Coloring by henna: we treat hair and we rejoice to color

Coloring by henna: we treat hair and we rejoice to color

The hair, irrespective of style and age, many women want to dress in red hair color. East beauties long since give to a head of hear a copper noble shade, applying coloring of hair henna. Since then exchanged in technology little: the product and result remained the same. Let's consider what effect of use of this natural dye whether it brings benefit or harm and as it is correct to dye hair henna.

It is a little about henna: versions and general information

Powder for hair-dyeing by henna is done of henna leaves, this plant is widespread in territories of India, Egypt, in the countries of the Middle East. It is made of the lower leaflets by method of their mastication to a condition of fine "dust". Divide 2 main types of paint by the territorial principle:

  • Indian henna;
  • Iranian henna.

Now it is a little about each version. The Indian henna for hair more expensive, it is possible to choose one of seven basic tones. Due to more fine crushing to dye hair henna from India more conveniently and quicker, it is more simply washed away after the procedure. Also henna Iranian natural which is more available in the price is rather spread and gives the same shade of copper. Both the Indian henna, and Iranian solve a number of problems with ringlets, besides change of color. Ask: "And whether pregnant women can use henna?" — yes, it is absolutely safe.

Before using toner, be convinced of its freshness. It is possible to determine validity degree by color: it has to be marsh, brown confirms the expired expiration date. If to you to liking more elite Indian henna, it is possible to buy it in specialized shops, including on the Internet. It is unambiguous to answer what henna is better: Indian or Iranian, difficult, it depends only on personal preferences. On an absolute basis of the Iranian henna produce ottenochny Fitokosmetik paint, it is used by the Artkolor trademark.

As henna influences hair

Coloring by henna: we treat hair and we rejoice to color If you decided to dye a hair henna, the following knowledge will be useful to you. The natural pigment which is contained in natural dye gets into the top layers of a hair, without mentioning its core. The Indian henna along with the Iranian doesn't guarantee red or copper color, the shade depends on initial tone of locks. If your mane of a light brown or ashy shade — yes, coloring by henna really makes it solar. Owners of ringlets dark by nature will get a pleasant gold or reddish outflow but about any clarification the speech doesn't go. If promise you that hair-dye on the basis of henna is capable of clarification, so the product isn't natural.

The main advantage distinguishing coloring by henna consists in medical impact on structure of hairs and head skin. If as paint henna is used, the advantage will be such:

  1. Protection of a head of hear against the sun, sea water, wind and other external factors. Natural dye envelops each hair trunk on all length, painting by henna is relevant and safe at all seasons of the year.
  2. Henna the Iranian natural or a little differing according to the production technology Indian henna can be presented to your choice, each of them will give to a hairstyle visual density and volume in connection with the enveloping properties.
  3. Deep, saturated color which provides regular coloring of hair with henna. The pigment collects in a hair trunk, becoming more intensive with each repetition of the procedure.
  4. Fight against dandruff and recovery of the balanced work of sebaceous glands that is connected with composition of toner. Before dyeing hair henna, be convinced that a mane not too dry.
  5. Regular, but not too frequent painting by henna helps to restore ringlets.

If desired revitalize a head of hear without change of color by an exit there can to be a henna Iranian natural colourless or her "sister", henna Indian, also without shade. During pregnancy coloring by henna is also possible.

How to dye a hair henna powder

Coloring by henna: we treat hair and we rejoice to color So, you decided, and it is a high time to consider how it is correct to dye hair henna.

  1. We test mix on a small lock in the imperceptible place. This test is carried out rather not on allergic reaction which when coloring by henna practically doesn't happen, and on the received color.
  2. Before dyeing hair henna, wash hair with shampoo, dry them for more convenient distribution of the painting mix a little.
  3. Apply cream on ears, a forehead and whisky, having receded to steam of millimeters from the line of growth of hair to exclude their undesirable pigmentation.
  4. Having studied the instruction, you dissolve powder, and only in a nonmetallic container.
  5. Begin drawing with occipital area, separating rather narrow locks on 2 — 3 cm. Process all length at once, it will allow to avoid unpainted spots and to reduce time of holding a procedure. Carrying out coloring by henna, don't save mix, impose it a notable layer. Only this way it is possible to receive uniform color.
  6. For faster and strong penetration of a pigment it is possible to wrap up the head with polyethylene. Henna it is better for ladies to scorn this opinion when coloring hair with light ringlets, otherwise instead of a pleasant ryzhinka it is possible to receive an orange or carrot shade.
  7. We leave to work: to blondes — of 5 minutes before half an hour, to brunettes — of 40 minutes till 2 o'clock, paste has to affect a fair hair 20 — 30 minutes. Such difference is caused only by the fact that dark hair absorb a pigment worse, it is possible even to leave henna for the night, having washed away only in the morning. How many to hold mix on the head, it is specified in the instruction, but it is worth being guided on the preferences.
  8. It is necessary to wash away mix separate locks flowing warm water, it is better to do without shampoo. To facilitate combing after hair-dyeing by henna, it is possible to apply the usual balm.

Before being painted with henna, it is necessary to dissolve it. It becomes in 20 — 30 minutes prior to coloring by hot water or to fill in for the night with liquid of room temperature.

What shades can achieve by means of henna

For giving of different shades, coloring of hair henna can be done with addition of natural ingredients:

  • the golden outflow will give to hair the powder divorced water with addition of broth of a camomile, rhubarb, a saffron or spice of a turmeric;
  • it is useful to fix a copper shade by onions broth which is used as conditioner or is added directly to mix;
  • we dress a head of hear in chestnut color, having added the made coffee or tea, clove broth to mix;
  • it is possible to be painted in chocolate color, having boiled thoroughly in water for a henna razbavka foliage of walnuts;
  • hair-dyeing by henna will give a Bordeaux shade in case of mix "seasoning" red wine, hibiscus tea, juice of beet or elder, it is also possible to make a madder root for mix.

The Indian henna which contains several main shades will be suitable for creation of a bright image. And if henna the Iranian natural tints a head of hear in copper color of one shade, the Indian henna can give it and other modulations. As an example of possible color scale with use of henna look at a photo below:

Coloring by henna: we treat hair and we rejoice to color

That hair-dyeing by henna was carried out with the maximum return of color, professionals recommend to dilute it with liquid with acidic environment. How to dye hair henna thus: in the same proportions that is specified on packing, we mix powder and kefir, dry wine, tea or water with a lemon, apple cider vinegar. Not to allow a peresushivaniye of ringlets, we use a lemon and vinegar in reasonable quantities and it is desirable only for fat type of hair. If to dye hair henna with addition of "sour taste" color turns out more noble and soft.

Don't forget that for a fair hair on time of effect of henna there have to be restrictions, otherwise color can be too bright. This rule is applicable also for a gray hair.

Negative sides when painting by henna

In general hair-dyeing by henna doesn't harm a condition of your mane, but some nuances after all can not be pleasant to you:

  • the Iranian henna, as well as the Indian henna, is practically not washed away;
  • any tone which is given by the Indian henna for hair to block other paint extremely difficult;
  • certain difficulties arise at interaction of the locks processed by henna with paint: total color can strongly differ from that which is specified on packing;
  • if began to dye hair henna, you don't seek to clarify ringlets in whole or in part, all the same you won't achieve white color, you will only spoil a condition of a head of hear;
  • the gray hair painted by henna will look on the general background a little more brightly and is lighter;
  • repeated or frequent coloring by henna can stiffen a hairstyle that negatively affects laying;
  • at the first coloring by henna it is difficult to foresee what color turns out as a result.

If for coloring hair-dye on the basis of henna is offered you, be convinced of its naturalness. Keep in mind, henna the Indian natural isn't capable to clarify ringlets, and the white clarifying henna which is given for natural powder, only a chemical fake. She can not only disappoint with the received color, but also to do harm for hair serious.

Paints with henna use

To give to a head of hear a long-awaited red shade, it is possible to use not only powder of henna in pure form. Paint on the basis of henna promotes softer, natural coloring, is more simply applied on locks. As well as in a case when henna the Iranian natural or Indian henna is applied, ready paint won't be able cardinally to change initial color of a head of hear, it will darken at most on tone.

Getting packing of natural paint, attentively study its structure. If hair-dye on the basis of henna has aggressive components in structure, it is better to refrain from its purchase, it will definitely not bring benefit. Qualitative paint on the basis of henna doesn't damage structure of hairs, unlike chemical compounds in the permanent painting mixes, the pigment is absorbed only in their top layer. Natural paints on the basis of the Indian TM henna of Aash and "Lady Henna", their ottenochny palette rather rich are most known, and components, useful to a mane, are a part.

Coloring by henna: we treat hair and we rejoice to color

Responses of those who already tried such option, claim that hair-dye on the basis of henna adds silkiness and gloss to ringlets, facilitates combing. Scales on a trunk of each hair are closed as well as when using the Indian or Iranian henna. Color turns out close to natural, hair-dye on the basis of henna shades and does the tone is slightly brighter, and the natural shade always approaches the person and harmoniously looks.

Before carrying out coloring of hair by henna or paint on its basis, try to execute some preparation. When henna is applied, the advantage will be more notable after a hairstyle of the damaged tips. They and so too dry, and coloring by henna will deprive of them the last moisture. Or it is possible to go on other way: in 2 — 3 days before dyeing hair henna, feed them with a mask.

By the way, hair-dyeing by henna not always yields instant result: it can be necessary for full manifestation of color up to three days! So don't complain at once that praised Indian henna badly undertook, wait some time, and its properties will reveal. The same concerns also henna Iranian natural.

Now you know how it is correct to dye hair henna that there were no unpleasant surprises. Coloring of hair henna — quite easy way to refresh the image and to revitalize a head of hear.