Telogenny hair loss and its treatment

That hair always remained dense and brilliant, it is necessary to take constantly a care of the health, it is correct to look after them. All their illnesses are a consequence of insufficient leaving, the wrong way of life, the inattentive attitude towards the own person.

Daily our head is left by from 30 to 80 hair, and it is accepted to norm. Usually abaissement happens when combing the head or its washing. For various reasons the growth cycle and development of hair is broken and occurs their excessive abaissement leading to a baldness.

Telogenny hair loss and its treatment

The condition of indumentum is in close and constant dependence on health of our organism. It is necessary to understand what hair doesn't react instantly to illness, and only after a while. The Telogenovy alopecia comes after 2-3 months from the beginning of a disease which was the reason of a baldness. Often, people don't bind loss of hair to already forgotten illness.

What is a telogenovy alopecia

The Telogenny diffuse hair loss is a form of a baldness most of which often meets at women. The diffuse alopecia is observed at somatopathies, a low-calorie diet, under the influence of stressful situations, as a result of reception medicinal drugs, organism intoxication.

Clinically telogenny abaissement is shown by a poredeniye of a head of hear. Often there is a disturbance of structure of a hair. They gain fragility, become "weak" and without efforts are torn out.

We usually don't notice all process of abaissement of ringlets as each hair bulb passes all three stages of body height independently, irrespective of others. Daily up to 87% of follicles are in a phase of an anagenez (development) and can remain in it up to six years. Further the phase of regression of follicles which concerns no more than 3% of vegetation on the head follows, and the telogenny phase which is characterized by the fact that for three months about 12% of hair bulbs stay in a rest stage begins. This phase with the fact that the inactive hair is torn away from a skin comes to the end. At the same time the proximal extremity of its hinge has tiny white nodule.

Treatment of an alopecia

The right algorithm of treatment is under construction on the basis of the established causes of a baldness.

Telogenny hair loss and its treatment

Pathogenetic treatment, that is referred on the disease mechanism.

The Telogenny baldness doesn't cause organic disturbances in a hair follicle, changes only the rhythm of change of hair, so of a full baldness doesn't occur, and at competent treatment restoration of indumentum is always possible.

External treatment. External treatment has favorable effect on hair. For this purpose it is necessary to strengthen microcirculation of head skin, using the medicines, a physiotherapy, drugs activating body height of hair.

Use of vitamins. In case of a telogenny alopecia it is better to use the natural vitamins extracted from plants by an extract method. They are more stoutly and quicker acquired, and here are removed much more slowly than synthetic.
Buying vitamins from drugstore, pay attention to their separation for women and men. So, for example, availability of B12 vitamin and iron is important for women, and Sabal serrulata extract is more necessary for men (a palm tree nanous).

Care of ringlets. Now on sale there are excellent lines of category of kosmetsevtik for stage-by-stage care of a head of hear in a house situation. As a result of a combination of a hair reconstruction and their careful purification, they become healthy and well-groomed.

Combining various, correctly picked up methods of treatment of hair and care of them, it is possible to suspend process of abaissement and to recover hair health and force.