Volume caret - always a relevant hairstyle

Women are inclined to experiment with a hairstyle and hair color. In the course of search stylists recommend to pay attention to such hairstyle as a volume caret. The classical technology provides an equal cut of hair on the line which is slightly covering an ear lobe. Thanks to the new technicians and receptions practicing in modern beauty shops, the caret has played new paints, became fashionable and demanded.

History of emergence and feature of a hairstyle

At each hairstyle ancient roots. Classical caret not an exception. Origin of fashion for him has happened in Ancient Egypt, at the time of government of the great queen Cleopatra. The volume option is an ultrafashionable interpretation of laying. Thanks to him the hairstyle looks natural, and the woman - young.

Volume caret - always a relevant hairstyle

Desire to change appearance at women arises with regular constancy, and the volume caret as well as possible is suitable for achievement of a goal. The hairstyle is appropriate on a festive event and in daily carrying, at work and rest, suits vigorous and passive girls.

Advantage of laying is that the owner in a short period will easily make festive option.

Variety of a volume caret

Masters of hairdresser's business offer clients four top options of a caret. It will allow to pick up a hairstyle taking into account individual traits and features of the person. We will consider consistently four options of creation of a hairstyle.


The specifics of a hairstyle are that length of hair - up to shoulders or is slightly lower. The presented option hides wide cheeks. Initially the hairstyle was done on hair equal by nature. However women of fashion with curls don't refuse to themselves creation of a courageous image. To women with short sew such option doesn't approach as body proportions will be broken.

Caret "on a leg"

Hairdressers offer this option to clients with a rectangular face or brought closer to him. By the form laying is similar to a mushroom hat on a distinguished leg. Before deciding on such laying, it is necessary to estimate soberly appeal of a neck, the caret in such option places emphasis on this zone. For this reason of the master try not to carry out a hairstyle to women of middle age who have folds in a neck.

Volume caret - always a relevant hairstyle

With a bang

The similar variation is universal. Thanks to a bang it is possible to correct visually an oval and to bring closer it to an ideal. If the face type round, with wide cheekbones or cheeks, approaches fragmentary option. With a massive jaw it is better for women to stack a bang on one side and to do it as it is possible more long.

When the girl has by nature inexpressive features, the bang is necessary a straight line, with an equal cut.


It is recommended to performance on hair of average length. The step technology of a hairstyle does smooth transition from short ringlets in an occipital zone to long locks in front.

The ways allowing to keep the created volume

If the woman has decided on a caret, she shouldn't forget that this hairstyle requires attention. Even if the skillful master worked with hair, the result of work demands support. It concerns girls who have by nature thin hair and rare since they won't be able to keep long time without the additional help volume.

For solutions of the problem of the master recommend to perform professional procedures in salon of beauty, such as carving or lamination.

The carving is a way of long hair dressing. The master twists ringlets on hair curlers of large diameter and processes them special cosmetics on a chemical basis. A variation of a chemical wave, only in the sparing execution therefore nothing threatens your head of hear. Further the stage of drying and fixing follows. The result surpasses expectations, ringlets become thick and elastic, and the effect remains up to five months.

Volume caret - always a relevant hairstyle

The volume caret which photo is given above safely looks on the hair which have undergone the procedure of lamination. The service costs much more expensive carving, but it is caused by medicinal property. During processing each hair becomes covered by the film formed of special structure, the ends don't split, and the laying form long time keeps so as if you just left beauty shop. Process will take 2-3 hours: the master will apply cosmetic structure on ringlets and will dry up the iron with respect for symmetry. The result remains half a year.

Features of a volume caret with lengthening

In this option the face type isn't so important. The presented option of a hairstyle shows to advantage on girls of different age and a way of life. Differs from a classical caret in the fact that the line of a cut slanting. The highest point, where a short hair, - in a neck. Further smooth transition in extended to shoulders or is lower ringlets (in the field of a front zone).

Masters recommend to carry out a hairstyle to clients who have by nature an equal hair, but also on curls the volume caret with lengthening looks not less magnificently. The advantage of a curly hair is that after vypryamleniye the iron they don't lose the volume.

Volume caret - always a relevant hairstyle

Two ways of creation of a caret on lengthening practice: classical and graduated. In the latter case the effect of easy negligence, the ends of hair uneven is created at the expense of what smoothly enter lump.

The layer-by-layer hairstyle will allow girls not to refuse with rare hair to itself desire to make a volume caret on lengthening. Plus by all time for laying is spent many times less.

Hairstyle on long hair

Very few people from long-haired beauties decide on a caret therefore hairdressers had to exercise the wit and think up for them option. The hairstyle will suit girls at whom hair are slightly lower than shoulders. The technology is similar to the extended caret option, but the top point in which it ringlets the shortest, not such high, though is distinctly looked through. The cut is done with lengthening to a front zone or straight lines.

In such option the hairstyle (a volume caret) ideally looks in a tandem with a bang. Be not afraid to experiment: to do it equal or slanting, asymmetric, high, graduated.

Who suits volume option of a caret with a bang

There is a lot of ways to frame a face with ringlets, however not all suit a volume caret with a bang.

Safely looks:

  • short caret with a bang on girls with delicate features;
  • at a round shape of a face and massive jaw (the graduated way);
  • the thick bangs will decorate girls with an oval shape of a face;
  • the volume caret of a round form with an identical spherical bang looks on girls with wide cheekbones better;
  • if proportions aren't broken (the neck has to be sufficient length);
  • at a heavy chin the slanting bang is recommended.

Some examples when a caret with a bang not a whim, but a way of correction of features are given above.

The recommended means for laying

To make smart laying, such tool kit is necessary: the hair dryer, a round hairbrush (brashing), the iron (stayler), hair curlers, a hairbrush massage and thin, with rare cloves.

Still such cosmetics will be necessary: skin, varnish, wax, mousse. Selection becomes taking into account type and a condition of hair (colored or not).

Volume caret - always a relevant hairstyle

Hair should be dried constantly the hair dryer therefore choose varnish with high degree of protection and the UF level - he will protect from adverse effect of sunshine.

To lay a volume caret, initially wash up hair, then to apply on them mousse or a skin. By means of a thin hairbrush make a favourite hair parting and dry up by means of the hair dryer and a brashing. Set result by varnish. It is necessary to spray means from distance of 20 centimeters. Now the question of how to make a caret volume, isn't necessary so sharply.

Ways of laying

It isn't enough to execute a hairstyle, leaving is necessary for it. Not to be always identical, modernize laying.

Volume caret - always a relevant hairstyle

It is possible to diversify it by division of hair with hair partings - direct, slanting and zigzag. Further all depends on the direction of a hairbrush in the course of drying of hair. It is important to remember: that the caret was volume, it is necessary to dry ringlets, since tips, directing inside, and to raise the top.

Hair combed backward of hair will be suitable for evening option back. If you have a bang, record it a hairpin. For laying it is necessary to use a lot of skin and a hairbrush of big diameter.

It is possible to create a romantic image by means of the diffuser. He will help to achieve effect of easy negligence.

The hairdresser's tandem of immemorial classics and modern technologies have made a volume caret a demanded hairstyle, and the variety of variations will allow to pick up laying taking into account specific features of features.