but for me a difference powerful, especially to the touch.
The review of means for my care of hair. Part 1. Shampoos



Here huge the post turned out such, I hope fell asleep nobody during reading, and information was though something useful.
On a result I want to provide the small table of shampoos which have some special influence on a type of length of hair that it was simpler to you to be guided:

Constant Delight
for painted
For thin
For damaged