Serum from a hair loss how to apply, responses

Use of Serum in comparison with other looking after and reducing agents differs from a hair loss in a number of advantages about which you learn from below-mentioned material.

It is no secret that a hair loss – the problem concerning many women, men aged and even young girls.

Producers of cosmetics and the pharmaceutical enterprises produce hundreds of agents helping to strengthen hair bulbs, such agent as Serum is distinguished from them.

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As Serums work

Serum is the special concentrated agent containing tens of vitamins, trace substances, essential oils and other biologically active agents promoting improvement of a condition of hair.

They are issued not only for strengthening of locks, depending on components they can enhance silkiness, save from dryness and split ends and solve tens more of other effects.

But, despite the different mechanism of action, any cosmetic Serum replaces with itself several agents at once – balm, mousse for laying and a mask.

All companies which are engaged in development and production of Serum first of all select composition of drug so that it strengthened hair bulbs.

Standard components practically any Serum:

  • Olive, almond, peach and some other base oils. Under influence of oils head skin is moisturized, and on ringlets the imperceptible protective plenochka appears.
  • Essential oils. Their main destination – abirritation and inflammations.
  • Herbs. Both one grass, and the phytocollecting from extracts of several plants can enter Serum. Under the influence of herbs there is a work activization a follicle, gloss and durability of a hair amplifies.
  • Vitamins from group B, E and And not just enrich head skin cells with nutritious elements, but also regulate work of sebaceous glands.
  • Trace substances positively influence a condition of roots and a hinge of ringlets, doing them is stronger.
  • Tsiklodestrima – the special substances strengthening an absorption cells of a skin and bulbs of all main components of Serum.

Serum from a hair loss how to apply, responses

The listed components are a basis practically of each brand of Serum, but each firm producer tries to add the unique elements strengthening positive influence of an agent for a head of hear to the product.

Therefore without effort it is possible to buy drug for restoration of dry or fat ringlets, hair with split ends or for spoiled by a constant staining and chemical waves of locks.

Serum for hair is really convenient and at the correct use an effective remedy, before other drugs restoring ringlets carry to its advantages:

  • Possibility of use without washing off. That is after putting Serum the head doesn't need to be washed and it isn't even desirable.
  • Possibility of drawing, both on wet, and on dry ringlets.
  • Protective function. After use of Serum on hair there is a strong plenochka, it interferes with aggressive influence of external factors. Use of this agent allows to use curling irons and irons bravely.
  • The effect of a styling, that is ringlets will easily keep within any hairstyle.
  • Emergence on volume hair.
  • Action duration. After drawing all components of Serum work several hours and therefore bulbs and locks are restored very quickly.
  • Usability. Drugs are produced in small vials with a batcher that allows to put an agent for locks in any place and at any time.

Serum from a hair loss how to apply, responses

The expressed medical effect of Serum at restoration of durability of hair appears in two-three weeks.

But the chosen agent should use at least two months, only in this case you for long time will forget that when were concerned by excessive loss of hair and their unattractive appearance.

Known manufacturing companies of Serums

Selecting itself cosmetic Serum, it is necessary to consider not only the type, but also the main problem of head skin and ringlets.

The manufacturing companies release the agents activating body height of locks, having the nutritious and moistening effect, it is possible to find drug against a dandruff and split ends in drugstores and shops.

Those girls who have no special problems with a hairstyle often take just looking after forms of Serums protecting hair from thermal influence, ultraviolet and other adverse factors.

Agents from the company L'Oreal, Estel, Faberlic enjoy popularity.

Serum from a hair loss how to apply, responses

The Londa and Avon company produce the polishing Serums.

Serum from a hair loss how to apply, responses

Bonacure Hair Growth Serum from the company Shvartskopf is effective at a severe hair loss.

Serum from a hair loss how to apply, responses

Inexpensive Serum from Ollin Professiona with the name Power is widely applied. Carry to the budgetary options also drug of the Fructis company.

Serum from a hair loss how to apply, responses

Carry cosmetics for hair of the Wella company to professional tools. Under this brand it is possible to buy not only Serum, but also the restoring shampoo and lotion.

Serum from a hair loss how to apply, responses

Simultaneous use of all line will help to cope even with such problem as an alopecia.

The Vichy company releases the strengthening masks, balms, body height activators. Cosmetics under this brand as the producer assures, cope with the majority of the reasons of weakening of ringlets.

Serum from a hair loss how to apply, responses

Belita: application instruction

The Belarusian company Belita releases a series of the looking after agents behind hair. Production costs absolutely not much, but from it her merits don't decrease.

Superactive Burdock Serum-spray contains in structure burdock extract, D - pantenol, the hydrolyzed proteins.

Serum from a hair loss how to apply, responses

Under the influence of a complex of these substances ringlets not only become stronger, but also become softer, their combing is facilitated and gloss appears.

To use Serum-spray very easily:

  • The agent is applied to head skin and to locks.
  • For achievement of the maximum effect liquid needs to be rubbed after drawing in an integument.
  • Spray can be sprayed on roots of hair right after washing of the head.
  • After use of drug of an arm it is necessary to wash up as on them there is a sticky plenochka, it doesn't affect appearance of a hairstyle in any way.

It is recommended to apply spray every day, it isn't forbidden to spray it on hair more often than once per day.

Most of customers noticed the first positive effect after two-week use of Burdock spray.

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"I noticed strong loss of hair after stomach operation. As at that moment the financial situation left much to be desired, I got absolutely inexpensive agent for strengthening of locks – the Belarusian Serum from Belita "Burdock". Also you know, I definitely didn't expect such effect – approximately in a week of treatment I understood that hair don't pour huge scraps any more. And in a month my hairstyle became absolutely such as in youth, that is hair became brilliant, smooth and strong" — Olga, 29, Minsk.

Wella: application instruction

Serum against a hair loss of Balance Scalp Energy Serum from the Wella company provides entering to bulbs of a hair of day norm of necessary nutrients.

Serum from a hair loss how to apply, responses

At the expense of it ringlets get durability, their life cycle is enlarged and the thinning decreases.

The main Balance Scalp Energy Serum active ingredients – biotin, lauric acid, caffeine and larger group of vitamins.

Optimum route of administration:

  1. The agent needs to be distributed evenly on head skin.
  2. Quiet movements need to be made circular massage.
  3. It isn't necessary to wash away drug.
  4. As prophylactic is used 3 times in seven days.
  5. If it is necessary to cope with the most severe hair loss, then Serum within 45 days is used daily also by the next 45 days only three times for each seven days.

Besides Balance Scalp Energy Serum the Wella company releases also other types of cosmetics allowing to recover health to hair.


"Wella I use power Serum several years. Closer by spring at me hair begin to drop out strongly that, however, occurs also in stressful situations. And at this time production of the Wella company becomes for me the real salvage. After putting liquid the pleasant chill is felt, hair after processing become more obediently, easier, more softly. Ringlets considerably become stronger already on the second weeks of use, but I usually treat them about 6 weeks. The agent is spent economically, the only thing that strains, is a spirituous smell, but it quickly disappears" — Oksana, 31, Moscow.

Andrea: application instruction

Andrea – the drug of the Chinese company containing only natural components — extract of a root of a ginseng and ginger, grape seed oil, a plant Tokkobana and the distilled water.

Serum from a hair loss how to apply, responses

Under the influence of all components inflow of a blood to head skin cells repeatedly amplifies, transportation of molecules of oxygen and nutritious elements improves.

The result of use of an agent of Andrea is not only the termination of a severe hair loss, but also acceleration of their body height, the increased silkiness, a poslushnost, disappearance of a dandruff and the cumulative revitalizing effect.

It is necessary to use the drug Andrea as follows:

  • 3 ml of an agent need to be admixed from 100 ml of usual shampoo. If hair long, then enlarge amount of drug to 5 cm.
  • In the beginning the head needs to be washed up shampoo without Serum addition.
  • Drug is applied already on clean hair, and in head skin it is necessary to rub it not less than 5 minutes.
  • Right after it medical liquid is washed away by a large amount of warm water.

At the raised head xeroderma Andrea's agent it is possible to use every time when washing the head.

At fat type will enough use Serum once in 7-10 days.

The producer of production recommends to conduct a hair reconstruction course duration up to two months. At the same time drug can't be admixed with shampoo in advance and to store after opening more longly than 4 months.


"I use Serum already the second time. The first course pleased with results – not only hair, but also fingernails, probably became stronger because I rubbed liquid arms without gloves. On the second time there is no such effect, locks drop out less, but it is all the same visible that to norm still far" — Elena, 34, Vladivostok.

Dr.sante burdock series: application instruction

Dr. Sante a Burdock series – production of the Ukrainian company of "Elf". Natural cosmetics contain the main active ingredient – burdock oil in which thanks to unique technologies all natural biologically active agents remained.

Serum basis for body height of hair — the Trioradix complex including extract from black radish and a root of a burdock, the inulin received from a girasol.

Serum from a hair loss how to apply, responses

Thanks to all these natural substances a delivery of bulbs of a hair amplifies, their aging is slowed down, and healthy and strong hair begin to grow.

Serum is in addition enriched with an Aether of an eucalyptus, ginger, cinnamon, red pepper — these ingredients well strengthen body height of ringlets.

Also aloe extract possesses the abirritating and moistening action pantenol.

Drug is recommended to be applied on an integument of the head and hair after washing.

On the head the agent needs to be rubbed the massing movements, it isn't necessary to wash away liquid.

It is necessary to use not less than three weeks with a condition of putting Serum up to 4 times in a week.


"I didn't expect that Serum really so quickly will help. In two weeks of its use I noticed that the hair when combing drops out much less. In addition I ordered balm and shampoo of this firm, I hope that too I won't be disappointed" — Sofya, 28, Kiev.

Serums from a hair loss — really universal remedy which isn't demanding a lot of time for its use.

That the result of restoration of ringlets didn't disappoint, it is necessary to choose such brand of this cosmetics which will approach type of hair, and action of its ingredients will be referred on the solution of your problem.

All of good luck!