Female hairstyles of average length with a bang and without: types, photo

Correctly picked up hairstyle favourably allocates all advantages of the person and hides shortcomings. Hair of average length allow imagination to clear up and create with them everything that the hostess will wish.

Female hairstyles of average length with a bang and without: types, photo

How to choose a hairstyle on hair of average length

The first what it is necessary to proceed at the choice of a hairstyle from is a shape of a face. As in a case with a make-up, natural data solve everything. In total there are 5 shapes of a face:

  • round – unmarked cheekbones, plump cheeks, a roundish chin;
  • oval – cheeks are narrowed to the basis, at cheekbone height the widest place, and the chin which is slightly rounded off;
  • square – a low forehead, a wide jaw, the vertical line is accurately traced on temples, cheeks and a chin;
  • rectangular – the equal width of temples and cheeks, a high forehead, a long chin;
  • triangular – a soft shape of a jaw without sharp lines, a narrow chin, the widest line of the person is traced in eyebrows.

Each shape of a face is in own way beautiful and has the advantages with shortcomings. It is very simple to define a shape of a face – to become in front of the mirror with good lighting enough, to collect hair in a tail or a gulka and to characterize three points: forehead, chin and zone of eyes.

Having estimated them, it is possible to draw a conclusion concerning a shape of a face, and after that and to choose a suitable hairstyle:

  1. The oval face – as parameters of this form almost ideal, will approach practically any hairstyle;
  2. Round – the curling ringlets or multilevel, fragmentary hairstyles (bean) will be ideal. If hair equal, the best option are the falling locks, or a long asymmetric bang;
  3. Square – well will approach a hairstyle with a cop when length of hair is a little lower than a jaw. If hair direct, them it is possible to hold dismissed, and here curling should be cut multilayeredly. The bang can be carried any form (the straight line graduated, multilayered). To make lines is softer clarification of locks near the person will be able;
  4. Rectangular – it is worth making a choice for ringlets, the covering ears and framing a contour. It will be good to look a bang sideways or an asymmetric hairstyle with magnificent temples;
  5. Triangular – such person will be suited a side hair parting and the falling locks. The forehead can be hidden the falling bang in the form of an arch.

Female hairstyles of average length with a bang and without: types, photo

Of course, a lot of things depend also on structure of hair, their health. For this reason it is necessary to address highly skilled masters because their knowledge and experience will be able to help to choose ideal option.

Fashionable female hairstyles of average length: recent trends

The last tendency in the world are simple hairstyles which look most naturally and don't demand long tiresome laying. But at the same time, also courageous hairstyles – fruits of design imagination are not less relevant today.

To what hairstyles to give preference today?

The cascade – nine women prefer to do the cascade of ten, and irrespective of length and density of hair. The hairstyle perfectly suits any person, irrespective of a form and a type. Hairstyle options:

  1. Raznourovnevy locks which smoothly go down;
  2. The cascade on all length or only on the locks framing a face;
  3. The cascade with a slanting long bang.

Female hairstyles of average length with a bang and without: types, photo

The graduated hairstyles – this same cascade, but with sharp transition between locks. Hairstyle options:

  1. Alternation of equal locks on the one hand and cut off with another (a corner of 45 degrees);
  2. Combination on one length of several sharp levels. Them can be 2 or 3.

Female hairstyles of average length with a bang and without: types, photo

The caret – this hairstyle can be carried to classical, but constantly changing. Today there are more than 10 options of this hairstyle, but recently are especially popular:

  1. The extended caret – length increases closer to the person;
  2. The graduated caret is a caret with locks steps which are complemented with a direct bang;
  3. Ultrashort – a caret where the maximum length of hair equals on the level of lobes of ears.

Female hairstyles of average length with a bang and without: types, photo

Hairstyle a bean – thanks to the simplicity and universality this hairstyle is chosen by many women today. In this season on the first place its such variations:

  1. Bean with the extended locks near the person;
  2. Textural – in this option tips of hair cut a short flight of stairs and are slightly thinned out;
  3. Asymmetric – designers suggest to allocate with asymmetry hair in front or an occipital zone and to add to them the extended locks in the middle;
  4. Bob with shaven nape – fans of short hairstyles will estimate this variation. Ahead the classical length of hair, and on a nape the shortest.

Besides these rather classical hairstyles which were complemented with the fresh design decisions popular there are asymmetric hairstyles and brightly painted separate locks.

Female hairstyles on a fine hair of average length

Fine hair always requires to themselves special and regular attention. Because of excessive softness they quickly sag and completely lose volume. Therefore it is important to consider all features and to choose a hairstyle which will add to them volume.

It is necessary to pick up also length as excessively long fine hair loses volume within 1-2 days, and short – are strongly electrified and look as a down cloud over the head.

Therefore it is worth knowing that:

  1. The hairstyle has to be womanly, slightly roundish;
  2. They can't be thinned out – it is useless and is harmful;
  3. The biowave or kolorirovaniye will be excellent option;
  4. Light shades will do hair visually liquid, and dark — will add volume;
  5. The dimensions increase and when highlighting.

Female hairstyles of average length with a bang and without: types, photo

Optimum hairstyles for of this kind will be:

  1. Usual hairstyle - "short flight of stairs";
  2. "Italian";
  3. Cascade;
  4. Bean with the graduated ringlets;
  5. Piks with the increased length.

The hairstyle should be chosen according to a shape of a face, eyes and a nose.

With a bang or without?

Even constant trends — for example, a bang are fashionable. Many girls prefer not to cover the face with excess locks, explaining it with the fact that it is so possible to experiment constantly with an image.

However there are such girls who become prettier and are more womanly with a bang. On the question "Whether to Do a Bang?" there is no definite answer. There is a set of various options:

  • slanting;
  • graduated;
  • thinned out;
  • extended;
  • short;
  • straight line;
  • asymmetric.

Female hairstyles of average length with a bang and without: types, photo

Successfully picked up shape of a bang can hide excessively wide face, extend narrow or emphasize features. Therefore to decide to do a bang or not, it is necessary independently or by means of the qualified masters.

Female hairstyles on a curly hair of average length

Wavy hair are an ideal option for the working hard girls who don't have time. They don't demand laying, long sitting in front of the mirror or sets of laying means.

The hairstyle always looks is womanly and gives to any image elegance. Though despite a set of advantages, owners of a curly hair have to choose a hairstyle extremely circumspectly. Perfectly will suit them:

  • classical caret — for girls with a thick, wavy hair;
  • the graduated caret — for owners of pronounced curls and ringlets;
  • bean caret with smooth cuts – for girls whose hair are twirled in a small ringlet;
  • the cascade – perfectly will suit girls with hair to shoulders and desire to change constantly.

Any hairstyle on the twisting hair can be added with a slanting bang. She will add clearness to lines and completeness to an image.

Female hairstyles of average length with a bang and without: types, photo

The asymmetric and graduated hairstyles: to whom will they go?

Girls who make the choice for unusual, radical hairstyles never remain unattended. Usually the choice falls on the graduated or asymmetric options which add to an image of the woman of levity and ease. However can suit not all such hairstyles.

It is possible to carry some variations to asymmetric hairstyles the shortened bean, the caret on a leg graduated by a caret, a bean caret. Such hairstyles will perfectly look on women with:

  • round face;
  • fine straight hair;
  • the thin curling ringlets
  • with a sharp or long chin;
  • with wide cheekbones.

They are perfectly combined with a parting in the middle and bangs. If the girl possesses some of above-mentioned data, it is worth surely trying to make such unusual hairstyle!

Female hairstyles of average length with a bang and without: types, photo

Top of female hairstyles at the average length of hair for women after 40

With age lines of the woman change and to refresh them and also to look generally younger it is necessary to pick up the correct hairstyle. Will be suitable for women who have already celebrated the 40th anniversary perfectly:

  • classical bean or bean with the allocated contour;
  • volume hairstyles, multilayered – it can be a simple short flight of stairs, the extended caret on a leg or the graduated bean;
  • caret on a straight hair;
  • hairstyle with the extended locks in front for women with a thick hair;
  • the classical or graduated cascade;
  • any option of a bang.

Volume hairstyles rejuvenate, do a face fresh and perfectly hide defects of skin. You shouldn't think what after the 40th beauty disappears – just is required wisdom that it is correct to show her!

Female hairstyles of average length with a bang and without: types, photo

Laying and hairstyles: councils for record

Hair without due leaving very quickly lose health, and painful ringlets never look beautifully. To avoid such sad leaving, follows:

  • to select leaving which is demanded by type and structure of a hair;
  • when laying always to use thermoprotective equipment to protect hair;
  • it is regular to arrange to hair day of withdrawal and to feed them with natural masks;
  • to dry hair in the natural way and not to use the hair dryer without excess need;
  • in time to cut split ends;
  • it is active to feed hair with balms;
  • to eat properly;
  • not to wash hair with hot water.

Hair are an indicator not only beauty of the girl, but also her health. They demand the correct leaving and careful attitude. Correctly picked up hairstyle, naturalness and healthy hair are all secret of beauty and appeal!