Top-10 masks for a hair reconstruction

The review of the best masks for hair according to the version 4fresh

The brittle, injured and porous hair presently - the phenomenon, unfortunately frequent. Fast rate of life dictates the rules. To manage to wash up the head since morning, to dry up hair the hair dryer, to lay, and run on work! Familiarly?

Our hair daily have a stress - even if we try to provide them the most careful leaving, mechanical influence is inevitable. Friction about a towel, about a pillow during sleep, a habit to often correct ringlets, quick combing or too hard tail - all this exerts impact. And if also often to use irons and the hair dryer, to regularly update hair color - that damage of structure is almost inevitable.

As for hair thin by nature, they in general need special leaving as they are most of all subject to fragility and section.

Nutritious masks for hair on the basis of plant extracts and oils help to strengthen our ringlets, to restore their structure. You dream of hair which aren't fluffy at the slightest humidity, look brilliant and dense. Stock up with masks and the main thing - don't forget to do them regularly!

We have collected in this article top-10 natural masks which will help to restore and saturate hair in house conditions! Tested on themselves so safely we recommend.

Mask with Amla from Olesya Mustayeva's Workshop

Active components: amla oil, extracts of a nettle, sea-buckthorn and raspberry.

For what hair: for dry, fragile and painted.

Influence time: from 3 to 10 minutes.

The miracle for hair is hidden in this small jar.

After the first application hair to the touch soft, elastic and humidified. Despite small volume the mask is spent very economically, it well envelops hair and at the same time is without effort washed away. Doesn't zhirnit, adds gloss and at regular application considerably recovers and revitalizes even the driest hair. It is possible to hold on hair longer, then the effect will be more noticeable. The aroma at a mask unostentatious, grassy, on hair doesn't remain practically.

Nutritious Dr. Konopka's mask

Active components: coconut, argon, lavender, castor, olive, jojoba, almond, macadamia, amarantovy, sea-buckthorn and grape oils.

For what hair: for thin, dry and damaged.

Influence time: 5-7 minutes.

The mask was tested on a fine brittle hair and has caused full delight.

Possibly, only such huge amount of oils can really save from dryness! The main charm of a mask is that she as though condenses hair, without making heavier them at all. Hair after her saturated and friable, easily keep within and aren't fluffy in different directions. Considering such effect and quite budgetary price, it is just must-have for those whom the nature "has awarded" with a fine hair.

Sante mask conditioner

Active components: broccoli oil, mango oil.

For what hair: for a normal and oily hair

Influence time: 2-10 minutes

When there is at all no time to do masks, and it is necessary, this means comes to the rescue!

Top-10 masks for a hair reconstruction

150 ml

As a rule, after masks it is all the same recommended to put the conditioner to smooth scales, and everything turns out in one here. The love to this mask can develop not from the first - but when hair get used, other conditioners don't want to use. Hair become softer, comb hair easier, shine and well hold volume! The mask is quickly enough absorbed, on consistence it as cream. Here not to be overzealous and not to put the main thing more, than it is necessary.

If you love light textures and value the volume of hair - this mask for you! The aroma is quite bright, fruit and medicinal, but on hair doesn't remain.

Mask Provence herbs from Levrana

Active components: oils of laurels, black caraway seeds, burdock, cotton, a macadamia, churn essential oils, a lavender and rosemary

For what hair: for all types of hair

Influence time: 20-60 minutes to use before washing by shampoo

It is not just a mask, and the real SPA for head skin.

Unlike the majority of express masks, her it is possible and it is necessary to apply not only on length of hair, but also on roots. And further to wrap hair in the warming cap and to enjoy. The mask has some wonderful weakening effect. She also really calms skin so if you are disturbed by an itch and peeling, surely try. The consistence is thinnish, but the mask during the procedure doesn't flow and doesn't disturb in any way. And after washing of the head (yes, it should be washed away shampoo), hair so tremendous that there is a wish to touch them infinitely. Both the volume, and gloss, and elasticity - pleases everything. The mask is enough everything for 3 uses with an average length, but it is worth it! The aroma is spicy, as at Provence herbs and a make-ready.

Cream mask from Sativa

Active components: oils of a macadamia, laurels, castor-bean tree, babassu, black caraway seeds, extracts of a nettle and birch.

For what hair: for a hair reconstruction after the delivery and also for fragile, porous, suffering from loss.

Influence time: of 2 o'clock, it is better to put for the night.

Laurel mask which saves hair even in the most hard cases.

Top-10 masks for a hair reconstruction

150 ml

This mask not absolutely habitual - it needs to be rubbed in roots before washing of hair, and the producer not for nothing recommends to do it for the night to increase influence time! And since morning to wash the head and to rejoice to the hair. After a mask they are smoothed, shine and cease to drop out packs. The mask is dense, doesn't give an inconvenience during sleep at all and pleasantly smells of laurels. It is necessary to use her 2-3 times a week though the effect after the first time is noticeable. If not to be lazy and put with such regularity, then hair considerably will become stronger. After the delivery, when they begin to drop out so strongly that there is a wish to cry, this mask will help to be restored quickly.

The restoring mask from Natura Siberica

Active components: castor oil, dogrose oil, extracts of a cedar and thistle.

For what hair: for all types of hair.

Influence time: 5-7 minutes.

Mask which does hair by more dense.

Why we have chosen this from all remarkable masks of Natura Siberica? Because on her few responses are undeserved! However, the Scottish Alladale series still rather new, but is already time to try out rather it. At a mask very gentle cream consistence, a pleasant smell and is a pleasure to use her. Despite light texture, it slightly the zhirnovat, but it affects hair only positively. After application the elasticity and friability pleases, and hair are considerably condensed and smoothed. There is a wish to note what can leave a little the volume of hair, but here all individually.

Mask Honey avocado from Organic Shop

Active components: oils of avocado and almonds, honey.

For what hair: for all types of hair

Influence time: 1-2 minutes

The budgetary express mask which excellently feeds hair.

Don't you believe that such plain and inexpensive mask can work? And she works, and still as! We couldn't but add her in TOP-10 just because at the price she perfectly copes with moistening of hair. It is express option for gloss, softness and smoothness, easy laying and the simple joy that hair are saturated and moistened. The only small minus of this mask, is perfume, has begun to smell very bright, but isn't similar to avocado and honey. However, it is not too small shortcoming!

Intensive mask from I+M

Active components: oil of a sach of an incha, hempy and argon oils, shea butter

For what hair: for dry, damaged and dim

Influence time: from 5 to 20 minutes

Professional restoration and tremendous hair shine.

And you heard about the Peruvian oil of a sacha-incha earlier? This is the champion in maintenance the Omega-3, 6 and 9, so a hair, necessary for food! Despite richness of oils in structure, a mask on texture very easy, as cream fluid, aroma gentle-gentle. The mask is quickly absorbed, it comfortably to hold long time on the head. Especially there is a wish to recommend her for dim and lifeless hair - gloss after her is guaranteed! The hair moistened, streaming, feeling that over them the professional has worked.

Top-10 masks for a hair reconstruction

150 ml

Mask for dry hair of NanoOrganic

Active components: keratin, extracts of a birch and root of a burdock, oil argon, hemp and broccoli

For what hair: for dry, splitting, damaged

Influence time: 20-30 minutes

Keratin hair reconstruction in house conditions.

This mask has quite recently appeared at us on the website, and, of course, right there was a wish to try it. She differs in the fact that she contains high concentration of a keratin which helps to restore the injured hair. The mask pleasantly smells, on color and consistence reminds Jurassic Spa balzamchik. She can be used and as an express mask, but half an hour under a film is the best of all to take on hair! Hair after a mask are smoothed, become very elastic and shine. Feeling, as though after the saloon procedure. For a fine and curly hair - just a find!

Powder mask Khadi

Active components: cassia leaves (neutral henna)

For what hair: for any type of hair

Influence time: of 15 minutes till 2 o'clock

Ideal option for those whose hair lack the volume and density.

If you love henna for its useful properties, but categorically don't want that your hair of steel of copper color, then this mask for you! Qualitative Indian henna which doesn't paint hair at all at the same time gives fine leaving. Hair after a mask long become dense and get volume. This mask which can be done only 1-2 times a month as the effect remains for a long time. Especially well she works at porous hair.

What mask you for yourself wouldn't choose, remember that the main thing in care of hair is a patience and discipline! Accustom themselves to do masks at least 2 times a week. It is the best of all to have in a stock an express mask on leaving in the middle of the week, and a thorough masochka for which it is possible to allocate a couple of hours in the day off.

Don't forget that leaving has to be complex. Healthy nutrition, regular vitamin complexes, shampoos with soft surfactant, obligatory thermoprotection if you use the hair dryer, and the looking after indelible means for moistening of tips - all this has to be present!