Rules of coloring of hair. Step-by-step instruction

Rules of coloring of hair. Step-by-step instruction

The aspiration to novelty is peculiar to women. They look for a new image, experiment with the appearance. Coloring of hair in various shades is capable to change considerably habitual shape therefore ladies of all age resort to it. Implementation of this procedure is quite possible in house conditions if to follow certain rules and to consider some nuances.

How to paint hair in house conditions?

Rules of coloring of hair. Step-by-step instruction Having decided on the choice of desirable hair color, it is worth buying qualitative paint of the famous and reliable producers then not to be disappointed in result. Of course, it is necessary to study a packet instruction where information on initial hair color and received as a result is provided. Also on it are specified: necessary amount of paint for different length, correctness of training of structure, dye keeping time.

Coloring of hair in house conditions demands certain skills which can be gained without effort over time. The accuracy, attentiveness and speed can be considered as the main condition.

It should be taken into account if the previous coloring was natural (for example, henna and basmy), then it is necessary to apply chemical dyes through certain time. Especially at decolouration absolutely unpredictable result is possible.

Rules of coloring of hair. Step-by-step instruction

It is impossible to dye hair at the wounds or inflammations which are available on head skin. Chemicals are capable not only to cause ozheg, but also considerably to aggravate a condition of integuments.

That in the course of work it wasn't necessary to distract or feel any discomfort, it is necessary to prepare beforehand all necessary.

How it is correct to choose stock for coloring?

It is necessary to take care of acquisition of the following tools:

  • bowl plastic or glass for mixing of ingredients;
  • brush with the long handle for putting paint;
  • gloves for protection of hands;
  • clips or crabs for fixation of separate locks;
  • hairbrush with wide teeths;
  • cape on shoulders from waterproof material;
  • towel,
  • hours for control of time.

Also fat cream or vaseline for drawing on face skin is useful to save it from coloring. Having prepared stock and the place for work, it is possible to start directly coloring.

Step-by-step procedure of coloring of hair

If there is an opportunity, it is worth involving the assistant, but also to independently execute coloring of hair of the house quite well to each woman. It is important to adhere to a certain sequence of actions and to carry out all rules.

  1. First of all it should be taken into account that it is necessary to dye dry hair. Wet locks badly absorb dyes. It is desirable not to wash the head before the procedure at least 1-2 days that will allow to keep natural protection.
  2. In the cooked bowl it is necessary to mix thoroughly paint. For this purpose in an emulsion paint is squeezed out from a tube and quickly mixes up until smooth. Time of active reaction of chemicals is limited therefore it is desirable to do everything quickly enough.
  3. Skin along the line of growth of hair, on a forehead and temples is greased with any fat cream. It is necessary not to paint over them. In operating time it is worth watching closely purity of these places and in case of need at once to wipe a napkin or special means for removal of dye from skin.
  4. Previously well combed hair should be divided into separate locks. On hands by all means there have to be gloves. It is worth beginning with an occipital part, applying paint with a brush from roots to tips. Work on a temporal part as there is most fine hair comes to an end, and they are painted much quicker.
  5. After putting all dye, it is desirable a hairbrush with rare teeths accurately to distribute it evenly on all length of hair.
  6. Modern paints practically don't flow, but some ladies prefer to put on a hat after all. It is quite relevant for long hair.
  7. Dye is matured time specified in the instruction then it is necessary to wash away it. It is possible to use shampoo and the conditioner. Often in a set in paint there is also a balm adding softness and gloss. Application and any other balm intended for a dyed hair is possible.

As we see, rules of coloring of hair absolutely simple, and their performance by all means will provide excellent result. Separately it is worth placing emphasis on the most often found mistakes influencing a procedure result.

Rules of coloring of hair. Step-by-step instruction

Typical mistakes when coloring hair of the house

Often some councils aren't given due consideration that involves various troubles.

  • Use of the structures cooked in advance is inexpedient as active effect of dye is shown about 40 minutes. After time paint influences worse, losing the force.
  • Use of paints with the ended expiration date.
  • Keeping of the caused structure on hair is more than recommended time. Some ladies consider that they will receive brighter and steady color. But as a result it is possible to burn locks only.
  • Drying by the hot hair dryer right after the procedure which only does additional harm, enhancing fragility.
  • The preliminary sensitivity test to dye reagents isn't made. Especially relevant on the relation in the unknown producer as allergic reaction of an organism isn't excluded.

It is necessary to remember, mistakes when coloring hair are capable not only to spoil a head of hear, but also to do harm to health. Councils are simple, it isn't difficult to carry out them, and the result will be excellent, pleasing and lightening the mood to owners of magnificent brilliant ringlets.