Vitamins from a hair loss: review of the best agents, features of treatment

Stresses, avitaminosis, the period of pregnancy or exacerbation of chronic diseases, create adverse conditions for body height of female hair. In such situation ringlets can thin considerably. But, at in due time begun reception, vitamins from a hair loss allow to keep appeal and density of a head of hear.

Vitamins from a hair loss: review of the best agents, features of treatment

The result in many respects depends on the reason which caused a problem and adequacy of therapy. We will understand what vitamins our hair, features of their reception and other methods of treatment need.

What vitamins hair need and how to define what need to be accepted?

In most cases, the excessive hair loss signals about shortage in an organism of vitamins and trace substances. Are considered as the most important for a normal delivery of indumentum following from them:

  1. The vitamin E improving delivery of nutrients to hair follicles and eliminating consequences of insufficient humidification of head skin – a dandruff, an itch, fragility of hair.
  2. The vitamin A strengthening roots of hair and activating body height of a head of hear.
  3. The vitamin C supporting immune system and improving inflow of a blood to roots.
  4. The vitamins of group B (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12) which are in a complex improving a condition of hair thanks to activization of a circulation, adjustment of work of sebaceous glands and stimulation of neogenesis of hair follicles.
  5. The vitamin N influencing metabolic processes in an organism, promoting strengthening of hair and emergence of healthy gloss.
  6. The vitamin D regulating digestion of calcium which disadvantage is one of the hair loss reasons.
  7. The vitamin F protecting ringlets from adverse influence of the external factors (cold, a heat, exhaust gases, radiation) leading to their thinning and fragility.

In addition to vitamins, minerals are necessary for strong and healthy hair: iodine, iron, magnesium, silicon, Zincum, selenium. To define independently what trace substances aren't enough for your organism are impossible. Uncontrolled intake of vitamins is dangerous, at the wrong selection there can be a surplus of some of them that will cause additional problems with health.

Features of intake of vitamins for hair

Any vitamin complex it is necessary to drink long time as the effect of its use occurs not at once. Administration of drug is recommended to be made after the use of a nutrition, washing down tablets with enough water.

The vitamins relating to group B accept in the evening or before going to bed as they possess the abirritating and sedative action. It is better to use other trace substances in the first half of day. In more detail about the choice and use of the vitamins necessary for beauty of hair →

Vitamin complexes will be more effective if to combine their reception with use of special cosmetics. The strengthening masks and balms deliver nutrients immediately to roots and the damaged sites of hair, minimizing their abaissement. It is also useful to reconsider the ration, having added to it more vitamin-rich nutrition.

Vitamins from a hair loss: review of the best agents, features of treatment

What products contain useful vitamins?

Products – a natural source of vitamins. Those who faced an avitaminosis and its consequence – a hair loss shouldn't neglect nature gifts. It is recommended to include in the menu:

  1. Vitamin A sources: vegetables and fruit of orange color, liver, cod-liver oil, butter, calf, sour cream.
  2. Products, vitamin-rich groups B: fish, mushrooms, cottage cheese, cheese, bean, eggs, nuts, sea cabbage.
  3. The nutrition containing vitamin C: dogrose, currant, citruses, apples, kiwi, Brussels sprout, parsley, fennel.
  4. Vitamin E sources: germinated wheat, yachnevy and grits, nuts, spinach, sorrel, prunes, sea-buckthorn fetuses.
  5. The vitamin F which is available as a part of walnuts, soybeans, avocado, sunflower seeds, almonds, linseed oil.
  6. The vitamin D which is contained in eggs, cream, sour cream, milk, a liver.

Adhering to such ration, you will be able already to solve a hair loss problem within several months. Besides, the balanced delivery containing all necessary vitamins promotes improvement of overall health.

Norm of a hair loss

Having noticed on a hairbrush of several dropped-out hairs, you shouldn't panic. Their updating is natural process therefore loss of a quantity is quite normal. Daily the person loses on average from 70 to 120 hairs and it doesn't belong to pathologies.

The standard daily rate of abaissement is defined individually, considering the pigment which is contained in hair, otherwise, their color. For blondes an admissible limit of 120-150 hairs in day, for brunettes – 100-120, for red – 70-90.

But when hair, vitamins drop out more intensively, and, above all – consultation of the doctor, are necessary. It can be sign both an avitaminosis and the general weakening of an organism, and a symptom of serious diseases (a fungal infection of head skin, anemia, oncologic processes).

If the number of the dropped-out hair causes concerns, it is impossible to rely only on own feelings, suspicions need to be supported with digits. For this purpose it is necessary to count all hairs which fell per day which you will manage to notice (remained on a pillow, clothes, a hairbrush).

Vitamins from a hair loss: review of the best agents, features of treatment

It is also possible to pass a rapid test. To carry out it, let hair down, bend over a clean sheet of paper and several times run over hair fingers as a crest. It is necessary to pay attention to all zones of the head – to temples, a nape, a vertex and sites near a forehead.

As a result of these actions no more than 5-7 hairs have to fall. In case of appreciable excess of norm it is necessary to visit the doctor and to undergo inspection.

Routes of administration of vitamins for hair

There are several ways to saturate hair with vitamins. The first, but not the most effective – change of a food allowance. But, considering that from products not all vitamins from a hair loss are well acquired and it is rather difficult to adjust their quantity thus, additional measures are necessary.

By efficiency the leading position is taken by the second way – use of pharmaceutical drugs. Vitamins B a type of capsules and powders for intake, injections, solutions in ampoules for drawing on problem sites concern them. At the same time choosing a concrete agent, it is necessary to be convinced that its action is referred on fight against a hair loss. One more form of use of vitamins – medical cosmetics.

Many producers offer shampoos, masks and balms for prevention of a hair loss. It is better to get such agents in drugstore.

And the last, also quite effective way, – use of vitamin house masks. Take the oils promoting body height and strengthening of hair as a basis for their preparation – burdock, sea-buckthorn, almond, castor. Some prescriptions assume use of pharmaceutical vitamins B ampoules, grass broths, kefir, rye bread, eggs.

Help of the expert in the treatment choice

The first doctor whom it is necessary to address at a severe hair loss (alopecia) – the trichologist. He specializes in diagnostics and treatment of the diseases affecting a hair part of the head. Patients are offered to pass a series of inspections, namely:

  1. Trikhogramma – a research of hair and integuments by means of special cameras.
  2. Survey under Wood's lamp – radiation by the ultra-violet radiation allowing to tap fungic diseases.
  3. Spectral analysis – the studying of a structure of hair in the special device giving exhaustive information concerning their mineral composition.

According to results of analyses, to the patient treatment is prescribed or further inspection at other experts is recommended. Also deal with a problem of a hair loss:

  • the dermatologist, if the fungic disease became the reason;
  • the neurologist – in case of depressions and stresses;
  • the gastroenterologist, if loss of hair is caused by insufficient digestion of vitamins because of gastrointestinal diseases and metabolic disturbances;
  • the endocrinologist – at failures in work of a thyroid gland;
  • the gynecologist – at the hormonal disturbances capable to cause an alopecia.

After establishment of the exact reason of a hair loss, the doctor will be able to pick up the treatment referred on its elimination. Achievements of modern science and medicine, at the well-timed request for the help, allow to keep ringlets practically at any diagnosis.

Vitamins from a hair loss: review of the best agents, features of treatment

Professional treatment

At the progressing alopecia not to do without professional treatment. The general therapy referred on conservation of hair consists of a series of actions:

  1. Reception of vitamin and mineral complexes.
  2. Use of local care products for hair.
  3. Physiotherapeutic methods – cryomassage, ozonotherapy, influence by the laser, acupuncture, a peeling, a mesotherapy.
  4. Surgical intervention. It is used in extreme cases if other therapy was noneffective and consists in hair transplant.

If any disease became the reason, a priority is disposal of it. At endocrinologic pathologies a hormonetherapy is prescribed, at nervous breakdowns include soft antidepressants in a course of treatment. Control of a work-rest schedule, lack of overworks, maintenance of immune system and normalization of a metabolism is also necessary.

During therapy passing patients need to refuse a chemical wave and a staining of hair and also to carefully keep all references of the doctor. The best results are yielded by a combination of professional treatment to change of eating habits in favor of vitamin-rich products.

The review of popular complexes against a hair loss

Often, if the alopecia is caused by an avitaminosis, it is possible to solve a problem having filled the trace substances lacking in an organism. The vitamins against a hair loss containing a full complex of necessary substances are presented at the market in big assortment. We will survey the most popular of them.


Drug is implemented in packings on 90 capsules for intake. It contains a full complex of vitamins of group B, minerals (Zincum, copper, iron), amino acids, extract of a millet and germs of wheat. The agent is accepted three times a day.

The medical effect consisting in strengthening of hair and fingernails begins to be shown already 2 weeks of use later. Drug is contraindicative to people with hormonal disturbances and mental deviations.


Is issued in packs on 30 and 90 capsules for oral administration. Extracts of an ekhinatsea and burdock, minerals (selenium, manganese, Zincum, iodine, copper, chrome, silicon, magnesium, calcium), vitamins C, E and also groups B, paraaminobenzoic acid are a part. The drug is taken on one capsule, without chewing, after a meal once a day.

As a result the dryness of integuments, fragility of fingernails and hair is eliminated, convalescence at an eczema, a psoriasis, a dermatitis accelerates. The effect is shown within a month since the beginning of reception.

Vitamins from a hair loss: review of the best agents, features of treatment

Drug is contraindicative at pregnancy and during breastfeeding, is forbidden the allergic persons and people suffering from tuberculosis, a rheumatic disease, autoimmune and oncologic diseases. Possible side effects from a GIT – nausea, vomiting, a diarrhea. Headaches and apathy, change of indicators of arterial blood pressure can be observed.


The vitamin complex is made in packings on 90 gelatin capsules for the use inside. The agent contains paraaminobenzoic acid, a keratin, medical yeast, Thiaminum, calcium, cystine. It is necessary to take the drug 3 times a day on one capsule.

The components which are a part of a complex activate body height of fingernails and hair. The agent is effective at the alopecia which isn't bound to hormonal disturbances promotes restoration of structure of ringlets, increases their fastness to influence of chemicals and UV rays.

Duration of treatment has to be not less than three months, but, according to responses, the first results are noticeable in 4 weeks. Drug is contraindicative during the first two trimesters of pregnancy and when breastfeeding. Among side effects abdominal pains, nausea, the increased diaphoresis, tachycardia, an allergy become perceptible.

Vitrum Byyuti

Drug is produced in packings on 30 tablets. Its use is shown at an avitaminosis, keeping of rigid diets, a thinning and a hair loss, fragility of fingernails. Amino acids, vitamins C, E, D and groups B, folic acid, Nicotinamidum, Rutinum, minerals (a calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, Zincum, manganese, iron, iodine, selenium, boron), flavonoids of a citrus parentage are a part.

Vitamins from a hair loss accept 2 times a day on one tablet. Vitrum Byyuti is recommended to use after meal. Duration of a course of treatment is from a month to one year, depending on references of the doctor. Noticeable results appear after three weeks of administration of drug.

The complex is developed especially for young women aged from 18 up to 30 years. Contraindication to use is allergic reaction to any of agent components.

Alphabet Kosmetik

The vitamin and mineral Kosmetik Alphabet complex is issued in the packings containing 60 tablets. They are divided into 4 blisters, each of which contains 5 day doses. One standard daily rate consists of three tablets of different color. The drug 3 times a day after a meal is taken.

At the same time the order of the use of tablets on color isn't important. They can be drunk at the same time, but it is desirable to adhere to an interval at 4-6 o'clock. It promotes more effective digestion of vitamins.

Vitamins from a hair loss: review of the best agents, features of treatment

Vitamins K, D, S, A, groups B, folic and paraaminobenzole acids, minerals (iron, copper, Zincum, calcium, silicon, chrome, selenium, iodine, manganese), plant extracts, flavonoids, an inulin are a part of drug. The alphabet Kosmetik works in a complex, promoting improvement of a condition of a skin, a hair, fingernails, strengthening immunity and improving blood circulation.

The standard duration of treatment is 4 weeks then it is necessary to take a break in 10-15 days and, if necessary, to repeat a course. Drug is allowed for use since 14 years. Hyperfunction of a thyroid gland and an allergy to the operating components belongs to contraindications.


Hair loss – very unpleasant problem influencing appearance and causing a moral dyscomfort. It responds to treatment, but nevertheless it is simpler to prevent a disease, than to fight against it.

Keeping of measures of prophylaxis allows to minimize chance of emergence of an alopecia. To keep health of hair, follow the following rules:

  1. Comb hair accurately, trying not to pull and not to pull them. Having made excessive efforts to easily damage hair follicles. It can lead to the termination of body height of separate hairs. The same effect gives the strengthened grinding of head skin.
  2. Use suitable to your type shampoo of hair and carefully wash away it after soaping.
  3. Refuse wearing of wigs. The events at the same time lead disturbance of access of oxygen to head skin to suppression of body height of hair and their weakening.
  4. Minimize use of chemicals for a staining and a wave. They are capable to damage a skin and hair follicles which are in it. It is also undesirable to use the hair dryer and the iron for a hair straightening.
  5. Try to avoid impact on ringlets of direct sunshine. They thin hair and suppress their body height.
  6. Don't forget to wash carefully the head after visit of the pool. The chlorinated water is pernicious for health of hair.
  7. Avoid stresses and you watch that at your ration there was more healthy food.

Vitamins from a hair loss, especially in combinations to healthy nutrition and careful leaving – pledge of a healthy and magnificent head of hear. But before beginning treatment with any drug, it is worth consulting with the doctor and to attentively study the list of contraindications.