From where natural hair for building undertake: we discredit myths

From where natural hair for building undertake: we discredit myths The procedure of hair extension depending on the chosen technology demands use of qualitative material — artificial or natural.

 Modern salons give preference to the European, Slavic or Asian hair depending on structure and hair color of the client.

The quality of the increased locks is better, the they will be more natural to look.

Before use of natural and artificial locks for building their quality is carefully checked. Experts make recommendations about use of a certain type of hair to clients.

It is recommended to undergo the procedure of building in prestigious salons where don't try to save on cheap, low-quality material.

Types of hair for building. The description of materials, characteristics, pluses and minuses from where them to take

Natural: the most widespread types

Are subdivided into three main types:

  1. The Asian.

From where natural hair for building undertake: we discredit myths Arrive in Russia from Korea and China.

They cheap  are also not considered as qualitative material though at first and look attractively.

In order that material had a decent look, he becomes covered by a thick layer of silicone, is processed from scales, ground and painted.

 As a result brilliant, effective locks which after the first washing sputyvatsya and get off in a lump.

[blockvnim color=" FCF8F8? icon=" 9888 "] Asian locks rather rigid and thick unlike Slavic and European. With their help it is unreal to carry out the subsequent correction — everything should be remade anew. [/blockvnim]

Usually Asian hair develop "jack" and are so delivered in salons. The only plus of use can be considered low price.

  1. The European.

These improved and more expensive raw materials in comparison with Asian hair.

From where natural hair for building undertake: we discredit myths  Without regard to the name, they can be received from India or Latin America that is more probable.

These donor hair have oval section and can curl slightly.

They are intended for single building and correction aren't subject.

When processing raw materials are subjected to acid influence, painted, covered with silicone, deleted or smooth scales. If  not to remove them, the direction of scales can be mixed that will lead to emergence of koltun.

[blockvnim color=" FEFBEF" icon=" 10003 ″] On a soft and fine hair the European locks will attractively not look. They will suit owners of a thick and hard hair more. [/blockvnim]

Quality check of raw materials is carried out by washing by the special conditioner. Despite low quality, the European material has such advantages as the optimum price, various methods of fastening, high elasticity and durability at the correct processing.

  1. The Slavic.

From where natural hair for building undertake: we discredit myths The most qualitative and expensive option is Slavic ringlets for building. They soft and brilliant, with an equal cuticle.

Such material has excellent appearance without any chemical processings.

In Slavic hair completely remains top scaly words with a right arrangement of scales.

Slightly curling, curly-headed, absolutely direct — at choice the set of options is provided. These raw materials should be taken from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

[blockvnim color=" F2F7FB" icon=" 59141 "] Important advantage of Slavic material is the fact that it easily gives in to laying, drying by the hair dryer, to straightening by means of the iron. [/blockvnim]

Brilliant and silky, they can have different shades and be recoloured in different color what will want. The only minus is a high cost, but it is justified.

All types of natural hair from where they wouldn't be, before building have to be properly washed up without use of conditioners and balms — only soft shampoos.

Artificial: good and silky

Are applied less often than natural. They can't look so naturally and  don't enjoy special popularity.

From where natural hair for building undertake: we discredit myths But achievements of the latest technologies allow to use qualitative material under the name kanekalon which part extracts of various seaweed are.

The similar structure provides softness and silkiness of artificial locks for building.

They hygienic and easily are combed, keep within various hairstyles. Various painting means, skins, coloring shampoos are forbidden to be used.

When drawing masks it is necessary to watch that they didn't get on a junction of artificial locks with the. It is before going to bed recommended to pull together hair in a tail with a soft elastic band.

  Besides, the choice of techniques of building of artificial locks is limited.


For hair extension it is necessary to choose qualitative natural Slavic locks, despite high cost. They are considered as the best hair for building. Quotations are justified by numerous advantages of material. At rather hard and thick "native" hair it is possible to save and increase the European locks a few.