Strongly hair drop out: what to do in house conditions, folk remedies

Strongly hair drop out: what to do in house conditions, folk remedies

Each person defines intensity of abaissement independently.

The most mild way to be convinced that hair drop out – combing. Having combed well hair once, it is necessary to take away all dropped-out hairs and to comb hair repeatedly.

If on a hairbrush there are many new hairs (shred) – abaissement strong.

If there isn't a lot of hairs (about 15 pieces) – abaissement of average intensity. If hairs aren't enough (3-7 pieces) or they are absent at all – there is no abaissement.


Very strongly hair drop out: what to do in house conditions first of all?

In house conditions to stop strong abaissement it is possible only in case the person precisely knows the reason of emergence of this illness.

Reasons of strong abaissement:

  1. Rigid diet. Long absence of saturated fats and fatty acids.
  2. Insufficient body weight. The small index of body weight (BMI less than 16) can be the cause of a poredeniye of ringlets.
  3. Genetic predisposition. All analyses can be normal. If the immediate family had such problem, then with high probability to repeat the hair loss at children, grandsons.
  4. Advanced age. The disadvantage of female sex hormones at a menopause can cause abaissement in the woman. The hair loss causes excess of Testosteron-Depotum in men.
  5. Seasonal avitaminosis. In the fall or in the spring sharp change of weather and reorganization of an organism can influence body height of hair. In more detail about a seasonal hair loss read here.
  6. Hormonal imbalance. Surplus of male sex hormones.
  7. The period of pregnancy and lactemia at women. During reorganization of an organism for work in a new regimen there can be a failure. This hormonal failure directly affects hair follicles.

    Strongly hair drop out: what to do in house conditions, folk remedies

  8. Bad bionomics.
  9. Severe stresses. Especially frequent, strong disorders can break normal body height of hair.
  10. Cosmetics (professional and massmarket). At an individual intolerance of some components of conditioning agents behind hair or when using low-quality agents there can be an allergic reaction which caused poredeny heads of hear.
  11. Trauma (mechanical or chemical) hair bulbs. The nonprofessional staining can do harm to healthy ringlets. The head skin traumatizing hairbrushes and hairpins can also become the reason of the strengthened abaissement.
  12. Medicinal preparations / procedures. Some medicines and procedures can strongly affect the immune system of the person, having caused weakening of hair bulbs.
  13. Diseases of a thyroid gland, GIT, oncologic diseases, STD. Break work of all organism, reduce its protective function.

The first actions at a hair loss:

  1. Visit of the trichologist.
  2. Visit of the therapist.
  3. Visit of the endocrinologist.
  4. Visit of the gynecologist.
  5. Treatment in house conditions (a course of Polyvitaminums, strengthening of bulbs, a peeling, use of masks, balms, lotions, sprays, Serums).

Experts will analyse a situation, will tell because of what drugs and situations there can be a hair loss in a certain situation (diseases, a life situation, an area bionomics etc).

The therapist will prescribe analyses (a blood, urine, a feces) for detection of pathologies. The endocrinologist will prescribe analyses to hormones to exclude hormonal failure. The trichologist carries out the procedure of a trikhogramm (check of structure of hair). The gynecologist takes a smear, refers on blood tests on an infection.

Only after experts will conduct all examinations, it is possible to begin treatment. If in an organism no pathologies are revealed, treatment of abaissement can be conducted independently in house conditions.

National prescriptions

In house conditions it is necessary to use folk remedies from a severe hair loss from natural components. Long since women used only natural shampoos, masks, conditioners worldwide.

Such approach not only will help from a poredeniye of ringlets, but also will make them smooth, silky, soft, brilliant.

Onions mask

Strongly hair drop out: what to do in house conditions, folk remedies

This prescription very well-known and often used by women of Russia.

Use of onions mass and juice — extremely effective methods.

The mask is suitable for all types of hair, but ringlets because of it strongly smell several days after washing.

To cut onions on larger pieces and to wring out from it juice, to admix from 30 ml of honey and 1 egg yolk.

The admixture needs to be rubbed in head skin, to wrap up it polyethylene. Influence time – 2 hours. The minimum course – 1 month.

Conditioner from a burdock

Broth strengthens roots of hair, is suitable for all types. Hair after it gryaznitsya much more slowly, become mild and smooth. For each use it is necessary to cook new herbs decoction.

To admix a pharmaceutical root of a burdock (40 grams) with dry flowers of Calendulae (40 grams) and hop cones (30 grams).

To fill in an admixture with water (1,5 liters) and to cook within 10 minutes. Then by means of a sieve or a gauze to remove all herbs.

It is necessary to wash with broth hair 3-4 times a week.

Egg mask

Egg is fine hair preparation and skins.

Strongly hair drop out: what to do in house conditions, folk remedies

The mask with honey, egg and burdock oil gives to hair silkiness, feeds them, wets, strengthens, accelerates body height.

To admix burdock oil (15 ml) with 2 egg yolks and honey (15 ml).

All ingredients have to be room temperature. It is necessary to admix a mask a crown or the mixer.

The mask is applied on dry roots of hair. Influence time – 3 hours. The minimum course – 1 month.

Yarrow infusion

The yarrow grass positively influences hair. It accelerates body height of hair, reduces abaissement, strengthens roots, prevents split ends, saves from a dandruff, wets, feeds roots of hair and does them by less fragile.

To apply masks, shampoos, infusions, yarrow decoctions 3 times a week are possible not more often.

Or vodka to admix 250 ml of alcohol with 20 grams of a dried yarrow. To mix carefully. To put the container with infusion to the dark cold place and to insist within 14 days. After to filter liquid from grass pieces.

To rub the received infusion in head skin in 30 minutes prior to washing of the head. A course of vtiraniye – 2 months.

Carrot oil

Carrots contain many vitamins and trace substances. It is seldom applied at a hair loss, but it is wrong. Carrots are capable to restore structure of a hair, to strengthen roots, to add to ringlets additional gloss, to accelerate body height of hair. In the winter carrots aren't so useful as in the summer and in the fall.

Strongly hair drop out: what to do in house conditions, folk remedies

2 larger carrots need to be grated on an average grater or to cut by means of the grinder.

To shift shabby carrot in the 500th gram capacity, to fill in it with oil (olive, sunflower or coconut).

To leave capacity in the warm place for 14 days (every day contents need to be mixed).

After that to filter oil from carrots.

It is possible to use carrot oil at each washing of hair – to apply on roots in 1 or 2 hours prior to softening.

Mask from salt

One more prescription on video — a mask from abaissement from salt:

Procedures at a hair loss

Together with use of natural masks from abaissement, broths, infusions, conditioners it is possible to use more modern methods of treatment.

  1. Massage. Promotes improvement of a circulation of head skin, strengthens roots of hair, accelerates body height. Massage can be done by means of various massagers for the head (goosebumps, hedgehogs, chesalka, octopuses etc), barehanded, by a brush and by means of a hairbrush.

    The movements are smooth, slow, accurate, with a small force of pressing. Pain shouldn't be.

    Massage time – 10 minutes. The minimum course – 30 days.

  2. Strongly hair drop out: what to do in house conditions, folk remedies

    Darsonval. Impact of current on head skin.

    There are several different devices which foresee massage (the device with several attachments, the device without attachments, a laser hairbrush). Massage becomes accurately, slowly and without pressing.

    The device at diseases of a blood, heart, alienations, a thrombophlebitis, oncology, epilepsy, infectious diseases isn't used, at pregnancy and for children 6 years are younger.

    Procedure time – 10 minutes. A course – 30 days.

  3. Peeling of head skin. The procedure is carried out for purification of head skin from the keratosic particles. It is important to use only soft srubs which aren't injuring so the damaged area.

    For the procedure it is possible to buy cosmetics in specialized shops or to use fine salt (cooking or sea).

    Procedure time – 3-10 minutes. A course – 30 days (once a week).

Address to experts

It isn't necessary to self-medicate. Can be the cause of a hair loss pathological changes in an organism or set of several problems.

For this reason it is necessary to exclude at first various illnesses and failures in the system of an organism but only then, having excluded internal problems, to be engaged in external implications of a hair loss.

It is possible to stop a hair loss folk remedies in house conditions. Together with use of natural shampoos, masks, broths and conditioners, it is necessary to watch the delivery, a day regimen and a dream. During the autumn period it is desirable to accept a complex of vitamins.