What masks will be better for a dyed hair

Any hair-dye worsens their state. The mask for a dyed hair helps to eliminate that harm which the components which are contained in paint do to ringlets. Influence of chemicals leads to loss by them of the vital force and gloss. To recover health to the painted hair, their owners often should spend a lot of energy and means.

Whether many modern women can cease to make up ringlets? Of course, no. But situation not desperate: house masks for a dyed hair will keep their health. And how to be with the structures offered by the famous producers?

The effective, at first sight, widely advertized medicine often can't be compared to the cosmetology means cooked by the hands neither on curative properties, nor on low cost.

However, you shouldn't extol the low cost of the components selected for a mask. Their task — a hair reconstruction, saturation of their cages nutrients and protection. Only natural products which aren't causing allergic reaction can cope with such task.

Besides, the masks made after coloring in house conditions shouldn't change hair color and the more so to damage them, i.e. components shouldn't be aggressive. Besides too active ingredients of structure are capable to cause irritation on skin.

When accounting all these factors of a mask for a dyed hair in house conditions it is possible to do quite regularly.

What masks will be better for a dyed hair

What components most of all help to be restored to hair?


  • fruit;
  • honey;
  • officinal herbs;
  • various dairy products;
  • vegetable oils;
  • eggs;
  • beer and even cognac.

Some of them possess not only the restoring, but also tinting properties. It is necessary to remember it, cooking a mask for restoration of a dyed hair. Only correctly picked up components will allow to achieve the most positive effect from the procedure.

Recipes of the restoring masks

There is a set of recipes of the restoring masks for a dyed hair. They suggest to fight against such consequences of chemical impact on ringlets as their dryness and loss.

Emergence of dandruff and too active secretion of hypodermic sebaceous glands can be side effects which paint has.

The most part of recommendations concerns a hair reconstruction after highlighting. The similar type of coloring isn't less dangerous to their state though not all head of hear but only some of its locks is exposed to the procedure of change of color.

What masks will be better for a dyed hair

Masks for hair after highlighting

After highlighting of a cell of ringlets especially need moistening and replenishment by nutrients. The similar mask for the melirovannykh of hair in house conditions is often cooked from cottage cheese. Cosmetology means helps to restore their damaged structure.

It would be good to apply homemade cottage cheese in procedures, however with its acquisition townswomen can have problems. As a component it is possible to use also the store product having high fat content and not incorporating any additives. There are 2 options of a cottage cheese mask:

  • The blender mix 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese and 4 tablespoons of mayonnaise. Add olive oil (3 tablespoons) to them.

Weight is shaken up to uniformity and applied on the moistened ringlets. In half an hour the mask is washed away.

  • Olive oil and burdock (on 2 tablespoons), is added to mix from 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese and 2 crude yolks.

After beating weight is imposed on hair. In 1 hour it is washed away.
When beating structure vegetable oil should be added in the small portions. Otherwise it will be difficult to achieve its uniformity.

The recipe of a mask for the melirovannykh of the hair injured and overdried in salon suggests to restore them fruit and honey cocktail. Are its part:

  • 1 fruit of a kiwi; 1⁄2 oranges; 1⁄2 bananas; 2 tsp of the honey gathered in the spring.

Fruit puree is mixed with a liquid product of beekeeping and imposed on a lock. In 1⁄4 hours weight can be washed away the warmed-up water. If there is no May honey, as a component of a cosmetic mask it is possible to use any other.

The main thing that honey was natural. The become candied product can be warmed up: it will become liquid, will gain uniformity and will better mix up with other ingredients.

Before being engaged in highlighting, it is good to buy a bottle of live beer. Rinse with mix on its basis the ringlets injured by the procedure.

During rinsing the structure is slightly rubbed in them. Put on a hat from polyethylene the head and a turban from a towel. In an hour hair wash warm (no more than 36-37 of C) with water.

The head is rinsed with infusion of a camomile or nettle. Cottage cheese and crude eggs enters into structure of a mask, except beer. All ingredients connect in equal parts.

What masks will be better for a dyed hair

Masks with officinal herbs

Many masks for the hair injured by highlighting are cooked, bringing in their structure officinal herbs, more precisely, their infusions. In one of recipes it is offered to connect:

  • 2 tsp of a nettle; 2 tsp of oregano; 2 tsp of a plantain; 2 tsp of a sage.

Vegetable raw materials need to be filled in with a glass of boiled water. Cooled down up to 40 C infusion filter and wring out.

  • 50 ml of infusion mix from 2 tablespoons of honey. In a mask it is possible to drip vitamins (And, E).

Warm mix is applied on hair, and in half an hour washed away. The head after the procedure can be rinsed with the remained infusion. However, all procedures in which the restoring masks are applied to hair it is necessary to finish with rinsing by grass infusions or broths.

Whether it is always possible to include a nettle in structure of a cosmetic mask? The grass has the painting effect on ringlets, doing them is more dark. Those who doesn't wish to achieve similar result should refuse its application. By the way, ringlets can be painted also by infusion of a pharmaceutical camomile. It, unlike a nettle, clarifies hair.

How to protect skin from consequences of coloring of hair?

Skin after coloring of hair has a stress too. Normal activity of its fabrics can be restored a mask in which are connected:

  • olive oil (2 tablespoons); kefir (1⁄2 glasses); 5-6 drops of oil of a tea tree.

With the massing movements homogeneous mass is applied on the head. Wash away it in half an hour.
Often side effect of chemical impact on hair is the feeling of an itch on skin. There is on it also dandruff.

Will help to cope with similar consequences of coloring of ringlets:

  • juice of onions and garlic olive oil;
  • freshly squeezed lemon juice.

All ingredients in equal proportions include in structure of a mask. It is applied on half an hour. The head is washed with shampoo and rinsed with weak solution of vinegar or citric acid. For rinsing it is possible to add a little essential oil to water, it will help to neutralize a characteristic smell.

What masks will be better for a dyed hair

Also grated apple will help to get rid of dandruff. Fruit puree is imposed on skin and ringlets before washing of the head.

It is possible to remove the naggers crude yolks. After beating by the mixer add a little aromatic oil to them. Yolks rub in the head and leave on it within 1⁄4 hours. After washing off of a mask hair process nutritious balm. The mask with yolks affects hair bulbs ukreplyayushche.

Masks for dry hair

Masks for hair after coloring need to be done to those at whom ringlets are inclined to dryness.

  • The simplest means for moistening and nutrition of their cages — mix of vegetable oils (sunflower and castor).

They are mixed in equal proportions (as a rule, on 2 tablespoons) and warmed up up to the temperature of a human body. The mask should be applied plentifully to skin at roots of hair and ringlets. The mask for dry hair has to work about 2 hours. Then it is washed away from the head shampoo.

Mission of the following mask for dry hair — to restore them during a night dream. Before withdrawal to it in roots and ringlets rub mix of oils:

  • pink (1 tsp); almond (1 tablespoon); jojoba (1 tablespoon); burdock (2 tablespoons).

In the morning the head is washed away.

The mask for a dry dyed hair with cognac not only will saturate them with nutrients, but also will make more saturated tone of ringlets. It is desirable for brown-haired women and brunettes to use cognac. The mask won't have the painting effect if instead of cognac to add vodka to it.

Structure of means:

  • 1 yolk; 1-2 tsp of cognac (the volume of ingredient depends on length of hair); the juice which is squeezed out of a half of a small lemon; 1 tablespoons of jojoba oil.

At first mix cognac with a yolk. Having added other components, weight is brought to uniformity. It is rubbed at hair bulbs, then distributed on all length of ringlets. In half an hour the mask is washed away.

What masks will be better for a dyed hair

How to do cosmetic masks?

Excessive hobby for procedures for a hair reconstruction won't bring benefit. 2 times a week are enough to carry out of them. It is better to apply masks on moist hair (they are washed up or not, doesn't matter).

You shouldn't apply the restoring means on locks right after their coloring (it is desirable that passed at least 2-3 hours). It is better to refrain from change of hair color in summertime. During this period they suffer from solar activity, high temperature and low humidity stronger.

That masks worked with maximum efficiency, after drawing they need to be warmed a rubber or polyethylene hat and also a thick towel or a warm scarf. Instead of a hat it is possible to put on a package the head.

If locks are painted in bright color, then for their restoration it isn't necessary to use structures with a large amount of oil. It promotes decolouration of a pigment. To you it isn't necessary and overdo masks.

In this case their components not so much will well influence hair and skin how many to neutralize the tinting effect of paint. Besides, some ingredients at too long contact with skin can cause her irritation.

Wash and rinse the head with warm water. High temperature is contraindicated to the weakened locks. If as a part of a mask there is an egg white, then from hot water it will turn. It will be difficult to disentangle it from ringlets without their damage.

After the procedure hair have to dry naturally. Wipe them a towel, especially it isn't recommended to dry the hair dryer.